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My face or yours?

I remember when I used to watch a show in the UK called ‘My Face or Yours’, hosted by comedian genius Jimmy Carr. It was a show where couples would go on together to be pitted against each other to find out who is in fact the hottest. They would not only rate themselves against other people, but also each other. At the end if they guessed correctly as to who is the ‘hottest’ they won a car or something – it was a long time since I watched it so the finer details escape me! Here’s an overview of the format from Wikipedia anyway so that you get the drift.

Round 1

Two contestants, usually a couple, had to choose who they think are the most attractive of two random individuals when their pictures appeared (the people in these pictures usually also are in the audience). If their choice was consistent with that of the audience, they win money.

Round 2

The contestants then have to choose who is the most attractive out of two celebrities, again winning cash if their opinion matched that of the audience.

Round 3

A special guest (of which there are four usually consisting of a stranger, friends, workmates and sometimes a celebrity) joins the contestants and they have to decide who is more attractive between the special guest and one of the contestants. If their choice was consistent with that of the audience, they win money.

Round 4

Finally, the two contestants had to decide who was the most attractive out of each other, winning if they guessed the same as the audience.

Jimmy Carr and June Sarpong

Not at all a superficial show…

The sad thing is that me and my ex actually used to bicker over who would win the ‘poll’. It used to really irritate me that he would never say me. He was so cock-sure that he couldn’t even be as gent and say of course they’d chose you lovely (even if he was just humouring me) he has to make his point and stick to his guns.

All this reminiscing lark got me to thinking about my recent relationships – a major part of my attraction to a guy is their looks (amongst other things: humour, intelligence… height etc). When I actually got to thinking, my check list of the ideal man is not only ludicrous – I doubt this person even exists.

A recent article on Cosmopolitan.com.au written by Jane Hollier discussed the effects that your looks can have on relationships. The opening sentence caught my eye:

“Things we worry about on the first date: food stuck in our teeth, what to wear, who pays the bill, and looking too…pretty?”

It isn’t something I have ever been concerned about I have to add, however the article goes on the state:

“According to a study in the UK, if you’re more attractive than your man, your relationship is destined to fail. Researchers studied over 100 couples that had been dating each other for different lengths of time, and concluded that if the man was more attractive, the relationship was safe. However, if the woman was easier on the eyes, one partner was more likely to prematurely evacuate from the relationship.

“Researcher Dr. Rob Burriss says there are a few reasons why this could be: attractive women are more confident and won’t cling onto the relationship; attractive women think they can pick and choose; attractive women prefer short-term relationships because it’s easier for them to move on, and it could end due to jealous behaviour from the less attractive partner.

“But wait, there’s more. According to Dr. Burris, if the female is the less attractive partner, they’re more likely to enjoy a long-term relationship because they “may have to make do with what they have.” “

Wow! So it got me to thinking, is this the same if the guy is hotter?

I have not dated guy, or stopped dating perfectly lovely guys in the past because they’ve not go t the right colour hair, they don’t have any drive or and they’re not tall enough (my 6’ 2” bench mark was always hard to top!) amongst other ridiculous reasons.

Pretty much what I look for...

You know the kind of things I mean, have you seen the Friends episode where Chandler admits that even the smallest of things can turn him off a woman – ‘mascara gloop’ being a prime example (oh and who could forget his worry about his current girlfriend finding out he had a third nipple and then him freaking out over her wooden leg!).

Despite looking for the ‘perfect guy’ and all the desirable traits, here I am still single and not meeting a genuine nice guy.

I guess it’s what they call growing up, I have had the dawning realisation (I always get there in the end) that yes – he might be 6’3”, yes he might be tall dark and handsome, he might make me giggle – but why do I constantly get stood up, he not call when he says he will or find him going off the radar for weeks on end. (Not mentioning any names here, ahem!). Maybe, just maybe because he can?

I figure, my check list is quite similar to a lot of women’s check lists out there. (Oh how against the norm am I? Tall, dark and handsome – never heard of anyone having that as their type before) I started seriously thinking:  how about I start looking for someone that yes, I’m attracted to, yes makes me laugh, yes is driven but also – perhaps most importantly treats me right and is a gentleman. It’s not about compromising here; it’s about looking at the bigger picture.

Would I rather be with an Adonis that other girls swoon over when they clock him, thinking inside “he picked me, yyiipppppeee”  closely followed by an insecure after thought “back off bitches he’s mine!” or would I rather be with a lovely cute guy that everyone who meets him loves and treats me right?

Let me pose that question to you… answers on a postcard please!

I’m a BIG advocate for imitation is the best form of flattery… but…

So I came across a site today, started on the 2nd Feb 2011 – A UK guy based in Sydney – on the look out for love…

Here is his page: I’m all for sharing: http://friendsinsydney.com/

Now tell me if there is something familiar, or is it just me?

Copy cat?? Source: lotsaplainin

I approached said blogger at 1pm today (09/02/11) he had approx 108 followers and  said we had a lot in common and should meet up, he declined… at this stage his site looked VERY different to what it does now.

