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Feature 101** Australia, the doctor will see you now

Scrubs and stethoscopes are getting Aussie hearts racing, with doctors and nurses topping the charts of Australia’s favourite uniform wearing professionals, according to a new survey* commissioned by Uniformdating.com.


A quarter of Aussies said males in their medical garb were their favourite. The medical theme continues, with a third of respondents preferring their females in a nurse’s uniform, proving that Aussies hold their health professionals in high regard.


This research is released as Uniformdating.com, a bespoke online dating service, launches in Australia today to connect men and women in uniform with the people who appreciate them.


Brand Manager for Uniformdating.com, Amy Coles, said relationships with uniformed professionals sometimes struggled due to long hours, but Aussies would be hard pressed to find a more trustworthy and compassionate partner.


“Service men and women have a common problem, with almost a quarter telling us they’ve seen a relationship end because of long working hours.


“Uniformdating.com is here to help find strong people – both uniformed and not – who are special enough to enter a relationship with an Aussie hero,” said Ms Coles.


“Our survey found that a third of Aussies believe that service men and women look unapproachably tough in their uniforms, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!


“We asked Australian uniform wearers about their personality traits and they describe themselves as trustworthy and loyal, which is what everyone wants in a partner!”

Uniformdating.com’s survey also found that more than half of Aussies think online dating is a successful way to meet potential partners, with almost two thirds interested in a dating site that meets their individual needs.


The most desirable Aussies in uniform are:




  1. Doctor
  2. Firefighter
  3. Paramedic
  4. Police Officer
  5. Pilot
  6. Nurse
  7. Lifeguard
  8. Army Officer
  9. Navy Officer
  10. Airforce Officer



  1. Nurse
  2. Doctor
  3. Air Steward
  4. Police Officer
  5. Pilot
  6. Lifeguard
  7. Airforce Officer
  8. Army Officer
  9. Firefighter
  10. Navy Officer



Other interesting survey results include:

  • No time for love: Almost a quarter (22 per cent) of uniformed Aussies have seen a relationship end because of long work hours


  • In it for life: Australia’s men and women in uniform are looking for life partners  over a fleeting fling, with nine out of 10 (91 per cent) saying they are in it for the long haul – making them the ideal date for those seeking something serious


·         A uniform love: Australia is a nation of uniform lovers – 82 per cent of Aussies would consider entering into a relationship with a man or woman in uniform

**GUEST POST** Under, Under, Under (under about my breakup, under another man and down under!)

Please find a guest post below from one of my lovely friends who recently went through a break up – not nice for anyone – never mind after four bloomin years!


So she did what any normal person would do (including yours truly) She went to get over her ex by going under (down under that is!).


Read on my blogger friends – she won’t disappoint you!


Over to you my lovely:


So they say the best way to get over one man is to get under another right?!


Well, my man was Sydney! I travelled all the way round the world to meet up with two of my best friends and really get over my recent heart break.


Just to put you in the picture, I has been living with my then boyfriend (/ moron) of four years, all was OK (or so I thought) Albeit not as exciting as it was at the start, but I was utterly convinced that we were going to be together forever and that all relationships go through stale patches… Well our stale patch lasted a while and culminated with said bastard cheating on me and our relationship limping on for another six months.


I recently turned 30, (I found it utterly, utterly traumatic in the lead up, but when you actually cross the line its fab!) my ex and I had a particular weekend where everything came to a head. He admitted that he couldn’t pretend he was happy anymore and I wasn’t going to pretend that I was going to put up with his behaviour anymore.


So to cut a long story short, I walked out, I knew I deserved better. One of my dear friends took me under her wing; she moved me in and helped to put me back on my feet.


The only issue that still remained… What to do with the flights we’d booked to Vietnam together for three weeks?! Well change them to Sydney ASAP and not a moment sooner of course!


So, faster than I could say g’day, I was on a flight on my own to the other side of the world. (Not scary, not scary at all… ahem!) Now I know 18 year olds do this and more on their gap years, but for an emotionally battered, slightly wimpy 30 year-old it was trip of a lifetime for more than one reason.


Now Optimist101 is an excellent friend of mine, she looked after me wonderfully and introduced me to the fabulousness that is Sydney.


For a first time visitor, wow what a city!


Love, love, love it!


