It’s no lie that women LOVE chocolate, and I don’t mean love in a lovely dovey puke fest way, or in the seven-year itch way. I simply mean in the til death do us part way, and in sickness and in health – you know feed a cold etc

It comforts us when we’re down, doesn’t answer back and never lets us down! So this is why my friends I’ve teamed up with the guys at Liquid Ideas to provide ten of my lucky blog readers with a bar of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse bars – They’re delish!!

Cadbury, Australia’s most loved chocolate brand* has introduced a new chocolate indulgence with Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse and like your comfiest track pants, scented candles and favourite hydrating mud mask, you may want to keep it out of sight to enjoy in those rare moments you have all to yourself…

 Utilising European chocolate making techniques, Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse features unique triangular-shaped pieces of smooth and creamy mousse encased in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. Available in chocolate, hazelnut and caramel, Cadbury Mousse is perfectly designed to savour slowly – the ideal indulgence for those precious “me-time” moments.

Which to choose?! Decisions, decisions

We’ve all got those little things best kept hidden away from our loved ones – the obsession with The Notebook, celebrity crushes circa 1990 and any mementos of ex-boyfriends (which is becoming increasingly hard with pesky facebook! You know!). Then there are the things that are just too special to share, like your “good” moisturiser – although you suspect he sneaks some when you aren’t looking…

 Now, Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse joins the list of things that you probably want to keep all to yourself. Let’s face it, he just won’t appreciate that delicious, rich mousse the way you do.

 Ten things you might want hidden…

  1.  Your Cadbury Mousse block – seriously, do you really want to share?
  2. Expensive shampoo – he just doesn’t need, deserve or understand it. Give him soap.
  3. Box sets of Gossip Girl – he hates it, you know it and fear he thinks less of you if he knows you love it…he does. So hide it.
  4. Photos of ex-boyfriends. No explanation needed.
  5. Mix-tapes made for you by ex-boyfriends (see point four above).
  6. Old celebrity crushes – he doesn’t need to know you used to be into Take That – it’s not cool. It’s even less cool to know that deep down you STILL love them … best kept hidden.
  7. Your Twilight books and DVDs. You’re not a vampire and not a teenage girl – it’s weird to him.
  8. Mud masks. If he sees you in that it might be indelible in his memory forever…
  9. Scented candles – best enjoyed on a quiet night in with the girls.
  10. Your expensive night cream – he won’t use it sparingly the way you do so get him the cheap stuff from the supermarket. 

Now the only dilemma is where to hide your Mousse…

 Spoil yourself with Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse, the all-new indulgent chocolate block that’s simply too good to share – now available from Coles, Woolworths, SUPA IGA, Big W, Target, Kmart and other select retail outlets RRP $4.20

*Source: Nielsen Scantrack, 2010; Millward Brown

To be in with a chance of winning, simply tell me in 25 words or less, if you could create any flavour , what it would be and why?

Thanks!!! Excited much!!




  1. Dating101 Sydney Post author

    I am getting some fantastic responses!

    Cookies and cream, dark chocolate with cherries – even Ryan Kwanten (like your style!!).

    I can’t stress how amazing the chocolate bars are – keep the answers coming!

  2. Dating101 Sydney Post author

    Thank you so much for your amazing answers, we have some very imaginative people reading this blog. All winners have been notified by e-mail.

    Thanks again!

    Look out for more competitions coming up soon!

    Dating101Sydney xx


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