My brother, who is based in the UK, who also follows me said that he has been followed by a Twitter account that reminded him very much so of mine. Apparently he’d been in touch regarding the similarities also and http://friendsinsydney.com/ had denied that there was ANY similarity, let me know your thoughts…

I’m all for everyone getting along in the blogger world it’s a free country and we can all do say, act as we please – hence the move on my part to get in touch – obviously we have the same thought process – lives – UK to Sydney – blog about the outcome.

It only becomes a little un-cool when you start to follow every single person that I am following on a little site, you might of heard of it.. Twitter?! No not heard of it? Bear with me… Basically you follow people and their tweets, they follow you and the process continues. Only I clicked onto who http://friendsinsydney.com/ is following – turns out it is my complete contact list (including my brother and best friends that are based in Manchester in the UK, and the only friends me and said blogger have in common)…. interesting.

I check out my previous tweets, and shockingly everyone I outreached to or replied to within a ten minute window http://friendsinsydney.com/ had replied to also. NOT COOL.

He is also now running a Twitter comp for a prize for his 200th followers, also interesting!

I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the whole matter. Am I being somewhat of a princess? (It has been known)And it is a free world and everyone can write what they want – even if it is from the same inspiration. Or has this crossed the line of imitation to outright copying?

Happy to hear your thoughts – you too: http://friendsinsydney.com/

I’ve also invited http://friendsinsydney.com/ to view this post too to hear his thoughts 🙂


Savoury Sydney family

Living over the other side of the world is an adventure, tick! A learning experience, tick! Sometimes lonely, tick! Now I am one of a very lucky group of friends that really considers Sydney our second home, thanks is the most part to our amazing ‘Sydney family’.

Missing friends getting married, having babies, building homes and futures can be so hard, but it is part and parcel of being independent and following your dream to live the true ‘Aussie life’ on the other side of the globe.

My family back home have been great, my mum arrives in Sydney next week for five weeks and will be her second venture to visit me in the ‘Land D’n Under’ in 12 months. My brother arrived in Melbourne last week and will be here for a whole year. I can’t believe it, going to be awesome having them here! When my mum leaves though, I know I’ll miss her and be sad, but I always know I’ve got my bessies here on this amazing adventure with me.

There’s a term coined in Sydney by many nationalities to describe the people who flew the nest a little further than maybe their parents would have liked, we often describe each other as ‘Sydney orphans’.  Typically we’re a group of young professionals working and living here, our home from home. Any occasion such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays, we all pull together to celebrate together. It’s not just the Brits it’s Kiwis, Canadians, Dutch, French, South American, African etc

One thing that really stood out to me when I’d been here for a year was how approachable everyone is here. Not like London where if you look at someone sideways, or heaven forbid, you try to say hello you’re looked at like you’ve got two heads.

It also stood out to me how much of a completely small world it is, never before has the term ‘six degrees of separation’ rang more true.

Here are just a few examples:

Steve arrived in the Hostel, we got to chatting after he’d been here a few hours. He explained that he only knew one person in Sydney, the girl who placed him in his last job, oh and that she was from Wigan. He then told me her name: Julie XX. Yes, yes that’s right the same Julie that I went to college and uni with, the one that I now live with and is my best friend.

I continue… I met Dave, a friend or a friend of Louise’s. We were at my friends 30th BBQ and got talking, turns out that he’s from near my home town back home. I explain to him that my lovely friend Sophie and a guy I used to date back home are from there. He asked his name, I wasn’t optimistic that he would know him, I said his name… yup that’s right he knew him, not only did he know him, they were best friends at high school and college. Also, my lovely friend Sophie text me the next week, she only had a crush on Dave all though college too and she couldn’t believe he was here! The walls are starting to close in!

Finally, I’ve already told you about Darren, who I met and we arranged a date a few weeks later. Turns out that the day before the date I bump into his ex GF through a friend of a friend… who he’d been with for NINE years! That’s was an awkward conversation I tell ya!

So you can see from my examples (there are more, however I’ll bank those for later) that Sydney is a small place where everyone knows everyone – one way or another!

So it’s great to have your core friends at the centre of it all. Baring in mind, me and my friend Helen arrived in Sydney two years ago and we only knew each other. Julie arrived three days later, her and Helen hit it off immediately. Steve arrived a month later, who already knew Julie and was staying in mine and Helen’s hostel. Sally arrived that May, she was one of Julie’s friends from university, the same uni that I went to. We all hit it off. Lizzie and Emily worked with Julie we all got on massively. That was just after six months…

Penny arrived in January, she was on the same course as Sally, Julie and me at university. She hit is off with Helen and we all moved in together. Lucy arrived in July 2009, a lovely girl that I worked with in Manchester, she met the girls and clicked straight away.

 A year later Dean arrived with all of the other lads from our home town, they went to university with Penny, Sally and Julie and me. Louise arrived that May and met Julie through a colleague. We met one Sunday at the Beach Road in Bondi – she’s from Widnes, which is down the road from us. She’s now one of our bessies too.

It’s confusing for even me, but you catch my drift. It’s a massive Sydney family that just keeps growing. It’s got to the point when I meet people now, when we add each other on the book of face, I’m more surprised if we don’t have any friends in common, ha!

I’m going to get some of them to pop guest blogs up so you have a different perspective of or silly Sydney times.