It was a strange start to the trip, as Australia is very much tied up with my ex, he’d lived in Australia for a couple of years and had always really wanted to go back. We’d even talked about going together. When I’d raised the issue of wanting kids in a couple of years, he would just say: “oh well our kids would have dual nationality, how cool!” The things guys tell you hey?!

At the start of my holiday, all I could think about was that he’d been here, he’d done this and it was all about him. Slowly however I started to think that this was my trip and it was all about me and I didn’t want him to crowd my mind any more. (Nothing like out of sight out of mind)


It certainly made me put things into perspective and made me think that, if I can do a trip like this by myself, be sent to a press launch by myself for Dating101 then I could do pretty much anything! Actually being single, when I thought I’d never had to do that again, maybe wouldn’t be too bad…

I had a particularly cheesy moment on the Coogee to Bondi walk when I suddenly felt like I should shout into the sea and that it would release all of my tension. However I quickly decided that


a) I am not in a film

b) I’d look like a dick.


So I did the typically British thing and kept my feelings to myself, but still felt that bit of extra relief regardless..


Now, I’ve got a lot more to tell you if you’d like to listen and my philosophy (for what it’s worth) so please let Optimist101 know and more posts will come your way…


Also, just to tempt you, I have some simply ridiculous  first date tales that will put Optimist101 to shame: One night stands and online dating stories so plenty more to come if you like!


Thanks for listening, E 🙂

FILM REVIEW: He’s so outta my league!

Hands up who’s thought this or said it to their GFs? I know I thought it with my first boyfriend and it had a detrimental effect on my confidence levels and made me insecure. I had a male guest blogger a few months ago that discussed the trials and tribulations of dating someone who is more than two levels above or below your rating, for example, if you’re a steady seven out of ten, you shouldn’t really entertain anyone that’s a five or below or a nine or above. He was of course referring to looks here and not the ‘whole package’.

I think the playing field completely alters when you start pulling a ‘rating together’ based on the whole package. I’ve been guilty before or going for a typical ‘hot’ guy, they look the part, but when it comes to matters of the heart, commitment or even banter they fall short. Well no more my friends, I’ve recently realised that this could be the basis of my undoing.

My mum, very wise women, has often spoken to me about the types of guys I go for, in that they’re just not sustainable in terms of longevity or a committed relationship. She has dated a few guys and has found the guy she wants to stay with forever:

My Dad – Her first love and the typical ‘lad’ about town.

He had the looks and the charm and was the guys every girl wanted to be with, she fell for him when she was 16, they were married at 21, and she had me at 24, then my brother at 27. She quickly realised that whilst my dad was an unbelievable father and doted a on my brother and I, he was and always would be ‘one of the lads’. He would still go out with them all the time and rock up late, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he turned up late after staying out late on my sixth birthday drunk. It was a silly mistake, but she’d had enough. They were divorced just over a year later.

The second husband – Very driven and wealthy

He had the ambition and drive, he was a stockbroker and had done very well for himself, only unfortunately he had the personality of a spade and was very controlling. After nine years of marriage she left him.

Her soul mate – Loves her for who she is and treats her like
a princess

She has been with him for ten years, he isn’t the best looking person in the world and isn’t flash with the cash but they just well,
work! I’m so happy that she found someone who makes her happy and they love each other so much.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that looks and money can disappear, a connection and true love doesn’t go anywhere – no matter that your rating out of ten (which is subjective anyway – one persons five can be another’s ten)!

When watching the preview of Chalet Girl recently, which was released in cinemas nation-wide yesterday (September 1st 2011) the story is about a pretty tomboy, Kim Matthews who heads to Austria to work as a, yes you guessed it Chalet Girl to save money for her and her father. She ends up working for a very wealthy family, which happens to have a very dashing son
played by the ever swoonworthy, Ed Westwick. He’s mega fit (we know this) he’s wealthy and his character has great banter – check! (I’m starting to think these guys only exist in movies you know!)

He literally has EVERYTHING going for him, plus he’s a billionaire! Kim is pretty, got quite a bit of banter and is talented (she used to be a pro skateboarder before her mum was tragically killed in a car accident following one of Kim’s competitions) but is also from a working class background and has to work ont he slopes to save to run her family home. The light-hearted British movie highlighted to me the trials and tribulations of a. Desiring somebody that is ‘out of your league’ and b. The risk
of holiday romances…

We’ve all been there and fallen for a hottie on holiday, with no work to speak of and the tropical climate and golden tans, not to mention the escapism can make even the most unlikely of relationships work. Low and behold when they return home, the shine can quickly vanish (just like their golden tan) when they’re back to their day job.

