Sydney dating venues

So I’ll be reviewing Sydney’s top dating venues. Small hidden bars, cosmopolitan bars, affluent, edgy and the extreme.

If you’re looking for date inspiration, check out and select ‘date’ for some inspiration!

I’ll be looking at some of the following;

  • nooks and crannies
  • atmosphere
  • best for date number ?
  • escape routes (if the date’s not going well!)
  • how much and where
  • best cocktails

If you have a bar that you’d like to me review on one of my 101 dates, get in touch:

7 thoughts on “Sydney dating venues

  1. Pat Riarchy

    I hope you females are not looking for sex. What am I saying, of course you’re not looking for sex. But you will find that since a female has nothing else to offer a man then bars are the wrong place. If you have been drinking or taken any other stupefying drug then it is rape if a man has sex with you since you are no longer responsible for anything you do or say. That becomes the man’s responsibility. He must revert to the default position which is that you would not want to have sex if you were sober. Ergo, why would a man in a bar want to have anything to do with you since sex is out of the question?

  2. Online dating Sydney

    I left Sydney around 7 years ago for the Sunshine Coast. I so miss the excitement of Sydney and all the things to do there! I have to say that, being single in Sydney was the best time of my life! Awesome blog BTW!!


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