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Dating 101** Eight texts that cover off Sydney dating experiences

A typical Mars Vs Venus scenario that reigns true when dating a Sydney-sider (based on means tested situations with Sydney based guys and gals)


Dual thought process after a first date that wasn’t a complete disaster:



I really like him, he was such a gentleman, we really had the spark




Damn I held the door open for her and still didn’t get laid



Dual thought process the day after:



I definitely think I’ll hear from him, he said that “when we hang out again” and he was talking about his family and asking loads of questions




Hmmm do I want pizza or Mexican for dinner today?!


After neither has got a text after 3 days:



What if he got his phone stolen? What if he got on with me SO well that he’s freaked out and backed off? What if his memory got erased off his phone and now he has no way of contacting me?




Huh, maybe I’ll drop her a text


After receiving first text after first date:



I knew we had chemistry, I’m so excited for him to take me out again. He’s so not like the other guys I’ve been with!




Boom she text back, the 3 day rule always works! Now maybe I’ll get laid on date 2!


Text to friends as they’re on their way to date two




I’m so excited, I wore a nice skirt to show off my legs and covered up my cleavage as I don’t want to give too much away, I’m totally wearing natural make-up that took me 3 hours to do! Wish me luck!




Fingers crossed she’s showing off her tits, they’re awesome!


During date:




He’s being so nice to me, I might even stay over




She’s pretty fit, hopefully she’ll want to put out


The next morning:



On my god, he is the best person ever! I’m totally going to be with him. There were fireworks, chemistry it’s all so romantic!






A week later:




Can’t believe he’s not text or called, if he’s not into me the least he can do is just tell me rather than go AWOL… I’m a big girl. Urrghhh I hate men!




To another girl: “So when are you going to let me take you out babe?”


What my friends have to say on the matter…



CELEBRITY 101** My week avoiding Gerard Butler

As you probably know, I like to go to the odd party or two and love living in Sydney! As a Brit who’s flown the nest, I’ve been here 5 years now and am proud to call this country home!


I love that I get to see Sydney from a privileged viewpoint and don’t ever take it for granted! Coming from a small working class town in the North West of England, I don’t ever forget where I come from, but am thankful for the experiences that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of since arriving here in Jan 2009.

I recently had a week that just makes living in Sydney all the more surreal, yet all the more wonderful!

I went to the Sol Beer MTV VIP party a couple of on Friday 7th March, it was a great event, fab Djs, free beer and Mexican food and a great location – what’s not to love!


My lovely friend and I got to talking about out ideal man… as you do! My lovely companion advised that she tends to go for blue-eyed, preppy, clean cut blondies who are ambitious and independent, as a general rule – whereas I couldn’t pinpoint my exact type without referring to an actual person – Gerard Butler – successful, British (more importanly Scottish), humble, likes a party and appears to not take himself too seriously and of course easy on the eye! We laughed at the slim chance of me meeting an A list actor and carried on with our night….

Only for me to get home and check my Facebook to see that my lovely old boss Juliet had uploaded a picture with said A-list star at The Royal Hotel in Paddington, my old local and stomping ground… no it couldn’t be… oh yes it was:

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 12.59.32 pm


Juliet proceeded to tell me that they had a few drinks with him throughout the course of the evening and that he was lovely, of course he bloody well was! – Cue story in the morning after’s Daily Tele’s Confidential section advising that the lovely man in question had been ‘spotted’ at The Royal in Paddington with a ‘mysterious blonde’, who was of course the lovely Juliet ! What are the chances hey?! It appears that they’re not actually as far fetched as I initially thought!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.59.49 am


Fast forward to the Saturday night, I had decided to go camping at The Basin instead of going to Future Festival as I was trying to be good and it was a friends birthday! The day after I found out my friend Sasha was there and had a great day – I wish I’d have known as I would’ve gone with her! After a great night camping I decided to check my phone the Sunday morning… Cue the following status from Sasha – #GREEN!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.01.30 pm


So once is a funny story, twice is a massive coincidence right…. It gets worse…



A week of work passes by and I decided to have a chilled Friday night with my friend – I cooked dinner, we chilled in the spa, watched Sleepless in Seattle… at about 10 I decided to check my Facebook to be greeted by not one, but two of the following statuses! Yup NOT EVEN KIDDING! This is getting a bit ridiculous…

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.02.53 pm


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.03.14 pm


I didn’t let this get to me, I am happy for my friends – it’s not everyday one of your friend’s gets to meet an A list star (you’d THINK!)… Plus one of my clients is based at Fox Studios and I had a meeting there later that week, so who knows, I may bump into him whilst ordering my coffee before my meeting… here’s hoping!



Roll on Saturday, I went on a boat round the harbour during the day with 20 of my friends – a lovely day. I was due to go to the VIP launch of Casablanca Bar in Double Bay, but had other plans to catch up with some girlfriends… Low and behold who was the VIP guest at the launch… oh yes that’s right – Mr Butler himself! I give up!



