**COMPETITION** – Five pairs of tickets up for grabs to watch Chalet Girl


To celebrate the release of Chalet Girl, Dating101Sydney has teamed up with Transmission and Paramount Pictures to award five lucky winners with a double pass to watch the film which is only at the movies September 1st!

Chalet Girl is a refreshing British romantic comedy (yeah I’m biased) – My personal favourite – sarcastic humour and adult jokes – are featured this must-see funny-film.

With a sterling cast, including Brooke Shields and Love Actually’s Bill Nighty, it might lead you to believe that you’re gearing up to
watch a ‘chick flick’ rom-com, when you couldn’t be more wrong… Ed Westwick sticks to what he knows best in the role of lovable rich rogue, whilst Felicity Jones embodies the role relatable pretty young tomboy Kim Matthews, who’s lost her way after she loses her dream to become a world renowned skateboarder when her mum is tragically killed in a car accident.

An opportunity arises for her to become a Chalet Girl in the Australian Alps, after a slight hesitation she packs up to leave for three
months, with a view to save some much needed money to support her and her father, played by British comedian, Bill Bailey.

Prepare for laughs galore along with a feeling of desire to jet of to the Austrian stunning ski slopes. Who knew being a chalet girl could be so much fun?!

Here are some teasers for you, what you waiting for, enter now for your chance to win!

Girl-Kim & Jonny tying Bow Tie

A day on
the set with Bill Nighy

To be in with a chance of winning, simply ‘like’ Dating101Sydney on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Also tell me in 25 words
or less who your ideal leading man would be.

© Chalet Girl Films Distribution Ltd.

For further info check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/chaletgirlAU


2 thoughts on “**COMPETITION** – Five pairs of tickets up for grabs to watch Chalet Girl

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