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Valentine’s Day 101** Dr Nikki Goldstein – Sexologist & Relationship Expert

Dr Nikki Goldstein – Sexologist & Relationship Expert has provided Dating 101 Sydney with some great tips this Valentine’s – http://www.drnikkig.com.au
What is the best place for a first date in Sydney?
We are spoilt for choice in sydney between cafes and outdoor activities but the best first date I’ve experienced was a picnic in the park looking onto the Harbour Bridge followed by pizzas and cocktails at Lil Darlin in Darlinghurst. 
What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date venue and why?
I love a home cooked dinner especially by a man who does’t normally cook. Any day of the night I can go out to a restaurant but when that special man goes to all that trouble to work out how to put something in the oven it melts my heart
Expensive date or fun cheap??
Expensive dates for first dates and fun and cheap for a second. It’s important to make a strong first impression. People are dating at a faster pace these days so it really does matter to make your mark. But why not when you have shown them you can spoil them and treat them to something nice, get back the basics and show your fun side and also that you can enjoy something that doesn’t revolve around money. 
What can couples do to spice up their Valentine’s Day night?
In order to spice things up it’s important to get out of routine and do something different If you are the couple that normally go to an expensive restaurant then why not try an activity or pack a picnic or maybe there is something you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t always have to be so traditional but it’s important to do something different.