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Man drought, what man drought?

Sixteen months ago I landed in Sydney after five years of largely single life in London. 

Originally from NZ it was time to move closer to home and I choose Sydney despite the man drought and, despite already being unlucky in love.

My odds were stacked against me.  Or at least I thought.

After the first three weeks here I had already started dating a gorgeous, tall, fit, dark, tanned Sydneysider.  Man drought, what man drought?

Mr Sydney and I proceeded to meet for dinner and drinks around my new home City.  If I’m being honest I was more impressed with my new catch’s looks than his personality.  What was I doing in London all those years when there are men this good-looking in Sydney willing to court someone like me?

Over a short period of time though, the good looks were over shadowed by the lack of personality. The conversation was weak and there were little to no laughs.  It’s funny how a good-looking guy can turn ugly and visa versa. 

We very quickly split ways.  And as is the case so often now, the final straw was deleting Mr Sydney as a friend on Facebook.  Onwards and upwards I say…