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Crush for ten years – what are the chances of meeting him this side of the pond?!

Right, as we all know I was in a relationship for six years, from 16 – 22, however it didn’t stop me window shopping. I’ve always known how to spot a good catch, you know the type: funny, bucket loads of banter, can laugh at themselves, cute, LOADS of friends (a very good sign in my opinion) and he of course has to be driven.

I cast my mind back to ten years ago; I was a sweet naive sixteen year-old fresh out of high school. I’d got into the college of my choice, (gold star for me!) and I’d bagged myself my first ever real life boyfriend (not a pretend one). He was sooo dreamy, (with the benefit of hindsight I can now see that him being “mega fit” wasn’t enough to sustain or substantiate or justify a healthy relationship) two years older and semi-pro football player, swoon!

It was to be the first day of the rest of my life, new direction, no more ‘Big wig’ as the boys in my high school so affectionately called me (might I just add there were no GHDs in those days, no matter how hard I tried to tame my mane with my Babyliss hair straighter/ crimper combo it still looked like I’d stuck my finger in a plug socket, sigh! However I am now having the last laugh as thick hair is now desirable and those same guys have hairlines receding faster than the speed of light, ha! Not that I’m bitter at all…) I was a new confident woman and no-one could bring me down!

I quickly made friends and immersed myself into my media, english language, performing arts and IT classes, it was so nice to be able to just do the subjects that I was passionate about. I had two classes that stood out, english and media studies, not only due to the subject content, but both classes had a really fun bunch of people.

(One of the girls from the class, Julie (name changed) is now one of my closest friends who I now live with in Sydney, but that’s a whole other tale!)

There was one guy who was in both classes that stood out, Dean (name changed). He was bright, chatty, funny and SO cute. I always found myself laughing a little too hard at his jokes and thinking that he was the kind of guy I should be with, someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

So we had two years at college that went by in a flash and I found out I’d got into the university of my choice, again pat on the back for me. (It wasn’t at all easy however, I had to have a few chats with the parents about what the hell I was doing skipping lectures to go to my fella’s to watch DVDs – not my brightest move!)

I decided to live in Liverpool in Halls, even though I was only 19 miles down the road, well I didn’t want to miss out on the whole university experience did I?! For the first week I moved in there was one bedroom free the whole time, I wondered who could be moving in.

One day after purchasing new items for my room I arrived home to find my now best friend moving in, yes the same Bessie that I now live with in Sydney – talk about coincidence! I didn’t even know we were going to the same uni, did someone say small world… Of all the universities in England I couldn’t believe it.

When I went to my first media studies class, I was nervous as again I wanted to make a good impression to this new group of people that I’d be seeing a lot of over the next three years. As I scanned across the room another familiar face stood out, the lovely Dean. Again an amazing coincidence that enabled me to admire him from afar, you see he had a girl friend and I was in love with my ex, so it was just a little crush. Only at the end of uni it had been five years I’d thought he was one of the most genuine guys I’d ever met.
We all had a massive party the week of our graduation at Julie’s house, all the class were there (I made it I graduated, woo hoo!) euphoria all round, there were beer bongs ahoy! Julie decided to enlist me to show them how it was done, we I couldn’t let the side down could I. As I casually strolled over who as holding the beer bong, yeah that’s right you guessed it, Dean!

So I did my best effort and managed to not spill a drop (amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!) the night went by in a bit of a blur and I said goodbye to everyone, finding myself unsure when I’d see most of them again, if ever!

Fast forward four years, I split up with my ex, lived in London, worked in a PR company in Manchester for a travel client, travelled the world and had a bout of IVF (again another story for another time!).

I’d decided I was ready for yet another new chapter and had been living in Sydney for nearly two years. I was living with Julie is a beautiful house in Paddington.

Julie told me casually that some of the guys from uni were coming to Oz on their travels, cue my heart skipping a beat as I found myself asking breezily, “Is Dean coming?” Julie explained that he was coming for a few months but then going on his merry little travels again, oh and that he’s split up with his ex… interessttinnggggg.

We’d made arrangements to meet the guys at the lovely Royal Hotel in Paddington, I was a little nervous so decided to polish off a few glasses of wine before their arrival. It’s not every day you get to see your ten year crush after not seeing them for four years you know! Not even bovvvvered anyway (Sh1tting myself!)
So there I was chatting to my lovely girlfriends and theuys walked in, such a fab group of lads, just really down to Earth. They were staying at a hostel on Cronulla so had made quite the trek to Paddington to see us. They were friends with a few of my girlfriends from Uni, who also happen to be living in Sydney now so it was like a mini reunion.

