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A recent national survey, conducted by Australia’s modern-day sugar daddy dating site, Aluxxa.com has revealed that Australian women value humour and great job ahead of sex, honesty and physical appearance when sourcing their ideal man. The study conducted on SurveyMonkey with an impartial audience surveyed 3,367 single Australian women, (49.2% respondents aged 18 to 29) set out to discover the top five qualifying traits women look for in a male partner.


Australian women love to laugh, with 63% of women voting sense of humour as the number one criteria when selecting their men and having a great job (60.5%) as runners up. There’s no surprises here that being great in bed (46.7% of women) made it to third base (err place); a trifecta which was shortly followed by 43.4% of women who selected having his own place as the fourth qualifying criteria and honesty scraping into spot number five (38.7%). The good news for men is Australian women don’t seem to be skin deep, with only one in three women selecting physical appearance as a top five trait.


“Having a great sense of humor has always been a top trait women look for in a man but since the global economic downturn having a good job has become increasingly important. That is one of the main reasons Aluxxa.com has been so successful”. Alexander DeCoste, VP for Marketing at Aluxxa.com


It seems senior suitors are in season. Celebrity couples Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (25 years difference in age), Jay-Z and Beyoncé (12 years difference in age) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (11 years difference in age); are reflective of Australian findings, with 54.8% of women stating they would be willing to date a man 10 to 20 years older.


Older man, better job…. You get the drift!


The world of virtual online dating has gained converts over the years and contributes to 81.2% of Australian women having tried online dating or would be willing to explore the service. Findings indicate traditional methods of matchmaking (at bars or blind dating) have been taken over by the love at first byte phenomenon.

SOCIAL SPY** The Rubens play Time Out Sydney’s fifth annual bar awards, plus Baxter Inn takes home the gong

If you’re looking for some great Sydney datinf venues, this should provide you with some inspiration…

The fifth annual Time Out Sydney Bar Awards – Sydney’s only consumer-based bar awards – were held Sunday the 21st of October on Cockatoo Island. The cream of Sydney’s bar scene – from industry legends to hot up-and-comers – kicked back, enjoyed drinks on the harbour and clinked more than a few glasses with Time Out readers. Of course, no Time Out event is complete without some good old fashioned rock’n’roll. This year, the Rubens headlined, playing a one-off gig fresh off their latest sold-out tour just for Time Out.

Five hundred people hopped the ferry for the awards, including Sneaky Sound System’s Angus McDonald, who presented the Hall of Fame Award to Icebergs’ Maurice Terzini. Whisky den the Baxter Inn took home Bar of the Year, while tequila slosh house Tio’s went away with Best New Bar. People’s Choice, an award voted by over 2,000 Time Out readers, was given to Mojo Record Bar. Best Bar Food went to Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar & Grill.

“Time Out awards the best of the best. It’s independent, and refreshingly agenda-free. The only thing we’re interested in at these awards is celebrating our quality Sydney bar scene,” said Time Out’s Chief Food and Drink Critic, Myffy Rigby.

The Midnight Special, Enmore’s favourite little record bar, left the island with the award for Best Entertainment while Best Design went to Hinky Dinks. For the first time ever, Time Out gave over the reins to ten of Sydney’s most respected bartenders, asking them to each elect their picks for Hot Talent. The award went to Black Bar’s Michael Chiem, while Baxter Inn’s Lewis Jaffrey picked up the award for Best Bartender.

Best Wine Bar was won for the second time in three years by the Wine Library, while newcomers the Hazy Rose took out Best Small Bar. Late-night speakeasy Palmer and Co brought it home with Best Cocktail Bar, while the Local Taphouse did craft beer proud winning Best Pub.

