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New country, new horizons, new men (or so we thought!)

I’ve been here in Sydney now for almost 20 months and still can’t quite believe how much, “it’s such a small word!” resonates here!

There have been many occasions where I’ve bumped into previous dates, weeks months or even a year later. Once particular story referencing one of my dearest  friends only further reinforces this!

My lovely gal pal, also from the UK, let’s call her ‘Goooorrrgeous Girl (GG)’, is quite a hit with the fellas, beautiful, banter all over the place and a wonderful friend, she’s a gem! As she can generally have her pick of the bunch it may surprise you to hear that she’s quite the sucker for the ‘funny guy’.

One particular chap caught GG’s attention one night last winter, we’ll call him ‘Club’. He impressed GG with his wit, charm and all round ‘nice-guy’ status. They proceeded to go on a few dates, really got along and had a few cheeky kisses.

All was going well, even contact throughout the work day via e-mail, a positive sign… The e-mail flirting was taken to a whole new level a few weeks into their ‘fling’: In a bid to play matchmaker Club sent GG pictures of his ‘hot mates’ to see if any of her equally ‘hot mates’ might be interested… So the e-mail was forwarded round to GG’s circle of friends, one guy in particular caught the eye of our stunning little blonde Irish lassie, let’s call her ‘Sexy Frecks’.

The attraction to his picture wasn’t due to his raw good looks emanating from her Outlook account, he looked very familiar, in fact very, very familiar.

Cue gasps from Sexy Frecks and roaring laughter from her desk, she immediately responded to all, “ OMG I’ve kissed that guy!!” We all found this hysterical, what are the chances? Especially as we’d only been in Sydney six months, had we worked our way through all the single men in Sydney already? GG in particular found it most amusing and just had to tell Club about the ‘situation’.

Club also found this very funny, in fact he forwarded GG’s response to his friend CCing GG in. We had his full name – result! That night a Facebook stalking session ensued, a few glasses of wine and all the girlies – all of whom agreed that this was a v funny situation.

That was until it got cranked up by about 100%… whilst browsing through the pictures of Sexy Frecks’ previous conquest we came across images that contained the lovely Sexy Frecks, from that very same night six months previous on a boozy night out in manly… Only it wasn’t just Sexy Frecks in the picture, GG was also in there too… with Club… Yes that’s right my little blog chums, GG had also in fact pulled Club before, six months previous on that boozy night in Manly, but both of them had completely forgot ever meeting each other! Too funny!

We really were rolling around in a state of hysterical giggles!

As Club is such a lovely guy, he too saw the funny side, suffice to say after a few more dates the relationship eventually fizzled out, but they still remain friends!

Small world doesn’t even begin to justify that turn of events… Stay tuned for more stories about the many frogs we kiss in the quest to find our prince.