Who is she?!


I jumped in at the deep end at the age of 16 as my first relationship lasted for six years… yikes! I was introduced to the world of the ‘single girl’ at 23 years of age. Originally from Manchester I arrived in Sydney in January 2009 to embark on a new adventure – Cue dating disasters, fledging romances and enough dating tales to fill a book – hence the need for an outlet.

I’m also excited to the be the ‘guinea pig’ for all new dating trends and experiences, you will see the outcome as I document my journey along the path of Dating 101.

I’ve recently turned 27 and a lot has changed in my life, I’ve been living in Sydney for three years. In addition to my day job as a PR, I created this little blog in August 2010. Tune is to find out where’s is great to frequent in Sydney, whether you’re on a date with the new man in your life or on a girly night out (talking about the latest man in your life).


Here I provide an insight into my world, dating disasters, lessons learnt along the way and every so often I give you guys the chance to win some great goodies via competitions on Dating101Sydney.


I’m always looking for guest bloggers, so if you think you have  dating story that we’d like to hear, what you waiting for? Give me a shout!

Hope you enjoy the little glimpse into the life of a Brit Twenty-Something finding her way in life in the city that is Sydney, with more than a few bumps in the road along the way!



Along the way we’ll have guest bloggers who will tell us their dating tales. We’ll also have guest venue reviewers frequenting the blog. If you have a dating tale or tip on top dating venues, get in touch!

Drop me a note if you’re interested at dating101sydney@hotmail.com

1 thought on “Who is she?!

  1. Miss Lai Lai

    Hello there. I stumbled upon your blog through Twitter, and I must say, I love it! Being on my longest visit to Sydney, somewhat I become very intrigued in your entries, so hopefully I can learn a thing or two. If anything, I’m a sucker for romance and comedy and looksnlike your blog has all those things 🙂



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