Time Out Sydney Bar Awards 2013 winners

  • Best Bartender Lewis Jaffrey
  • Best Cocktail Bar Palmer and Co
  • Best Small Bar The Hazy Rose
  • Best Wine Bar Wine Library
  • Best Pub The Local Taphouse
  • Best Design Hinky Dinks
  • Hot Talent Michael Chiem, Black by Ezard
  • Best Entertainment Midnight Special
  • Best Bar Food Rockpool Bar & Grill

Well done to all involved! An amazing event and great recognition for Sydney’s growing bar scene!

COMPETITION – This Means War

It’s been a while since I reviewed a film on here so I figured it was about time I rectified this! The lovely people at 20th Century Fox approached me to review the film, This Means War; I figured a film about two guys vying for the attention of a lovely lady in the form of Reece Witherspoon I couldn’t go wrong in terms of subject matter. (This is a dating blog after all!)

And let me just say this if you’re expecting the usual chick flick bore – you could not be more mistaken! There is more actions in this movie than you can shake a stick at, it has the undeniably attractive Tom Hardy in it – I mean HOT, HOT, HOT (and then some)!!!!!!

Then we have the enviable Reece Witherspoon, who quite clearly I’m insanely jealous of! Not only does she have two hot bods Tom Hardy and Chris Pine (who I swear to god has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen!)  fighting (when I say fighting I mean practically killing each other) for her affections – She also comes across as one of those people that are undeniably lovely in every sense! You kind of want her to be your friend, I’m pretty sure if we met we’d be BBF (I’m just kidding of course, ahem) back to the review in hand.

Reece plays the girl-next-door relatable Lauren, she’s been single for as long as she can remember. So long in fact that her hysterical sister, Trish, played by the hilarious scene stealing Chelsea Handler (who’d have thought it hey?! Certainly not me, but she is fabulous in it, self-depredating and just light comedic relief!)  signs her up for an online dating profile, much to her dismay.

Cue, movie opening, action fest scene (where one could be forgiven for thinking that it’s going to be a boy flick, if not for the fact that Reece Witherspoon is in it!) where Tom’s character Tuck and his partner/ best friend: FDR race to prevent the leading Russian baddie – played by Til Schweiger – from getting away with the money and briefcase (which one can only assume contains a weapon of mass destruction, this is only alluded to, so we have to use our imagination here!).

Following the opening scene, where they cause havoc by ultimately saving the day, leaving damage and destruction and a seething Russian villan vying for their blood in their wake, we’re introduced to the more sensitive side of Tuk – as he longs for a women to share his life with. As a result of this realisation, he decides to set up an online dating account…

Now I don’t want to ruin the film for you, otherwise you won’t want to see it for yourself will you? Aside from the name of the film and the file’s poster below, you can assume that what ensues is a dramatic quest to win the girl by two best friends with the resources of being a secret spy at their disposal!

It got me to thinking about my experiences, I’ve never had two guys chasing after me (we not at least to the knowledge of the other) however I have had the shoe on the other foot when another girl has been interested in a guy I’ve seen before, or been seeing – I have to be honest in saying that I think there are that many men/ women in the world, there is absolutely no reason why best friends, friends even, feel that they need to go for the same one.

That is unless, one of you truly feels that the relationship could be something more than just a fling and the other person feels the same. In these occasions I feel it’s necessary for the other person to step aside – who is anyone to stand in the path of true love??

Back to the film… What I will say that it is perfect date night movie – enough action for the boys, enough romantic gushy scenes (and might I mention shit loads of guy candy in the form of Tom and Chris – Mother may I!?). It is a must-see movie that I’m certain will not disappoint!

Tom and Chris are great in their roles, both are very convincing in their feelings for Reece’s character Lauren. As for Reece, well you just want to be her.

Suffice to say, I invite you to go and see the movie for yourself. So much so, I’m offering two Dating101Sydney Blog readers the chance to win a copy of the film on Blu-Ray and DVD. All you have to do is tell me whether you would choose Tom Hardy or Chris Pine and why.

If you’re not selected as one of the lucky winners – This Means War is available across Australia now on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Here’s a sneak preview for you:

Celebrity relationships – Is there one, seriously one, that will work?!


