**GUEST POST** Under, Under, Under (under about my breakup, under another man and down under!)

Please find a guest post below from one of my lovely friends who recently went through a break up – not nice for anyone – never mind after four bloomin years!


So she did what any normal person would do (including yours truly) She went to get over her ex by going under (down under that is!).


Read on my blogger friends – she won’t disappoint you!


Over to you my lovely:


So they say the best way to get over one man is to get under another right?!


Well, my man was Sydney! I travelled all the way round the world to meet up with two of my best friends and really get over my recent heart break.


Just to put you in the picture, I has been living with my then boyfriend (/ moron) of four years, all was OK (or so I thought) Albeit not as exciting as it was at the start, but I was utterly convinced that we were going to be together forever and that all relationships go through stale patches… Well our stale patch lasted a while and culminated with said bastard cheating on me and our relationship limping on for another six months.


I recently turned 30, (I found it utterly, utterly traumatic in the lead up, but when you actually cross the line its fab!) my ex and I had a particular weekend where everything came to a head. He admitted that he couldn’t pretend he was happy anymore and I wasn’t going to pretend that I was going to put up with his behaviour anymore.


So to cut a long story short, I walked out, I knew I deserved better. One of my dear friends took me under her wing; she moved me in and helped to put me back on my feet.


The only issue that still remained… What to do with the flights we’d booked to Vietnam together for three weeks?! Well change them to Sydney ASAP and not a moment sooner of course!


So, faster than I could say g’day, I was on a flight on my own to the other side of the world. (Not scary, not scary at all… ahem!) Now I know 18 year olds do this and more on their gap years, but for an emotionally battered, slightly wimpy 30 year-old it was trip of a lifetime for more than one reason.


Now Optimist101 is an excellent friend of mine, she looked after me wonderfully and introduced me to the fabulousness that is Sydney.


For a first time visitor, wow what a city!


Love, love, love it!


It was a strange start to the trip, as Australia is very much tied up with my ex, he’d lived in Australia for a couple of years and had always really wanted to go back. We’d even talked about going together. When I’d raised the issue of wanting kids in a couple of years, he would just say: “oh well our kids would have dual nationality, how cool!” The things guys tell you hey?!

At the start of my holiday, all I could think about was that he’d been here, he’d done this and it was all about him. Slowly however I started to think that this was my trip and it was all about me and I didn’t want him to crowd my mind any more. (Nothing like out of sight out of mind)


It certainly made me put things into perspective and made me think that, if I can do a trip like this by myself, be sent to a press launch by myself for Dating101 then I could do pretty much anything! Actually being single, when I thought I’d never had to do that again, maybe wouldn’t be too bad…

I had a particularly cheesy moment on the Coogee to Bondi walk when I suddenly felt like I should shout into the sea and that it would release all of my tension. However I quickly decided that


a) I am not in a film

b) I’d look like a dick.


So I did the typically British thing and kept my feelings to myself, but still felt that bit of extra relief regardless..


Now, I’ve got a lot more to tell you if you’d like to listen and my philosophy (for what it’s worth) so please let Optimist101 know and more posts will come your way…


Also, just to tempt you, I have some simply ridiculous  first date tales that will put Optimist101 to shame: One night stands and online dating stories so plenty more to come if you like!


Thanks for listening, E 🙂


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