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GUEST BLOG – Lucky in love 101 –*Lucky in Love 101 has been in a blissfully loved up relationship for the past 9 months…ish*

Lovely love.. ahem!!!

Here is a guest blog by my lovely loved up (puke) colleague! Just kidding, couldn’t be happier for her…

Valentine’s Day. Hurrah! Boo? So many mixed emotions for so innocent a holiday.

It always amazes me how much debate goes on at this time. What a stupid holiday, says many. A waste of time, says others. Just another hallmark cash cow, says the rest.

Wait, we’re still talking about Valentine’s Day right? The universal holiday dedicated to luurve?

How can you hate the loveliest holiday of the year? With all this war and horror going around our world, really, what is wrong with a lil’ love?

Now for all the naysayers who have already pointed the finger and accused me of “crossing over” and OF COURSE I would defend Valentine’s Day, just stop. Stop right there. A simple poll of my all female office found the negative Nelly’s to be of the ‘loved up’ variety. Yes, those blissfully in a relationship for umpteen years are the ones declaring war on V day. Two of my office gal pals Betty and Bridget, both in looong long term relationships, practically shudder at the thought of V day. And this is not to say that they are emotional ogres. Why, Betty practically wets herself at the sight of a newborn, a puppy or a sunset. She loves love.

Now this really grinds my gears. I understand that for all the single ladies out there (and fellas, they feel it too) Valentine’s Day may feel like a dash of salt in the old wound, but surely for all my loved up ladies, Valentine’s Day would be greeted like an old friend?

But Valentine’s Day is wrong, I hear you say. Shouldn’t we be giving someone love all the time, not just on one day of the year? Correct. I wholeheartedly agree with you. But think back over the last few months. The last week even. Where you able to tell your partner how you really feel? Did you make them feel special? Perhaps Valentine’s Day is just a wee reminder to put down your mobile phone, turn of your laptop, leave the office on time *gasp!* and spend some damn time together??

Here’s how I see it –isn’t Valentine’s Day like Christmas? What is the meaning of Christmas?? Something something Jesus, something something Mary, something something nativity scene. In the wise words of Whitney Houston, what’s gifts got to do with it? But yet, every Christmas, we hand out gifts to every Tom Dick and Harry like little Christmas whores. But Valentine ’s Day? The day whose essence is to the spread of love and joy, can we give gifts then without guilt? Um, no thanks. Love grinches! Why, my gorgeous girl Optimist101, the very one who was dashing around the office to Mariah Carey Christmas carols, why is she so opposed to the idea of a Valentine’s Day love? Because she’s single? Bah humbug.

Let’s look at Valentine’s Day for the one thing it should be about. Love. Good old fashioned love. Not gifts, not crappy store bought cards, but love, plain and simple. Whether you’re having dinner for two or just one today, let someone you love know how you feel. Use Valentine’s Day as your tool to tell someone something from veeery deep inside. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get a surprise of you own.

Have a dinner with your girls, your cat, your copy of twilight if it makes you happy, and instead of being upset about being alone on this day, relish the fact that you are indeed loved by someone (of course you are), and stop being a hater! After all, we could all use some good lovin in this world, don’t you think?