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COMPETITION ALERT** How about a treat to yourself this Valentine’s Day?

I’m all about the competitions at this time of year to show my grattitude to all of my lovely blog readers, for without them, I’d just be a crazy person talking to myself! (It has been known!)

I thought it might be quite a nice idea to do a post about treating yourself this Valentine’s Day, yes there’s focus on love, romance and passion at this time of year – At the end of the day however I’m a believer that you really have to love yourself in order to open yourself up to be loved by another.

Please find a number of products below that I can’t help but think might make the ideal treat to yourself. To celebrate the impending Valentine’s Day antics, I have one of each of the following gift suggestions up for grabs for one lucky Dating101Sydney reader.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your significant other, or you just want to say thanks to yourself for being you, the following Valentine’s Day gift suggestions should give you inspiration!

Stunning jewellery stand by Frunique

This stunning Chic Jewellery Stand embodies the perfect gift for the lady who has everything! This Valentine’s Day why not give a truly unique present to the Angel in your life? Even if that is your best friend, mother, sister or loved one. Valentine’s Day is about love, in all of its forms!

Imagine how stunning it will look on your dressing table with all of your favourite items that deserve to be on show, rather than tucked away in a draw or box.

You can find out more about the stunning collection at the Facbook Page  and the website www.frunique.com.au

If you’re interested in entering to win the stunning stand that is up for grabs, simply like Dating101Sydney’s page on Facebook (Box in the right) and like Frunique’s Facebook page and tell me in 100 words or less what your ultimate Valentine’s surprise would be… Feel free to use your imagination!

Kindle Kandle

Don’t let the flame go out in your passion stakes, everyone knows that candles can create atmosphere, whether you’re in the bath and want some time to yourself, or you’re wanting a romantic vibe in the bedroom, candles are always the answer!

Only, the guys at Kindle Kandle have gone one step further and have a candle that adds another element to the mix… Massage. Kindle Kandle is a massage candle collection, a 100% soy natural candle with six delicious scents in the collection: Orange & Mango, Shannonpea, Tahiti Rosette, Cane Sugar, Gardenia and Butter Beans.

How is it a massage candle I hear you cry… Well let me tell you, ha! Each candle contains cosmetic-grade soy, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, natural vitamin E and scented oils for aroma. The ingredients are not only natural but extremely rich and moisturising.

Amazingly the warm wax can be used as massage oil, all you have to do is simply let a small pool of wax melt and with the spoon gently scoop the melted oil into your hands and massage onto your/ your partners body for a complete sensor experience.

A unique and exciting new product, Kindle Kandle is fast becoming a favourite amongst retail, gift and salon clients.

To be in with a chance of winning one of the candles for yourself (the winner gets to choose their chosen flavour),  simply ‘Like’ Dating101Sydney and Kindle Kandle’s pages on Facebook and tell me in no more than 25 words who you’d most like to massage the Kindle Kandle into and why… Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here!

If you’re not selected as our lucky winner, you can find out more about how to get your hands on one for yourself at www.kindlekandle.com or on its Facebook page

Date night? The only nights I don’t have a date are days ending in day! (Not through choice I might add!) Erm…

I’ve recently updated you about meeting various lovely fellas, I’ve built them up to be the desirable catch of the month – only they slowly (or quickly) morph into the slippery worm at the end of the hook that got too big for its boots!

Yes, it’s no lie, the guys that I meet generally read like a who’s who guide of human dating crap! I’m starting to sense a trend here.

After watching the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ it made me think that you really are damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t! I guess what everyone has been saying is true, “If it’s meant to be it will be!” whether you play the game, act like you’re not interested, make the first move or tell them that they had you at hello… when they’ve literally just said hello! I haven’t gone that far… yet! Give me chance, ha!

Then there’s the exception of course, which I found myself caught up in just last week. After exchanging numbers with the lovely Neal I was confident he’d call! We got on well and I was hopeful… Only four days passed and it was now Thursday and I hadn’t heard. I had my girlfriends giving me the lovely advise with the best intentions: Maybe you put your number in wrong? He’s probably working a lot after his break; maybe he lost his phone and really wants to get in touch.  A likely story!