Dean and I did the pleasantries of saying hey, asking how each other had been and then got involved in a massive catch up, the wine was flowing and the shots came out, before we knew it we were talking about college.

After a few too many vinos I found myself revealing my ten year crush (yes, yes I did – not cool!). Only a very strange thing happened, I’m not sure of it was the copious amount of alcohol we’d consumed, but he told me that he’d always had a bit of a crush on me too. (What me?! Kidding right?! He wouldn’t tease a girl would he?) before I knew it we were kissing.

Now let me point out here, I’m soooooooooo not a fan of PDAs at all, in fact I judge people that feel the need to paw all over each other in other people’s company. It’s just not cool in anyway shape or form. However… on that night it was like we’d been possessed by some love struck teenagers, we literally didn’t come up for air – CRINGE!!!!!!!

The worst bit was that we moved onto Shady Pines and the PDAs continued – now let me point out Shady Pines is a very cool establishment. Discreet, no sign, the only way you know it’s there is by the door man stood inconspicuously outside. When inside it’s full of the uber cool set, it has a Texan bar theme with miss matched leather seats that just work. They do cocktails from scratch with trained mixologists. They use only fresh fruittoo – FYI the crushed apple vodkas are to die for!!! I will be posting a review in the bar review section as a potential date venue next week – keep on the look out!

Back to my story, we actually got moved away from the bar as we were blocking it, more than less than ideal for sure!! WTF was I thinking. On the same note however I couldn’t believe that after ten years of admiring this guy, I was actually kissing him, yyippee for me!

The sad note is that he has now bid himself on his merry travels again with plans to return to Sydney in August 2011, who knows what the future holds ey! Only time will tell.

I just find that throughout my life there have been so many crazy coincidences, makes my head spin. DO you guys have any similar stories?!

Hunter Valley – Wine, chocolate, cheese and sunshine… me likey!

I had such a great weekend, typical of Sydney – a weekend away here involves tours around stunning wineries in the 30 degree heat whilst sampling the best wine that the Hunter has to offer. (A little bit different to my weekends away back home to Liverpool, with the highlight being 5 flavoured vodka shots for a tenner!)

After a lovely day drinking wine and eating the most amazing cheeses I nipped to my local, The Royal at Five Ways in Paddington, for a drink in the evening with my housemates. This pub is quintessentially ‘English’, a bar with bags of atmosphere, locals propping up the bar and even pints… The Sydney side of the pub comes out as you venture up the four floors to the roof top terrace, the views from the top are a panoramic view of Sydney city, Rushcutters Bay and Rose Bay – simply stunning! I found myself making a mental note that this would be an ideal date location to bring future datees/ victims… just jokes!

After a glass or two of sparkling I decided to venture back home. At about 10pm I received a call from a guy that I’ve been casually seeing asking what I was up to and if I wanted to meet him out in the city. Now as lovely as it was to hear from him, (he is gorgeous, six foot four, dark hair, dark eyes, half English half Maltese and Australian born and bred – a good hybrid!) I couldn’t help but feel a pang of disappointment that he hadn’t been in touch earlier, unless you count 4am the previous morning… sensing a theme here, hmmmm!

I decided to not meet him as I’d had a lovely day and was happy to have shock, horror a Saturday night in! I then got another call from him at 2am asking what I was up to (if he must know I was asleep infront of the sofa with my pjs and a facemask on, sexy huh!)… I didn’t tell him that of course!

Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with a booty call, I think if you’re both on the same page and looking for the same thing, there is no harm at all. However, if one of you is starting to get feelings for the other and is hoping to turn these rendezvous into a relationship, you’re on shaky ground.

Don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions for sure with regards to casual couples turning into something different, but there is almost always a catalyst to make this happen. Whether it’s distance (making the heart grow fonder, or missing the action – you decide), someone else on the scene or a life changing event (the prospect of your squeeze moving to the other side of the world can change even the best players out there into clingathons!).

More often than not though, one will develop stronger feelings and try and secure a pre-planned date or ‘drinks’, which is obviously a date masquerading as a ‘casual catch-up’ – Step away from the phone/ Facebook/ e-mail and just don’t do it!  It’s not worth the hurt as you realise that he just doesn’t see you as GF material (why would he when he’s had his cake and eaten it too for as long as you’ve been seeing each other!)

So I’m pondering, am I starting to want something more from this? If so, I need to take my own advice and back away as I’m only going to end up getting hurt!