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DTR – hhmmm the phrase that has guys running for the hills…

My lovely colleague handed me this the other day and said that it might come in handy. It’s from this urban Dictionary:


Acronym for Define The Relationship. This occurs when two people discuss their mutual understanding of a romantic relationship (casual dating, serious, commitment, etc)

Hmmm you think he’s trying to tell me something L

Oh as well got free tickets a Johnnie Walker tasting night at Eau Di Vie last night, review to follow. However, I did ask ALL of the guys I have been chatting about lately: Dean, Paul AND cute guy from my NY trip – NON of them replied! SCORE! Guess I need to get myself a new LBB (little black book).

You are the weakest link...

I guess my ‘dtr’ status is a sweet FA!

Stay tuned for the review of the night – PERFECT Valentine’s present for your blokes!

Are you guilty of Facebook stalking your ex??

I am going to be honest and say, yes yes I have been guilty of Facebook stalking my ex’s pages, don’t try and lie and say you haven’t.

In the age of social media, Twitter, Facebook and the ‘global village’, is it getting harder to get over your ex? A recent article in Cleo mag confirms that this is the case. The article states that sixty percent of respondents to a survey by YourTango said they found it harder to get over their exes due to information about them appearing on Facebook.

Are they in a new relationship? Have they been on holiday together yet? Who is that girl in the picture with him? Sometimes I think it’s best to not know.

When I split up with my ex he wasn’t on Facebook, thank god! However I met up with him at a family wedding 18 months later for the first time since we split up (I was maid of honour, he was best man) that’s another story for another time!!! I found out his was on Facebook and friend requested him, the bastard rejected me… the shame! Nevermind that it was he that cheated on me… always trying to be the bigger person doesn’t always pay off!

I do think somehow it is a blessing n disguise!

Think about my poor friend Lydia, after a boozy work night out she decided to go o Facebook on her phone, she went to the search bar and typed in her ex’s name… of seven years ago!!! Only to her utter sheer shock and terror, she realised that she has put his name into her status by mistake!!!! CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She proceeded to pop random names into her status hoping that no-one would notice – I really felt for the girl – Imagine the fear you would feel in your stomach!!

A friendly reminder I guess to walk away from the relationship wholwheartedly – digitally and physically – ask yourself – how much better do you think you really will feel when you click on their profile and find they’re ‘in a relationship’ with someone else – announced openly in their status bar, when they wouldn’t even let you tag them in your pictures when you were an item! A BIG advocate for what you don’t know can’t hurt you!!!!!