Only I logged on the trusty book of face that night and low and behold, who did I have a friend request off, yes, yes that’s right: Neal! He’s also sent a message asking how my week had been, explaining that his hadn’t been that great, he’d lost his phone on Anzac day and had been in bed ill for the past few days. Phew. So cool as a cucumber I decided to accept the offer and reply after my morning coffee the next day, didn’t want to appear too eager did I?!

Only I did reply the next morning with a casual chatty message about him not being able to handle the pace etc. Only it’s now a week later and I still have reply, I give up!

There is a slight part of the story I am missing: whist filling in Jenny on this tale last Saturday I was showing her the message to gauge her thoughts (as all women do!) yes we over analyse we know this! Just the same as we know guys like to watch football and play fight – it will remain one of worlds mysteries t hat cannot and will not be changed! I digress, anyway I have a pesky (crap) phone that is very sensitive, as I clicked on his name, it brought up his profile instead of his message, only as I pushed the button to go back to messages, I only bloody well hit ‘Poke’ didn’t I! The ONE button you CANNOT undo on a smart phone! FAIL!

Suffice to say I’m left wondering as to whether he will get in touch, whether I should just bite the bullet like I did in the first instance (you know the whole “do you have a GF” extravaganza!) and send him my phone number via FB?

Ahh the trials and tribulations of a single woman! It appears I’m not alone either! According to new research commissioned by leading Australian group buying website, www.spreets.com.au, it revealed that 71 per cent of survey respondents don’t go on a regular ‘date night’. (hmm I wonder if their reason is choice, I doubt it!)

The online survey, which involved 567 Australians aged 16-65 years from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, also revealed that respondents typically spend between $51-100 on a date, apart from people in Canberra, who only spend $5-50.  (Seriously I think I am dating the tightest morons! I dated a guy for a couple of weeks and all he bought for me was two glasses of wine!)

For those participants who do have a regular date night (the lucky sods!), Saturday is the most popular day of the week, followed by Friday. I’m not actually a fan of Friday or Saturday date nights, I much prefer mid-week! I guess beggars can’t be choosers thought right?

According to Dean McEvoy, CEO Spreets, those that do have a regular date night are looking to the Internet as their source of inspiration. “Finding new or exciting things to do has never been so easy with group buying websites like Spreets, and the survey shows that 88 per cent of respondents are turning to the Internet for date night ideas,” he said.

“Dating doesn’t have to be a costly experience either. The way group buying websites work is that they do the research to identify something interesting to do in your city, and offer users significant savings”.

Here are the five tips for making ‘date night’ successful by Spreets:

1.     Commit to a set night of the week – decide which night of the week works for you and your partner and try and stick to it as much as possible.

2.     Variety is the spice of life – it’s easy to go to the same Thai restaurant and order the same noodle dish every week, but there are hundreds of different places you can try, and things you can do.  If you’re going for a meal, then go to a different suburb, try a new genre of food, or order something you wouldn’t normally do.

3.     Budget – there’s no need to spend lots of money, either set yourself a budget and stick to it or alternate a pricey outing with a low-key date.  A low-key option is to make a picnic and go to a scenic place, or take advantage of the discounts offered by group buying sites like Spreets which offer up to 90% discount on restaurants and experiences.    

4.     Have fun – try to forget about all the other stressors in your life and just enjoy time alone with your partner.

5.     Make an effort – get dressed up and make an effort for your partner, a little bit of effort can go a long way.

If only it were that easy!

“Back in my day”

I was sat around in the office today and my team and I were trying to brainstorm ideas for a survey for one of my clients, now you might be thinking: “why do I give a sh1t, I don’t read your blog to hear about your day job?!” Well normally you’d be right, however on this occasion the topic of the survey was none other than dating! This I have a little lot of experience in.

We were pitching questions relating to Gen Y and how they have a different dating experience to Gen X with the advent of social networking and digital media. I got me to thinking that we never would’ve thought 20 or even 10 years ago that you would have been able to meet someone/ have someone recommended to you and all you need is their full name to find out all there is to know about them. (That is unless they are aware of identity theft, and crazy stalker people so they make themselves invisible online, how dare they!) ha!