You’d think that after all that, I’d start to think that the powers that be are trying to tell me something – we no, not me, resilience is my middle name… how did I know that this attitude would come to bite me back in the butt..?



I was messaging a friend of mine on the Sunday morning, who was also meant to be at the Casablanca event the previous evening, I was laughing and tell her about my ‘week avoiding Gerard Butler’ she advised that she didn’t go either – we arranged to meet up, she did say she was going to Winery, but I figured I’d go for a walk along the Watson’s Bay headland and take advantage of the sunny Sydney Sunday morning… the Sunny Sydney Sunday morning didn’t last very long as a storm broke out… so I sheltered in Bondi at Trios with my lovely friend Sprite!



After a day of relaxing, I went to the cinema to watch Monuments Men, a perfect way to end a lovely weekend! The film was only ok, I decided to walk back to Pyrmont as it was a nice evening, whilst walking I noticed I had a text message from my friend Natasha who I’d been chatting to in the morning about my week, I leave you on this note, I’ll leave it to you to imagine what my reaction was…


So I’m walking along the street after having a big lunch with my gay friend at the winery and I notice Gerald butler is standing in front of me. He turns around and asks me to help him find somewhere to eat. So I find a quiet place on crown where it is literally dead as people have been harassing him, and we have coffee and he tells me all about this movie he is making here! I then stand up after an hour and a half and say I have to go and work and then say goodbye! Sooo random!! hahaha crazy after us texting about him this morning lol still can’t believe it 


NO WORDS! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – “Is there a camera following me around or what?!”


Valentine’s Day 101** Dr Nikki Goldstein – Sexologist & Relationship Expert

Dr Nikki Goldstein – Sexologist & Relationship Expert has provided Dating 101 Sydney with some great tips this Valentine’s – http://www.drnikkig.com.au
What is the best place for a first date in Sydney?
We are spoilt for choice in sydney between cafes and outdoor activities but the best first date I’ve experienced was a picnic in the park looking onto the Harbour Bridge followed by pizzas and cocktails at Lil Darlin in Darlinghurst. 
What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date venue and why?
I love a home cooked dinner especially by a man who does’t normally cook. Any day of the night I can go out to a restaurant but when that special man goes to all that trouble to work out how to put something in the oven it melts my heart
Expensive date or fun cheap??
Expensive dates for first dates and fun and cheap for a second. It’s important to make a strong first impression. People are dating at a faster pace these days so it really does matter to make your mark. But why not when you have shown them you can spoil them and treat them to something nice, get back the basics and show your fun side and also that you can enjoy something that doesn’t revolve around money. 
What can couples do to spice up their Valentine’s Day night?
In order to spice things up it’s important to get out of routine and do something different If you are the couple that normally go to an expensive restaurant then why not try an activity or pack a picnic or maybe there is something you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t always have to be so traditional but it’s important to do something different. 

Is there ever a wrong type?

I have many friends that talk incessantly about the wrong ‘type’ of guy, more often that not it’s usually the type of guy that they go far and can’t stop no matter how hard they try.

I used to fall in this said category, I was a fan of the lad about town, the guy that catches the girls eyes and the guy that might as well have ‘trouble’ tattooed on his forehead! No matter how hard I tried to break this cycle, as soon as I saw the cheeky glint in their eye, I knew I was putty in their hands.

Now, I’ve broken this cycle after four years of going round and around (and then around again for good measure) in circles, playing the mating game and failing miserably (I was never ever any good at the rules anyway!). Now I am in a relationship with a guy that is none of the above (however I don’t doubt he used to be one of these types, he must’ve just been ready for a relationship).

Now I have friends that complain that they haven’t met ‘the one’ or haven’t got a boyfriend even though they’re ‘oh so ready’. However when they do meet guys that are lovely, good looking, funny and most of all are into them, you’d think they’d be ecstatic right?! Well… no! My girlfriend’s think the guys are boring, or ‘too’ keen so decide to not pursue. Now this really gets my goat, and here’s why:

Before I begin I must outline and stress that I don’t think that anyone should ever compromise when it comes to a relationship or matters of the heart, I do however believe that some people’s ‘ideals’ have more to them than meets the eye and are in fact a contradiction!

How many of your friends have been known to have the ‘type’ that consists of the jack the lad, good looking, popular-player type that oozes confidence and has a way with the ladies? Then they complain that they never get asked out on dates and that guy’s only want them for one thing… However on the off chance that they do get asked out on a date, more often than not, it’s with someone who’s lovely, good looking, perhaps not as cock sure albeit, but your GF isn’t interested as they’re too soft/ keen/ wet/ all of the above.

What gets me that if the good looking player type took them out and fell for them hard, they’d probably get bored too. The case of the wanting of what one cannot have comes to mind.