I challenge you to name one celebrity relationship that has stood the test of time, bumps in the road and paparazzi intrusion – who can you say has stood together as a unit, showing that they have a bind that not even Hollywood can break? In light on the TomKat divorce revelation, not that I can say I’m surprised, oh and Johnny Deep and Vanessa Paradis, it only further reinforces to me that Hollywood marriages just can’t stand the heat in the kitchen!

Well I’ll concede to Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who have been in relationship since 1983, which is practically a lifetime by Hollywood standards, however they never officially married – maybe that’s the trick??

Ahh, I have thought of one, it took a lot of time and a little bit of help from Google, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, who married in 1996 – however it is worth noting that it is neither of the couple’s first marriage.

The only celebrity marriage that I can think of that is still going strong, which was both parties first marriage – Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles – After 12 years  – they’re flying the flag of the celebrity ‘super power couple’ that are proving their critics wrong!

I remember sitting with my high school friends and listing couples that we saw to be ‘united’, ‘solid’ and ‘loving’, these couples we announced to each other, should they ever break up, have rumours of infidelity or let us down, it would prove that there is no hope out there for us!

The list was (oh how naive we were…)

  1. Posh and Becks
  2. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe
  3. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt
  4. Tess Daly and Vernon Kay (British TV presenters)
  5. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (I know, I knooowwww!!!)


Looking kinda ‘shady’ there Ryan… Just sayin!

Yup that was our top five couples… The five couples we truly believed had found ‘The One’, the couples that we would look up to forever as a shining example of true love… HOW WRONG WE WERE – Not one, not ONE, of the couples have seen out the past twelve years without infidelity rumours, divorces and two of the ‘golden couples’ have even remarried to other shining stars!


So as a test to myself and true love, I’ll list five couples that are together now that I would like to see still with their partners (notice i don’t say marriage, as in all honesty, I can’t for the life of my think of any!) in ten years time, question is, “Would you bet your bottom dollar on ANY of the below?”.

  1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  2. Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux
  3. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult
  4. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
  5. Here’s a two-for-one for good measure: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (ahem) or Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth


Ahhh young love… me…cynic?!

So am I being a cynic here? I’d love to know your thoughts…

Should I ask him to add me on Facebook? – worse still should I add him… No to all of the above!

Ahh the perils of the modern world, the politics and what we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t do’, there is no written rule book about what the ‘right’ thing to do is, however there are plenty of ‘opinions’ out there that are often misconstrued as ‘facts’. (I maybe am going slightly overboard here with the ‘inverted commas’ however I’ll continue because I can!)

I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of randomly adding people on Facebook after we’ve shared a moment of eye contact, or you know, held a conversation for longer than 30 seconds, or one step further spent the night (one) together.

When I took it upon myself to ask these ‘friends’ to be my Facebook friend, I was not only opening them up to be a facebook friend, no, I was inviting them to have a front row seat into the drama that is my life (well my life since I joined the book of face in 2007 – Cripes, that’s five years ago…).

A lot has happened in the past five years, relationships have broken down, I’ve travelled the world, I’ve moved across the pond, had more boozy nights out than I care (want) to remember and underneath all that, have it displayed on line on an ever so efficient timeline for all my facebook friends/ acquaintances/ people I met on a Groovy Grape tour about three years ago and have never seen since to have access to at the click of a mouse.

It does baffle me, as for someone that’s quite guarded when it comes to opening up (not anonymously I might add) about my personal life and history, why I found it so easy to click ‘add fiend’ to someone I’ve just met, that I possibly fancied and wanted to get to know better…

Worse still, I’ve pestered a guy I was dating to add me on facebook on more than one occasion, he wasn’t someone I was exclusive with, in fact we’d never even been on a date, he was my Saturday night go-to guy and I was the same for him (but girl-type obvs!). Now I have the benefit of a lil’ thing called perspective, I can now see why he might have been a little bit reluctant to accept me as a ‘friend’ and in that provide me with a golden ticket to peak into the window into his private life.