I never fail to surprise myself when I meet a guy and find myself wondering if he’s on Facebook, literally before we’ve even swapped numbers! It is quite a sorry state of affairs isn’t it! Even with the advent of text messages 15 years ago, how much easier do kids have it now-a-days ey!?

I remember the death gripping fear that used to come over me when I used to ring up my ex on his… wait for it… house phone! “back in my day…” seriously though it was so much more straight forward back then, we didn’t have to analyse text etiquette – “should I/ shouldn’t I text him?” “Why hasn’t he text me?” “ He’s text me a few times, it’s now ok for me to make the first move!”


 There was NON of that – for sure there were other issues going on, it wasn’t all plain sailing – more often than not the guy would get caught two-timing for not being very smart and getting caught pashing someone else in a rather public space – rather than inadvertently sending a text to the WRONG girl.

Fast forward to 2011, there is a whole can of worms just waiting to be opened and all you’ve done is said hello!

How many of you have done this when you’ve met a guy and know his full name:

  • On Facebook – Check
  • Non-private profile – check
  • Photo’s of said person – check
  • Wall visible – check
  • The clincher – mutual friends – check

Cue trawling through pictures of possible ex’s etc etc and you haven’t even been on a date yet! I mean I never do that, just heard of people that do it, that’s all… (The word you’re looking for is anyway…)

Can’t possibly be conducive to a healthy start to a possible relationship can it? It got me to wondering if guys do the same?

Are you guilty of Facebook stalking your ex??

I am going to be honest and say, yes yes I have been guilty of Facebook stalking my ex’s pages, don’t try and lie and say you haven’t.

In the age of social media, Twitter, Facebook and the ‘global village’, is it getting harder to get over your ex? A recent article in Cleo mag confirms that this is the case. The article states that sixty percent of respondents to a survey by YourTango said they found it harder to get over their exes due to information about them appearing on Facebook.

Are they in a new relationship? Have they been on holiday together yet? Who is that girl in the picture with him? Sometimes I think it’s best to not know.

When I split up with my ex he wasn’t on Facebook, thank god! However I met up with him at a family wedding 18 months later for the first time since we split up (I was maid of honour, he was best man) that’s another story for another time!!! I found out his was on Facebook and friend requested him, the bastard rejected me… the shame! Nevermind that it was he that cheated on me… always trying to be the bigger person doesn’t always pay off!

I do think somehow it is a blessing n disguise!

Think about my poor friend Lydia, after a boozy work night out she decided to go o Facebook on her phone, she went to the search bar and typed in her ex’s name… of seven years ago!!! Only to her utter sheer shock and terror, she realised that she has put his name into her status by mistake!!!! CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She proceeded to pop random names into her status hoping that no-one would notice – I really felt for the girl – Imagine the fear you would feel in your stomach!!

A friendly reminder I guess to walk away from the relationship wholwheartedly – digitally and physically – ask yourself – how much better do you think you really will feel when you click on their profile and find they’re ‘in a relationship’ with someone else – announced openly in their status bar, when they wouldn’t even let you tag them in your pictures when you were an item! A BIG advocate for what you don’t know can’t hurt you!!!!!

Potential dating disaster – Sod’s law why do you mock me?!

Don’t you just love it when a blast from the past saunters into your life (that you had all but written off as they’re now in the ‘friend zone’) asking if they can see you. Well I was graced with this situation at the beginning of this week.

Here I was sat at my desk working away with Facebook minimised at the bottom of my screen (well you never know who’s going to pop online do you?!).  I was very busy doing a very important media sell-in being all PR’y and stuff, so didn’t notice the Facebook tab change to flash “New message from”.

Now I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, I really don’t think that I am, but do you guys get that little lurch in your stomach wondering “who could this be?! Who is this messaging me at this time?!” Don’t get me wrong more often than not it’s one of my lovely friends, who I’m actually going to be seeing in three hours, who I was also with last night just saying “hey!” which is very lovely of course! Every so often however, I get a little pleasant surprise.

It just so happened that on this occasion it was one of the moments, hallelujah! Message from Liam (name changed)  saying… “Happy new year, you around for a catch up this week?” Huuraahhhh – Cue my head spinning, what does he want, he’s just been home to New Zealand and what could he possibly want to talk about?? Maybe the fact that he’s been home, realised that after two years, I am the one for him and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time?!

