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**COMPETITION** – Five pairs of tickets up for grabs to watch Chalet Girl


To celebrate the release of Chalet Girl, Dating101Sydney has teamed up with Transmission and Paramount Pictures to award five lucky winners with a double pass to watch the film which is only at the movies September 1st!

Chalet Girl is a refreshing British romantic comedy (yeah I’m biased) – My personal favourite – sarcastic humour and adult jokes – are featured this must-see funny-film.

With a sterling cast, including Brooke Shields and Love Actually’s Bill Nighty, it might lead you to believe that you’re gearing up to
watch a ‘chick flick’ rom-com, when you couldn’t be more wrong… Ed Westwick sticks to what he knows best in the role of lovable rich rogue, whilst Felicity Jones embodies the role relatable pretty young tomboy Kim Matthews, who’s lost her way after she loses her dream to become a world renowned skateboarder when her mum is tragically killed in a car accident.

An opportunity arises for her to become a Chalet Girl in the Australian Alps, after a slight hesitation she packs up to leave for three
months, with a view to save some much needed money to support her and her father, played by British comedian, Bill Bailey.

Prepare for laughs galore along with a feeling of desire to jet of to the Austrian stunning ski slopes. Who knew being a chalet girl could be so much fun?!

Here are some teasers for you, what you waiting for, enter now for your chance to win!

Girl-Kim & Jonny tying Bow Tie

A day on
the set with Bill Nighy

To be in with a chance of winning, simply ‘like’ Dating101Sydney on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Also tell me in 25 words
or less who your ideal leading man would be.

© Chalet Girl Films Distribution Ltd.

For further info check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/chaletgirlAU


*COMPETITION* Win a meal for two with Jigocity.com.au

There is such an array of deals websites out there, hand up who has about five million e-mails coming into their inbox from the likes of Cudo, Spreets, Groupon and LivingSocial?! Thought so!

I am one of those people that buys a diving course as a ‘bargain’ for $50, which should’ve been $250, but then never use it, so waste money rather than save! So imagine how refreshing it was to come across a website that provides the same service but thinks a little bit outside of the box to reward you for your loyalty and continued support.

JigoCity Daily Deals (www.jigocity.com.au) launched in 2010 as a suite of global, high quality daily deals websites that
offer great discounts of up to 91% off the best local experiences while offering businesses a targeted marketing tool for attracting new customers.  Founded by a group of global entrepreneurs, JigoCity is dedicated to delivering top daily group buying deals
featuring shopping, beauty, entertainment and travel.

 What is the prize?

Seafood Banquet in Leichardt – http://www.jigocity.com.au/sydney/CrepesKingdom

If you thought Leichardt was only known for its Italian Pastas and Pizzas then you are rudely mistaken. Nestled in the Italian Piazza is the famous Crepes Kingdom that is fast becoming known for its delicious menu and friendly service.


Now you too can experience this revolution with today’s deal fit for a king and queen with a Fresh Seafood Platter for 2 including Prawns, Calamari, Scallops, Octopus, Fish, Salad and Chip sides and 2 Glasses of complimentary Wine for only $35. I’m actually salivating at the thought.

This deal is normally valued at $73, meaning you save over 52% and can enjoy tasty underwater delights without it sinking your wallet!

Yes Crepes Kingdom is famously known for its sweet and savoury crepes, so why seafood? Well the friendly team at Crepes Kingdom believe that diners should enjoy a complete hearty meal not just a tasty dessert.

So what better main meal option than to provide the most sort after seafood delights in a platter that your tastebuds will revel in! The seafood is sourced from the freshest suppliers and is complimented by a wine picked especially for seafood.

Not only is the food to die for but so is the venue. Situated in the pleasant location of the Italian Piazza the views and the atmosphere let you experience the magic of an Italian Forum without having to travel miles. You can choose to
dine inside or outside and the friendly servers will gladly accommodate any request you have.

How do I win?

If you’re interested in winning the amazing prize courtesy of Jigocity,com.au, simply ‘Like’ Dating101Sydney  on Facebook and tell me what your favourite date destination is.

Best entry gets the deal and five lucky runners-up will secure five JigoPoints. Good luck guys!!!

Here’s the Deal

JigoCity offers a great deal each day from a variety of businesses — including restaurants, bars, spas, theatres, events and more.

