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A weighty achievement!

I was recently invited to attend the Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards, Weight Watchers is something I’ve grown up with, so was keen to attend to see the success stories of the women who has stuck to the plan and reached their end goal.

My mum has always been a fad dieter, I’ve seen her go on the British Heart Foundation cabbage soup diet, and she’s only eaten white meat and vegetables. I’ve known her to just eat tuna with Worcester sauce for a week. One of the diets that she always went back to was Weight Watchers, as when she actually did it correctly and didn’t binge/ starve herself she really did see the results. We’d always have the Weight Watchers frozen meals in our freezer, the soups in our cupboards and bread in the kitchen.

The Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards ceremony was held at Daltone House, a stunning venue with gorgeous views of the harbour. We were welcomed by a band from the Cook Islands, to represent the prize that the winner would receive.

After a few glasses of sparkling and some delicious canapés we were seated to watch the ceremony.

The ceremony was hosted by comedian and Weight Watchers member, Ben Lomas, and former Olympian and Weight Watchers ambassador, Melinda Gainsford-Taylor.

We were talked through and introduced to each of the finalists – utterly amazing strong willed women – with one of the women having shed a jaw-dropping 67 (yes 67!) Kilos – Inspiration for us all! That the equivalent of one of me! I’m struggling to lose 5 kilos, never mind sixty bloomin seven!

From diabetes and shortness of breath to losing nearly 35 per cent of her body weight and becoming a healthy and happy role model for her students, high school teacher Brooke Addison was crowned Australia’s Slimmer of the Year at the 2011 Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards.

After 29 weeks of hard work and determination, the 28 year old from Croydon, Victoria, slimmed down from a size 18 to a size eight, losing an unreal 35.1 kilos and beating hundreds of hopefuls to secure the national title.

Here are the before and after pictures – pretty cool hey!?



Brooke will now take on the role of Australian ambassador for Weight Watchers and will enjoy  a fabulous holiday for two to Rarotonga’s leading luxury resort in the Cook Islands flying Air New Zealand.

For years, Brooke used to trick herself into thinking her eating habits were not bad and that she was too busy or tired to exercise. We’ve all been there done that! After my trip to the land of Thai I am joining Weight Watchers with my colleagues – I figure if we do it together we’ll have each other for moral support.

“I used to have some terrible habits and my attempts to lose weight always had an expiration date – an event, wedding or party – but as soon as the party was over, I’d slip back into my old ways. When I joined Weight Watchers, I decided I had to be completely honest with myself so I didn’t cheat and tracked everything that went in my mouth. This allowed me to see my weaknesses and make better choices, and with the help of exercise, helped get me to where I am today,” Brooke said.

Accepting the award, Brooke thanked her fiancé and family for their continued love and support and said she was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a Weight Watchers ambassador.

“Winning Slimmer of the Year has been one of my biggest achievements and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve changed so much both on the inside and out and I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin I hope that my story will encourage and inspire others to make a positive change to their lifestyle.”

Weight Watchers spokesperson, Bronwyn Stubbs, congratulated Brooke on her hard work and commitment.

“Brooke promised to make a commitment for as long as it took and in the process, has set an unbelievable example to her students, showing them how hard work and determination can help you to reach your own goals. All of the entries this year were of a high standard, however, Brooke stood out from the pack and we’re pleased to have her as an ambassador for Weight Watchers. She is a truly deserving winner!”

Weight Watchers donated almost $8000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, that’s $1 for every kilo lost by Australian entrants to the Healthy Life Awards. Amazing work ladies I stand back and applaud you in awe! I will keep you across my progress across 2012.