Of course I’m kidding, I didn’t think that at all, just jokes for banter for you guys…ahem…

So I quickly, cool as a cucumber sent him an e-mail five twenty minutes later casually stating that I was mega busy, missed his message, that I was free and for him to let me know when suited him. He came back straight away (which is very unlike him) asking if I was free that night? Talk about keen!

It actually happened that I wasn’t free that night, but had sooo much on I didn’t get back to him, I’d love to say on purpose as I am way too cool for school, it was in fact because I had a WIP all afternoon so couldn’t have replied if I wanted to.

I was in work the next day, just had my breakfast and replied to him apologising for not getting back to him and asked when he was next free. He got back straight away again saying he wasn’t free any other night, that Monday was his only night. Gutted! So wrote back saying “no worries, next week was probably better for me anyway.” Cue an e-mail at 4pm that afternoon, “free tnght?!” Which I was actually was! Yyippeeee! I explained that we were having a Mexican at our house and that he was more than welcome to come round.

I couldn’t quite believe that after a wall of silence he was being so proactive, it was a pleasant change, but didn’t stop my head from dreaming up fantasies about him sweeping me off my feet and telling me it was always me, I digress!

So we made arrangements, he was going to come to mine from Bondi Junction at 6:30. That was until I got a text from him at 5:15, obviously upon reflection saying “I’ve had a think actually I’d rather catch up when it’s just me and you so we can have a proper chat, lets rearrange for another night?” The plot thickens.

I was totally fine with that as I wasn’t looking my best anyway, so had a lovely evening with my housemates eating fajitas and drinking wine, Olay!

The next morning I woke up in somewhat of a daze, too much wine on a school night, less than ideal! I scraped my hair back, slapped some mascara on and threw on some skinny jeans and a vest – not looking my best by any means! I couldn’t help but think though that I wasn’t  going to see anyone I’m trying to impress anyway and I’m off to the gym at lunch, so all good.

I was running v late and wanted to make a good impression this year in the office, no one wants to be known as the girl that’s always late so I literally sprinted 100 meters to the bus stop with flip flops on (BTW – how fast can you run in flip flops seriously, not the hard bottomed kind, the ones with the sponge, you know what I mean. They’re like little trampolines attached to your feet as you make a break for the finish line a la Linford Christie). Arms were flailing everywhere, sweat was beginning to appear on my brow, never a good look!

I just got to the bus stop as the bus pulled up, out of breath, looking rather pink and shiny I boarded the bus. I took a quick scan around, there were no seats, damn!

I moved right to the back of the bus as our bus is the one that is always packed, I wasn’t in the mood to be screamed at by the bus driver to “move to the back of the bus love” over and over again. As I made the wobbly journey to the back of the bus I heard someone shout my name. Wait, they can’t have! No-one I know gets this bus, or do they?! I look up, low and behold who is standing there in all of his beautiful, manly, suited and booted glory, oh yeah that’s right, Liam! What are the chances?

Quite high apparently, as he now lives in Woollahra and gets this bus every day. Course he does!!!! Mental note to self: find a different way to get to work, bloody well hitchhike if you have to.

I managed to put my game face on and mock surprised happiness to see him, cue general chit chat about our Xmas and New Year, his trip back home etc etc. Meanwhile I’m sure that my face resembles the River Mersey and I’m getting pinker by the minute. We somehow get onto the conversation of when we’re going to meet up, I suggest my housemates birthday party on Friday, drinks in the city and then party at mine.

Liam asked if he could bring a friend, I take this as a good sign, but also judge him slightly for still wanting to see me after this encounter.  So we chat all the way from Paddington to St Leonards and we get off the bus at the same stop. As I made my bid for freedom (and to assess the damage my appearance had no doubt caused), Liam shouts, “def get on the email banter today!” To which I shout, “of course, speak in a bit.”

Only it’s now two days later, I’ve e-mailed him and haven’t got a response. Now I know I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to analysing situations but I can’t help but think that whatever it was he was going to talk to me about is no longer valid after that bus journey.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… also I’ll keep you updated with any progress, replies/ other chance encounters.