On the flip side, when guys have let me add them or they’ve followed up on my request for them to add me, because apparently it’s better that way… (seriously I have friends that refuse to add anyone as a friend, but see noooo drama at all in asking a guy to add them as ‘they’ve never added anyone on facebook’ the mind boggles!) Who have gone cold once the dreaded accept friend request tab has been clicked. No doubt it was because they’d lost interest after scanning my picture and have seen me on many a night out, looking worse for wear, along with images and albums that contain pictures of me with dates from girlfriend’s past!

I also think that it very much has the potential to put you slap bang into middle of the ‘clingy’ category if you add them on facebook too soon/ first/ ask them to add you. I genuinely think that if a guy likes you or sees a future, they’ll add you on FB once you’ve got to know each other better and are genuine friends outside of the cyber world. Alternatively, if you add them and they see a possible future, are you willing to open the can of worms that they might see something they don’t like too soon that raises questions that probably wouldn’t play on their mind should they have got to have know then ‘real’ you first!

There’s first date dating etiquette – one of the rules I started to live by was to not reveal my entire life story before the first course, so why in god’s name did I feel it was acceptable to add a guy on the book of face and open him up to my 67 albums (I knooowwww!) my status updates from the past five years and pictures of my ex, before I even know if he had any brothers or sisters.

No doubt that the advent of social media has changed the dating landscape and we’re all learning as we go, the advise that I would like to impart, is to imagine that facebook is one of your friends that always says the wrong thing at the wrong time, reveals information that little bit too soon to your potential significant other and shows pictures of you looking less than ideal (i.e. last St Paddy’s Day with a pint of Guinness dribbling down your chin!)When all you want to be perceived as is a ‘tidy bird’ with class and sophistication. Facebook my dear loyal followers is the cyber version of that mate, you know that you like them and when you spend time with them you have fun catching up on the gossip of others, but you know to keep them at arms length when there’s a new man in town.

So in answer to my initial questions

  • Should I ask him to add me on facbook – NO!
  • Should I add him on Facebook – NO!

And one more:

  • Should I realistically not add him on Facebook until at least the fourth date – What do you think, I’m guessing – NO!

The cyber ages might be changing the dating landscape, but don’t let them change your dating style – always keep some of you back – leave them wanting more – don’t have them reaching for the ‘delete friend’ tab, it will only end in tears before bedtime, TRUST ME!

Speakeasy Group celebrates five Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Bar Award nominations


I am lucky enough to live in an amazing city and attend amazing events. The Speakeasy Group is no exception in terms of representing the amazing venues that I have attended over the past three and a half years. So it is with great please that I’m able to announce that the Speakeasy Group has been nominated in five categories in Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards, the biggest and most influential bar industry awards globally, including:


  • World’s Best Cocktail Bar – Eau de Vie Sydney
  • World’s Best Drink Selection – Eau de Vie Sydney
  • World’s Best Cocktail Menu – The Roosevelt
  • International Bartender of the Year – Max Greco, Eau de Vie Sydney
  • Best Bar Mentor – Sven Almenning (owner of Eau de Vie, Eau de Vie Melbourne and The Roosevelt)


Eau de Vie is by far and away one of the most stunning and atmospheric bars in Sydney, I have been a couple of times and would recommend it to anyone that is coming to Sydney. Previous reviews of the bars can be found here.

As for The Roosevelt, I have yet to frequent this venue; however I have heard amazing things – cocktails served on liquid nitrogen and served from treasure chests and trophies! I will be posting a review soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


To those of you who think New York and London are home to the world’s best bars will no longer have to stray as far from home with Sydney reaffirming its place on the map as a global leader in cocktail culture.


Sven Almenning, owner of The Speakeasy Group said “It’s incredible to once again be honoured and included in such esteemed company and fantastic to also see more Australian venues earn nominations in an increasingly competitive market.”


