Dating 101** We’re back!

Ok so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged on here, I figured I’ve stored up some pretty impressive gems over the past few months, along with a nice little stash of guest entries to add to the mix.


Having lived in Sydney for four and half years, I was starting to think that Sydney dating was a whole different kettle of fish to the rest of the world… Well, let me tell you that after a year away from Sydney throughout 2013, it isn’t! Unless I have a target on my head for moronic idiots, or people with a worrying disposition in terms of general life – it ain’t too great on t’other side of the pond either!


In a nutshell we have the following to update you on:


  • The egotistical TV presenter who left me alone at his friend’s quiz night on our first date…


  • The OCD letter counting (yes you read correctly) former drug addict (yup and again) who chose to reveal this little ‘trait’ on our sixth and final date…


  • The crazy guy of who started spouting Satanic ramblings about me being judged in my next life…


  • The guy who I thought seemed nice, but turned out to be renowned as the local coke head and general tool (news to me)…


Considering I only went on dates with six men last year… the stats aren’t looking great!


Well Dating 101 Sydney will be coming back with more content: recommended dating venues, first date ideas in Sydney, features on dating/ single life and much, much more!


I’m going to be taking a back seat when it comes to the dating blogs – think I’ve put you all through enough of that to last you a lifetime (I’ll part with the four posts I’ve alluded to above!)


I will however be hosting guest dating blogs and posts – so if you want to contribute, e-mail me


I look forward to hearing all your feedback and sharing stories with you.


2 thoughts on “Dating 101** We’re back!

  1. shenANNAgans

    Whaaaaattt? Drugs, religion and a giant ego, wait, the ego took you to a quiz night on your first date. Jeaz! Don’t think it matters where in the world you are, woman are experiencing just what you speak of everywhere. Looking forward to hearing more about your dating adventures.

  2. Pat Riarchy

    This is the result you females have been begging for.

    The only thing a female can offer a man these days is 75% chance she will ruin his life.

    If I have a girlfriend who may even live across town, we go out (even if I pay for everything) and we have sex, then if I make the mistake of helping her financially in any way she can dump and take me to the Family Court to make me pay for the sex because she didn’t ever clean my house or have my kids.

    If I go out with a female and she has a glass of wine, if we have sex later on that night then I am a rapist because she was no longer competent to make a considered decision to have sex or not. It does not matter what she might say or do since she is under the influence of a stupefying drug. She is not responsible for her actions. I am. If I paid for the wine then I am also guilty of administering a stupefying drug. So there is no way that I am going to have sex with a female in Australia unless she is stone cold sober.

    I also need to store condoms in my wallet and make certain the condom is completely disposed of. If she supplies the condoms or has access to them she may damage them or keep them. If I have sex with an Aussie female and she becomes pregnant and she wants to have a baby then I can not say that I do not want to be a father but if you want to be a mother then good luck to you. ONLY she has any choice after the instant of conception to be a parent or not.. SHE can decide to be a parent or not but a man should have NO choices. Aussie females call this “equality”. I call it being a liar and hypocrite and I can’t stand liars and hypocrites. So why would I want to pay a second rate Aussie female for 18 years for having sex? Aussie females reckon that a man should have kept his dick in his pants but it does not occur to Aussie females that they should have kept their legs closed. That’s because Aussie females think that a man should be responsible for their decision.

    Of course, females in Brasil demand NOT to be treated equally. They treat men like Kings and expect to be treated like Queens. They don’t see men as the source of all their problems like Aussie females. They see men as the source of all their happiness. It is MOST refreshing. There was even a show on prime time TV called Miss Bum Bum (it sounds more like boom boom when they say it). This is a show where 18 HOT females were being judged on who had the best bum. I would have been happy with last place getter. If this was in Australia, females would have conniptions and a total meltdown. Go to the fabulous beach and even really old fat grannies were a G string. And that’s all. It would not even remotely occur to a female from Brasil to manipulate men with sex. I still have to pay because I am the King and she is the Queen but, by the Gods, it’s worth it. Besides, most of the places I like to go are out of financial reach for most of the locals. So I get to be with company that enhances the experience and they get to have the experience. Everyone is happy.

    So, the result of all these things you females demanded is that you have become a very poor investment for anyone with income and assets. If I said to a merchant banker that I wanted to take on an investment that had a 75% risk of ruin I would be laughed out of the building.

    The result is that only men with nothing to lose are interested in females of Australia. This is a good thing because these men are now getting a look in when previously females would reject them for a man with money.

    Aussie females look for a man to “provide” for them. In the Aussie vernacular this translates to females want a bloke to bludge off. This is what Aussie females call equality.

    Whilst the statistic is 2 years old, only 29% of men think marriage is a worthwhile endeavour. That number would be smaller today. So, at least 71% of men think that marriage is for idiots.

    So, Aussie females are having to lower their sights. Even though the number is currently tiny it is growing. The situation where she earns more than him. This is fantastic news for these men. When she gets bored with him and divorces him he gets back everything he put in and more. Plus she can make no special claim over any kids. Equality is a marvelous thing.

    I recall reading a story by some female in the Weekend Australian Magazine. She married a lawyer. She was a journalist. They had 2 kids. She reckoned her career was flourishing so he quit work and looked after the kids. After about 3 years of this she got sick of it so she divorced him. She expected that she would get the kids and he would go back to work and pay her a nice amount of child support. What she got was somewhat different. She now sees her kids every second weekend while she pays him child support and spousal maintenance (they are in England). She HATES it but there is no going back and no going forward. She ruined a man’s life but killed herself too. Where she used to have nice things she now looks at price first.

    It reminded me of the story of the frog and the scorpion. One day there was a terrible bush fire. A scorpion was about to get fried but she made a run for the creek. There she found a male frog and pleaded with him to save her and take her across the water. The frog obliged. When they were half way across she stung him. The frog said why did you do that because you will die too. She replied It’s just who I am.

    The problem is you have been treating men with complete contempt for 50 years. Even today you females want to stop violence against females. Not people. Just females. Even though more men suffer more violence, you females could not give a rats arse. That’s “equality” to an Aussie female. Same with breast cancer and prostate cancer. Men raise millions to alleviate the suffering and death of females from breast cancer. Females couldn’t give a fuck whether a man suffers and dies of prostate cancer. That’s called “equality”.

    Every day in one media or another is something about how deficient men are or how victimised females are. In Brasil there is absolutely NONE of that. It’s like having a weight lifted from your shoulders. Or being able to gulp lots of clean non polluted air.

    But then you can’t figure out why men don’t want you any more.

    What you have done with Australian men is prove how absolutely useless you are to him. Nowadays, A Man Needs a Female Like a Fish Needs a Lobotomy. Which is perfectly fine because, luckily, we know that A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.


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