I’m a BIG advocate for imitation is the best form of flattery… but…

So I came across a site today, started on the 2nd Feb 2011 – A UK guy based in Sydney – on the look out for love…

Here is his page: I’m all for sharing: http://friendsinsydney.com/

Now tell me if there is something familiar, or is it just me?

Copy cat?? Source: lotsaplainin

I approached said blogger at 1pm today (09/02/11) he had approx 108 followers and  said we had a lot in common and should meet up, he declined… at this stage his site looked VERY different to what it does now.

My brother, who is based in the UK, who also follows me said that he has been followed by a Twitter account that reminded him very much so of mine. Apparently he’d been in touch regarding the similarities also and http://friendsinsydney.com/ had denied that there was ANY similarity, let me know your thoughts…

I’m all for everyone getting along in the blogger world it’s a free country and we can all do say, act as we please – hence the move on my part to get in touch – obviously we have the same thought process – lives – UK to Sydney – blog about the outcome.

It only becomes a little un-cool when you start to follow every single person that I am following on a little site, you might of heard of it.. Twitter?! No not heard of it? Bear with me… Basically you follow people and their tweets, they follow you and the process continues. Only I clicked onto who http://friendsinsydney.com/ is following – turns out it is my complete contact list (including my brother and best friends that are based in Manchester in the UK, and the only friends me and said blogger have in common)…. interesting.

I check out my previous tweets, and shockingly everyone I outreached to or replied to within a ten minute window http://friendsinsydney.com/ had replied to also. NOT COOL.

He is also now running a Twitter comp for a prize for his 200th followers, also interesting!

I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the whole matter. Am I being somewhat of a princess? (It has been known)And it is a free world and everyone can write what they want – even if it is from the same inspiration. Or has this crossed the line of imitation to outright copying?

Happy to hear your thoughts – you too: http://friendsinsydney.com/

I’ve also invited http://friendsinsydney.com/ to view this post too to hear his thoughts 🙂



One thought on “I’m a BIG advocate for imitation is the best form of flattery… but…

  1. Dating101 Sydney

    Ok, I have spoken to friendsofsydney.com – really nice genuine guy and new to the whole blogging arena. His site is back to what it was before and I really like it! We all live in land where we have the freedom of speech – thank goodness with my gob!

    We’re going to work together to look at how we can make our blogs work – as we’re both for the same cause!




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