The Speakeasy Group has been recognised alongside some of the most well-known and respected bars across the globe. Each of the awards only features ten finalists per category, and the nominees are representatives from all over the world. For a full listing of awards and other nominees, check out the Tales of the Cocktail website here:


The winners will be announced in June at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.



Eau de Vie: 229 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

P: 02 9357 2470

W: www.eaudevie.com.au


EDV Melbourne: 1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne Vic 3000

P: 03 9663 0847

W: www.eaudevie.com.au


The Roosevelt: 32 Orwell St, Potts Point NSW 2011

P: 02 8096 1787

W: www.theroosevelt.com.au

Wills and Kate – Is it ever right to get back with an ex?

There’s an article at the moment on Australian Women’s Weekly that provides an insight as to the tactics that allowed Kate to win back Wills (I don’t think I need to provide clarification as to who they are!). Now I’ve always come from the train of thought that if you split up with somebody you should leave it there and move on, otherwise you run the risk of never letting go f the reasons why you split up in the first place and becoming a resentful, insecure GF. I say this only from my own experience!

I got back with my ex time and time again and every time I’d snipe at him about who/ what he’s don’t whilst we’d be ‘on a break’ and I know each time I got back with him, that despite his pleading and assurance that he’d ‘change’, that we’d be right back in the same situation in 6 – 9 months time. It becomes quite tiring after a while.

I am aware that Will and Kate are still together and most probably will stay together, however I feel that they are more a case of ‘the exception’ rather the ‘the rule’.

I knew I’d get him in the end

Here’s what the article by Penny Junor had to say:

Prince William and Kate Middleton appear to have the ultimate fairy tale romance but just five years ago, William dumped his loyal girlfriend so he could spend more time clubbing with his friends.

Now, British author Penny Junor has revealed why William ended his relationship with Kate — and what sent him running back — in her controversial new book Prince William: Born to be King.

Junor says the 2007 break-up was entirely William’s decision, brought on by his fears that monogamy was impossible.

“The problem was William: he had very real worries about whether it was possible to love just one woman,” Junor writes.

“After his hurricane childhood, he was understandably cautious about committing to a relationship.

“In his early years, he’d also lost many people he was close to. Subconsciously, he may have been wary of allowing himself to become too attached to Kate, in case she too abandoned him.”

At the time of the split, William was serving with the military in Dorset, while Kate was living in London.

The couple spent less and less time together. To Kate’s dismay, William started coming to London on his days off to go clubbing with friends and returning to Dorset without even dropping in to see her.

“It’s likely he was feeling a bit claustrophobic: after all, they’d been together since the age of 20 and Kate had always wanted rather more commitment than he was prepared to give.

“Nor were all his friends that keen on her: some thought she was a bit too sensible and serious, and that she disapproved of their wilder antics.

“Meanwhile, William was all too aware that he hadn’t had any other serious relationship before meeting Kate.”

So William ended their romance and Kate — though reportedly devastated — decided the only thing to do was party.

She went out with friends nearly every night, with the paparazzi capturing her every move. Even William couldn’t ignore the newspaper stories about his beautiful ex and within months, he was back in her arms.

“What brought him running back, according to someone who knows him well, was jealousy,” Junor writes.

“Although his girlfriend had been miserable, she hadn’t sat moping at home but had hit the town night after night, wearing a brave face and a sexy dress.

“William is quite old-fashioned in his outlook, and he realised he couldn’t bear the thought of her with another man. But it was another three-and-a-half years before he proposed.

Hmmm jealousy, me thinks that this isn’t the stable foundations on which to build a solid relationship! Quote: “I didn’t want to be with her, but when I saw her getting loads of attention I didn’t like it so I wanted her back!” Not the sentiment in which I’d like to get back with someone!

What are your thoughts? Should you ever get back with an ex? If so, in what circumstances is it ok?