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Adventures of an e-bacheloress, instalment #2

I recieved another email request shortly after ‘Bob from Paddington’. This time it was a nice email to say ‘hi’, an opener according to the author, who claimed my profile caught his eye.  

As I’m sure most of you will understand I didn’t have time to reply for the next four days – between work, working late and more work, coming home and responding to emails was the last thing on my mind (get in line, behind wine, dinner and a bit of telly!).

So, in the absence of my reply, I receive the following….

My head says say something funny, my heart says say something sweet, but my fortitude says, say something daring. The truth is I know not what to say to someone whom I don’t know. In any case, the communication lines are open, and I’ve made the tumultuous first move, riddled with disaster and uncompromising fear. Your move my dear. 🙂

Good god! How full on is this? Did he write an email in normal speak and then run the thesaurus through it?  Two days later I get this…

This is my last ditch effort to try to communicate with you. Nothing lost nothing gained. I guess I’m a little confused, cause I got an email confirmation from you confirming the lines of communication were opened, but then nothing. I’m not even sure if this will find you well. I’m about to press send…here goes.

Am I being too harsh or is this just starting to get creepy?

Are you too an e-bachelor or e-bacheloress?  If so, I’d love to hear your stories by leaving a comment below.

Adventures of an e-bacheloress

It’s time to update you on my adventures in ‘Funky Town’, aka online dating, as per my previous post.  Here is a tale from one ‘match’ (according to eharmony)…

‘Bob’ from Paddington

Last week a ‘suitable match’ sends me an email.  ‘Bob’ from Paddington has courageously skipped the ‘guided’ communication and gone straight to email.  I go online to check out this character and find, bizarely, he looks a lot like a work contact I know who also lives in Paddington.  The same contact who has cracked on to me during what I thought was a working lunch (and not a flattering crack-on, the type that leaves you wanting to rock yourself whilst sitting in the shower).  Only his name isn’t Bob, it’s Paul, so it couldn’t be him.  Or could it?
A second look at his photo and a read of his email confirmed yes, it was indeed ‘Paul’ from Paddington and not ‘Bob’! 
Seriously, what is this guy on?  What if he actually meets someone, starts dating and it turns out to be serious.  Will he wait until she’s walking down isle to mention that in fact his name isn’t Bob, it’s Paul?
And the email? “Hello Darling, I think it’s time we caught up”.
My reply? Hi “Bob” from Paddington, fat chance.

I’m now officially an e-bacheloress

This morning I read an entertaining story in The Weekend Australian on internet dating, one line in particular caught my attention; “Once located in Loser Ville, online dating has moved into glossy new premises up the road in Funky Town”.
I have for years been mortified by the thought of meeting potential partners online through the likes of RSVP or eharmony.  So many of my coupled up friends would say “you should go onto internet dating, I would if I was single“.  Good on you I thought.  If you were single. Pft. Easy for you to say but to actually put yourself out there, or up there, is another thing all together.
Eventually though, and of course in the interests of getting through 101 dates for this blog, I gave up and put myself on an internet dating site.  And I’m not alone.  According to a Nielsen poll, one in four adults have used the internet to find a partner, 38 percent are considering it and a whopping 15 percent of all relationships formed last year begun online (The Weekend Australian). 
So I trawled through the lengthy and arduous registration process where you’re asked what seems like millions of multi choice questions.  The end result is a personality profile and a selection of suitable matches to trawl through.  Once you find a match you like you are then ‘guided’ through another lengthy process of more multiple choice questions between yourself and your match.
Each day you receive  an email with your new matches and any requests for communication.  The interesting thing is the busiest day of the week for activity, or communication requests, is Friday and Saturday nights.  This is further proof that people are moving away from seedy nightclubs to the internet in search of romance.
So, stay tuned as I navigate my way around this new ‘Funky Town’ putting the theory of my coupled up friends to the test.