Recovery: Week One

When I woke up from the anesthetic after my fibroid myectomy, I have to be honest in saying that I was in a lot of pain. I asked for pain killer immediately – and was given them! ha! Initially they decided to give me tramadol as and when I required it!

After being in recovery for half an hour I was wheeled back to the ward. I was back in the ward for only thirty minutes and then my mum and her boyfriend arrived. I was so surprised about how ‘with it’ I felt. Even though I was aware of the scar and had a dull ache, I was happy to sit up chatting to my mum and certainly didn’t feel like I’d just had major surgery!

After my mum left I went straight to sleep, although I wasn’t in massive pain the tramadol wasn’t working as I’d like, after a chat with the nurses it was decided I would be put onto the PCA, which is morphine that is given to the patient via an IV as and when they need it. (It only allows patients to administer a dose every five minutes!) I slept right through.

Day Two

I was woken up quite early for breakfast, 7am! I was woozy from the medication, but otherwise felt ok. It was difficult to sit up, but I managed! I definitely got my appetite back and ate all my breakfast.

After a couple of hours the physio came and advised that I’d have to get myself out of bed and walk around!!! I was not impressed, I was in pain and had trouble sitting, nevermind standing !! I did however surprise myself and ended up sitting in the chair for a good few hours.

It was this night that was probably the worst… The nurse was taking my obs and looked worried as she advised me that my temp had spiked to over 38. This was a sign of infection. The nurses decided to give me antibiotics via my IV immediately, rather than wait for my bloods to come back. I was given more fluids and oxygen to try and stabilise me. Luckily after a rough (hot) night my temperature cane down. Whilst it was still hotter than they’d like, it wasn’t dangerous!


Day Three

The next day I had the PCA replaced by oral pain killers and had my canular taken out. I was finally able to shower, yippeeeee! I started to resemble myself and started to get up and walk around more! My stomach had already gone down massively and the scar looked so much cleaner and neater than it had done before.

The rest of the week…

Well I can safely say I was v spoiled! I revived three bunches of flowers, soooo many treats and cards from loved ones and friends and family came to visit!!





I was told by my doctor that the procedure had been completed without complication… Phew! He advised that whilst he normally wouldn’t arrange a follow up after a mysectomy, he would like to see me in three months due to my history!

He also advised that my remaining Fallopian tube was left damaged after all the treatments and that I might struggle to conceive naturally in the future. He said that I should look into freezing more eggs. I have to be honest and say its something ill look into, but with eight eggs already frozen and an eight week recovery ahead of me, it isn’t my number one priority at the moment!

I was discharged from hospital on the Monday following my surgery, so including the day for the transfusion I was in for a total of six days!

Stay tuned for more info on recovery at home and my month recuperation in Spain. I’ll also be providing tips on what to wear to make sure you’re comfortable and looking after your scar… This means no jeans!!! 🙂

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