Every once in a while, they do work out, just like in Chalet Girl! Hmmm maybe only in the movies.

I’d recommend you take a chance to watch the movie if you can, it’s British Humour at its best and will probably lead to your booking your next ski trip faster than you can say holiday romance.

Funny dating tale update to follow shortly!

Are you guilty of Facebook stalking your ex??

I am going to be honest and say, yes yes I have been guilty of Facebook stalking my ex’s pages, don’t try and lie and say you haven’t.

In the age of social media, Twitter, Facebook and the ‘global village’, is it getting harder to get over your ex? A recent article in Cleo mag confirms that this is the case. The article states that sixty percent of respondents to a survey by YourTango said they found it harder to get over their exes due to information about them appearing on Facebook.

Are they in a new relationship? Have they been on holiday together yet? Who is that girl in the picture with him? Sometimes I think it’s best to not know.

When I split up with my ex he wasn’t on Facebook, thank god! However I met up with him at a family wedding 18 months later for the first time since we split up (I was maid of honour, he was best man) that’s another story for another time!!! I found out his was on Facebook and friend requested him, the bastard rejected me… the shame! Nevermind that it was he that cheated on me… always trying to be the bigger person doesn’t always pay off!

I do think somehow it is a blessing n disguise!

Think about my poor friend Lydia, after a boozy work night out she decided to go o Facebook on her phone, she went to the search bar and typed in her ex’s name… of seven years ago!!! Only to her utter sheer shock and terror, she realised that she has put his name into her status by mistake!!!! CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She proceeded to pop random names into her status hoping that no-one would notice – I really felt for the girl – Imagine the fear you would feel in your stomach!!

A friendly reminder I guess to walk away from the relationship wholwheartedly – digitally and physically – ask yourself – how much better do you think you really will feel when you click on their profile and find they’re ‘in a relationship’ with someone else – announced openly in their status bar, when they wouldn’t even let you tag them in your pictures when you were an item! A BIG advocate for what you don’t know can’t hurt you!!!!!

I like wine, wine likes me (does it really though?!) Love hate relationship me thinks…

A quiet weekend was on the cards again, it started off so well, a quiet night in front of the TV (crashed out at 6:30 and woke up at 9:30 the next morning) me thinks I must’ve needed it.

On Saturday I went to Newtown with one of the lovely girlies, I’ve never been there before on a  Saturday – it was so much fun! I heart it there. Very bohemian feel somewhat reminiscent of Camden Town in London, lots of the ‘cool folk’ that I try to be but fail miserably. The boutique clothing stores line the streets with affordable one off vintage items – I got an amazing dress and hair piece – only cost me $50 for both – amaze! My mate picked up an amazing dress for $25, and looked hot to trot to boot.

We had lunch at the most amazing cafe, I must find the name for you guys, the food was scrumptious! We shared a carrot and chick-pea burger and tomato, mozzarella and basil salad.mmmm

After a day of shopping and chilling I headed home, had a bit night ahead and was ready to party following my snooooozathon the night before, loser!!

I dressed up in my new hot frock and donned my new hair piece, I also decided to opt for the curly mane as opposed to polka straight – like to mix things up every now and again… you know!!

So off I headed to Casa Di Nico on Darling Harbour, now I’m usually a fan of the smaller Italian restaurants that are off the beaten track. You know the hidden treasures that are always packed out, tiny but with bucket loads of atmosphere. Casa Di Nico is definitely not that, however it was pleasant enough – the company was fantastic so that is all that counts. I had the vegetarian lasagne for my main which was very lovely, not too filling but just enough. I also ploughed trough about 6 glasses of white wine, the law on a Saturday night right?!

After dinner we moved onto Bungalow 8, again not my favourite venues, it was so busy on Saturday – however the music was off the hook! Sally came to join us just after work to the tunes of ‘Walking on Broken Glass’ – a personal fave of ours that we have been caught rocking out to in Kit and Kaboodle on more than one occasion… good times my friend… good times!!