Landing the Deal

You only have a limited time to purchase the Today’s Deal! Once you buy it, they send you a confirmation email with a
coupon code and password that you can either download, print out or send as an SMS message to your mobile so you can show it to the business when you redeem your deal. Deals do expire so be sure to use them soon.

Sharing the Deal

Each deal has a minimum number of orders that must be sold before the deal is “tipped” — this is “group buying” — so share the great deal you’ve landed with friends and family. Not only are deals better when you share them with friends and family, for each person you refer you’ll earn JigoPoints that can be used like cash at JigoCity.com.au. (Deals that don’t meet their minimums will be cancelled and you won’t be charged.)

So what are you waiting on? Check out Today’s Deal before it expires and start seeing more in your city for less!

I’ve been invited to review one of the deals that is currently available, you know I’m always looking for potential new dating
destinations to frequent, so this is a win, win situation! Review to follow next week!

In the meantime, I’ve teamed up with the guys at Jigo City to offer one of my lucky blog readers the chance to sample one of the current live deals for themselves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s all about sharing the blogger love 🙂

For five lucky runners up, they’ll also receive 5 Jigo City points that they can redeem on the website against the daily offers.

**Competition closes on Tuesday 6th September 2011, all winners will be notified by e-mail before 12pm on Friday 9th September 2011


It’s no lie that women LOVE chocolate, and I don’t mean love in a lovely dovey puke fest way, or in the seven-year itch way. I simply mean in the til death do us part way, and in sickness and in health – you know feed a cold etc

It comforts us when we’re down, doesn’t answer back and never lets us down! So this is why my friends I’ve teamed up with the guys at Liquid Ideas to provide ten of my lucky blog readers with a bar of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse bars – They’re delish!!

Cadbury, Australia’s most loved chocolate brand* has introduced a new chocolate indulgence with Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse and like your comfiest track pants, scented candles and favourite hydrating mud mask, you may want to keep it out of sight to enjoy in those rare moments you have all to yourself…

 Utilising European chocolate making techniques, Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse features unique triangular-shaped pieces of smooth and creamy mousse encased in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. Available in chocolate, hazelnut and caramel, Cadbury Mousse is perfectly designed to savour slowly – the ideal indulgence for those precious “me-time” moments.

Which to choose?! Decisions, decisions

We’ve all got those little things best kept hidden away from our loved ones – the obsession with The Notebook, celebrity crushes circa 1990 and any mementos of ex-boyfriends (which is becoming increasingly hard with pesky facebook! You know!). Then there are the things that are just too special to share, like your “good” moisturiser – although you suspect he sneaks some when you aren’t looking…

 Now, Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse joins the list of things that you probably want to keep all to yourself. Let’s face it, he just won’t appreciate that delicious, rich mousse the way you do.

 Ten things you might want hidden…

  1.  Your Cadbury Mousse block – seriously, do you really want to share?
  2. Expensive shampoo – he just doesn’t need, deserve or understand it. Give him soap.
  3. Box sets of Gossip Girl – he hates it, you know it and fear he thinks less of you if he knows you love it…he does. So hide it.
  4. Photos of ex-boyfriends. No explanation needed.
  5. Mix-tapes made for you by ex-boyfriends (see point four above).
  6. Old celebrity crushes – he doesn’t need to know you used to be into Take That – it’s not cool. It’s even less cool to know that deep down you STILL love them … best kept hidden.
  7. Your Twilight books and DVDs. You’re not a vampire and not a teenage girl – it’s weird to him.
  8. Mud masks. If he sees you in that it might be indelible in his memory forever…
  9. Scented candles – best enjoyed on a quiet night in with the girls.
  10. Your expensive night cream – he won’t use it sparingly the way you do so get him the cheap stuff from the supermarket. 

Now the only dilemma is where to hide your Mousse…

 Spoil yourself with Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse, the all-new indulgent chocolate block that’s simply too good to share – now available from Coles, Woolworths, SUPA IGA, Big W, Target, Kmart and other select retail outlets RRP $4.20

*Source: Nielsen Scantrack, 2010; Millward Brown

To be in with a chance of winning, simply tell me in 25 words or less, if you could create any flavour , what it would be and why?

Thanks!!! Excited much!!