The fact is that in Sydney, it is a completely different ball game, guys could have a fit bird every night of the week if they wanted – and you know what, they probably wouldn’t have to try too hard. If a guy doesn’t want to be in a relationship, no matter how hot, friendly, driven, funny or sexy you are, you might struggle to change their mind.

You have to open yourself up to the fact that your usual type, may not be the right type for you and that’s why you’re still single. Sure there are the stories of the girls that met their future husband in a night club on a wild night out and fell into bed with one another and never looked back… I would argue the fact however that they are more of the case of the exception rather than the rule.

The nightclubs of Sydney are a whole new ball game and cat and mouse games are taking place all over the city. Girls are out and about hunting in packs for the guys that they long for and craving the attention they desire. Whilst on the other side, the guys only have to show up and not be offensive looking and they can bet their bottom dollar that they’ll score that night, most likely without even trying.

Now I don’t profess to be a dating expert, nor do I shy away from the mistakes and experiences I’ve had in the past, after all they make us who we are today right?! What I do have the benefit of though is hindsight and a shed loads of experience to boot.

I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s not about taming the bad boy, donning a chastity belt in order to ensure that the guy isn’t just with you for s3x or lowering your standards in order to be in a relationship. It’s about not resting on your laurels and acting as you would in your home town or country or just ‘before Sydney’. If you don’t like to sleep with people on the first date, don’t here, if you expect to be taken out before you’ll kiss a guy, do the same here… you get my drift?

If you’re finding yourself stuck in a dating rut and the guys you go for are all the same, how about when a relationship breaks down and doesn’t work out for any reason, make a note to yourself about qualities in the guy/ relationship you didn’t like, and try to ensure the next person doesn’t have these traits. By process of elimination, you should slowly get there!

**GUEST POST** Under, Under, Under (under about my breakup, under another man and down under!)

Please find a guest post below from one of my lovely friends who recently went through a break up – not nice for anyone – never mind after four bloomin years!


So she did what any normal person would do (including yours truly) She went to get over her ex by going under (down under that is!).


Read on my blogger friends – she won’t disappoint you!


Over to you my lovely:


So they say the best way to get over one man is to get under another right?!


Well, my man was Sydney! I travelled all the way round the world to meet up with two of my best friends and really get over my recent heart break.


Just to put you in the picture, I has been living with my then boyfriend (/ moron) of four years, all was OK (or so I thought) Albeit not as exciting as it was at the start, but I was utterly convinced that we were going to be together forever and that all relationships go through stale patches… Well our stale patch lasted a while and culminated with said bastard cheating on me and our relationship limping on for another six months.


I recently turned 30, (I found it utterly, utterly traumatic in the lead up, but when you actually cross the line its fab!) my ex and I had a particular weekend where everything came to a head. He admitted that he couldn’t pretend he was happy anymore and I wasn’t going to pretend that I was going to put up with his behaviour anymore.


So to cut a long story short, I walked out, I knew I deserved better. One of my dear friends took me under her wing; she moved me in and helped to put me back on my feet.


The only issue that still remained… What to do with the flights we’d booked to Vietnam together for three weeks?! Well change them to Sydney ASAP and not a moment sooner of course!


So, faster than I could say g’day, I was on a flight on my own to the other side of the world. (Not scary, not scary at all… ahem!) Now I know 18 year olds do this and more on their gap years, but for an emotionally battered, slightly wimpy 30 year-old it was trip of a lifetime for more than one reason.


Now Optimist101 is an excellent friend of mine, she looked after me wonderfully and introduced me to the fabulousness that is Sydney.


For a first time visitor, wow what a city!


Love, love, love it!


It was a strange start to the trip, as Australia is very much tied up with my ex, he’d lived in Australia for a couple of years and had always really wanted to go back. We’d even talked about going together. When I’d raised the issue of wanting kids in a couple of years, he would just say: “oh well our kids would have dual nationality, how cool!” The things guys tell you hey?!

At the start of my holiday, all I could think about was that he’d been here, he’d done this and it was all about him. Slowly however I started to think that this was my trip and it was all about me and I didn’t want him to crowd my mind any more. (Nothing like out of sight out of mind)


It certainly made me put things into perspective and made me think that, if I can do a trip like this by myself, be sent to a press launch by myself for Dating101 then I could do pretty much anything! Actually being single, when I thought I’d never had to do that again, maybe wouldn’t be too bad…

I had a particularly cheesy moment on the Coogee to Bondi walk when I suddenly felt like I should shout into the sea and that it would release all of my tension. However I quickly decided that


a) I am not in a film

b) I’d look like a dick.


So I did the typically British thing and kept my feelings to myself, but still felt that bit of extra relief regardless..


Now, I’ve got a lot more to tell you if you’d like to listen and my philosophy (for what it’s worth) so please let Optimist101 know and more posts will come your way…


Also, just to tempt you, I have some simply ridiculous  first date tales that will put Optimist101 to shame: One night stands and online dating stories so plenty more to come if you like!


Thanks for listening, E 🙂