After Bungalow we decided to head to The Sheaf – now we’re talking copious amounts of wine later – less than ideal. I should’ve just given up then and gone home. But nooooooo I don’t stop until I have to… cue arriving in The Sheaf – not feeling (or looking I presume) the best I’ve ever looked – after a crossed wire with a friend I stomped off home… to PADDINGTON in MASSIVE heels – WTF was I thinking?! Think cooking up a storm as I arrive home (surely that’s not safe) and passing out on my bed fully clothed, with my shoes on. Stay classy… indeed!

Imagine this - fully clothed - not pretty!

Stay tuned for the update of the next day and another chance encounter to follow shortly…

Savoury Sydney family

Living over the other side of the world is an adventure, tick! A learning experience, tick! Sometimes lonely, tick! Now I am one of a very lucky group of friends that really considers Sydney our second home, thanks is the most part to our amazing ‘Sydney family’.

Missing friends getting married, having babies, building homes and futures can be so hard, but it is part and parcel of being independent and following your dream to live the true ‘Aussie life’ on the other side of the globe.

My family back home have been great, my mum arrives in Sydney next week for five weeks and will be her second venture to visit me in the ‘Land D’n Under’ in 12 months. My brother arrived in Melbourne last week and will be here for a whole year. I can’t believe it, going to be awesome having them here! When my mum leaves though, I know I’ll miss her and be sad, but I always know I’ve got my bessies here on this amazing adventure with me.

There’s a term coined in Sydney by many nationalities to describe the people who flew the nest a little further than maybe their parents would have liked, we often describe each other as ‘Sydney orphans’.  Typically we’re a group of young professionals working and living here, our home from home. Any occasion such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays, we all pull together to celebrate together. It’s not just the Brits it’s Kiwis, Canadians, Dutch, French, South American, African etc

One thing that really stood out to me when I’d been here for a year was how approachable everyone is here. Not like London where if you look at someone sideways, or heaven forbid, you try to say hello you’re looked at like you’ve got two heads.

It also stood out to me how much of a completely small world it is, never before has the term ‘six degrees of separation’ rang more true.

Here are just a few examples:

Steve arrived in the Hostel, we got to chatting after he’d been here a few hours. He explained that he only knew one person in Sydney, the girl who placed him in his last job, oh and that she was from Wigan. He then told me her name: Julie XX. Yes, yes that’s right the same Julie that I went to college and uni with, the one that I now live with and is my best friend.

I continue… I met Dave, a friend or a friend of Louise’s. We were at my friends 30th BBQ and got talking, turns out that he’s from near my home town back home. I explain to him that my lovely friend Sophie and a guy I used to date back home are from there. He asked his name, I wasn’t optimistic that he would know him, I said his name… yup that’s right he knew him, not only did he know him, they were best friends at high school and college. Also, my lovely friend Sophie text me the next week, she only had a crush on Dave all though college too and she couldn’t believe he was here! The walls are starting to close in!

Finally, I’ve already told you about Darren, who I met and we arranged a date a few weeks later. Turns out that the day before the date I bump into his ex GF through a friend of a friend… who he’d been with for NINE years! That’s was an awkward conversation I tell ya!

So you can see from my examples (there are more, however I’ll bank those for later) that Sydney is a small place where everyone knows everyone – one way or another!

So it’s great to have your core friends at the centre of it all. Baring in mind, me and my friend Helen arrived in Sydney two years ago and we only knew each other. Julie arrived three days later, her and Helen hit it off immediately. Steve arrived a month later, who already knew Julie and was staying in mine and Helen’s hostel. Sally arrived that May, she was one of Julie’s friends from university, the same uni that I went to. We all hit it off. Lizzie and Emily worked with Julie we all got on massively. That was just after six months…

Penny arrived in January, she was on the same course as Sally, Julie and me at university. She hit is off with Helen and we all moved in together. Lucy arrived in July 2009, a lovely girl that I worked with in Manchester, she met the girls and clicked straight away.

 A year later Dean arrived with all of the other lads from our home town, they went to university with Penny, Sally and Julie and me. Louise arrived that May and met Julie through a colleague. We met one Sunday at the Beach Road in Bondi – she’s from Widnes, which is down the road from us. She’s now one of our bessies too.

It’s confusing for even me, but you catch my drift. It’s a massive Sydney family that just keeps growing. It’s got to the point when I meet people now, when we add each other on the book of face, I’m more surprised if we don’t have any friends in common, ha!

I’m going to get some of them to pop guest blogs up so you have a different perspective of or silly Sydney times.