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Australia’sHottest NewExport TakesThe Title!, Australia’s hottest online dating and social networking community, today announced cinematic siren, Margot Robbie as the 2013/14 Sexy Australian of the Year.

Here at Dating 101 Sydney we have had a massive girl crush on Margot Robbie ever since being invited to the premiere of the Wolf of Wall Street. It is great to see Aussie talent making a splash state-side whilst putting in a stellar performance.

Anyone who has been the film will understand why Robbie was always going to take out the top spot in this year’s awards!

The blonde bombshell sizzles and her chemistry with DiCaprio is electrifying.

Here is the Top 10 in all its glory:

10 – Mitchell Johnson 

Sporting the sexiest Aussie ‘mo since big Merv Hughes was throwing leather, Mitchell Johnson has destroyed the English cricket team this summer and in doing so, helped Australia win back the Ashes. In fact the speedster’s form has been so fierce he’s just been awarded the Allan Border medal. A pretty Aussie way to open the Sexy Australian of the flamin’ Year. Well done, Mitchell!

9 – Melissa George

She’s come a long, long way from her days on Home & Away, that’s for sure. Not only is Melissa George rocking Hollywood, the 37-year-old actress is still rocking one of the finest bodies on the planet. We were reminded of that when she starred in this year’s hottest advertising campaign, Agent Provocateur’s raunchy on-set meltdown video. The outfit covering George’s phenomenal curves has to be seen to be believed.

8 – Sam Worthington & Lara Bingl

Well if you haven’t read about it in every gossip magazine in the country, Hollywood heavyweight, Sam Worthington has shacked up with Lara Bingle. Worthington is of course known for starring in blockbusters such as Avatar and Terminator Salvation, while Bingle is best known for… well she’s known for all sorts of things really, the latest being Sam Worthington. All we know is that they make a very, very attractive couple.

7 – Travis Fimmel

Not content with his sex symbol status after his legendary Calvin Klein underwear campaign, Aussie heart-throb, Travis Fimmel has again caused hot flushes throughout the world. Fimmel has landed the lead role in the hit History Channel series, Vikings. Playing Norse legend, Ragnar Lothbrok, Fimmel fights, pillages and sleeps his way through new lands and straight onto the Sexy Australian of the Year list.

6 – Jackie O 

She’s the aesthetically pleasing half of Australia’s most successful beauty and the beast pairing. Radio hostess with the mostess, Jackie O has always matched her stunning looks and charm with wit and grace, qualities that have served her well throughout a tumultuous 12 months. 2013 saw the dazzling DJ and her ever controversial partner, Kyle Sandilands jump ship from 2DayFM to their new home at Kiis 1065. We, like so many others, will be making the switch!

5 – Ricki-Lee Coulter

Australia’s hottest diva has lived up to her title of Sexy Australian from a couple years back! Her film clip for Come and Get In Trouble With Me featured the sultry songstress naked atop a white horse. What did it have to do with the song? Who knows? Who cares?

4 – Liam Hemsworth

The younger of the Hemsworth bros has had a massive 2013. The brooding brother of Thor star, Chis Hemsworth, Liam has had a lot on his plate of late, including making the smash hit sequel to The Hunger Games, and breaking up with the increasingly bizzaro, Miley Cyrus. Don’t worry Liam, we’re sure the ladies of RedHotPie would be willing to keep you warm at night.

3 – James Packer & Miranda Kerr

Sure, nobody knows if this rumoured super-hook-up is actually happening or not, but so powerful would this union be, we’re just rollin’ with it! Able to buy Brangelina with pocket change, James Packer and Miranda Kerr (or Jaranda as we’ve dubbed them) would be the ultimate Australian celebrity couple. Money, power and beauty, they have it in spades; well, James looks a bit like Mr Potato Head, but being a billionaire bachelor is a helluva aphrodisiac!

2 – Kylie & Dannii Minogue

For years, the Minogue sisters have represented Australian sexy with aplomb; Kylie with her disco rockin’ hot pants and Dannii with her flirtatious smile and sizzling magazine spreads. Now, a little older, but every bit as desirable, the girls are both back on our screens here and in the UK. Dannii has been bringing the truth on X Factor, while Kylie is about to join The Voice. All this action can only mean we’ll be seeing more of these ever-green beauties, and that’s fine by us!

1 – Margot Robbie

Ex-Aussie-soap goddess, Margot Robbie is one of our sexiest exports, but more importantly she’s the 2013/14 Sexy Australian of the Year! Her seductive and sultry charms alone are enough to land at the pointy end of our Sexiest Aussie honours, but mix in her breakout role along side Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street (which includes some eye-popping horizontal tango action) and you’ve got yourself a salacious juggernaut of sex appeal! Congratulations to Margot Robbie, the Sexy Australian of the Year for 2013/14.

Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet to whet your appetite! You can also read my review on Sydney Social 101 here


SOCIAL SPY** The Rubens play Time Out Sydney’s fifth annual bar awards, plus Baxter Inn takes home the gong

If you’re looking for some great Sydney datinf venues, this should provide you with some inspiration…

The fifth annual Time Out Sydney Bar Awards – Sydney’s only consumer-based bar awards – were held Sunday the 21st of October on Cockatoo Island. The cream of Sydney’s bar scene – from industry legends to hot up-and-comers – kicked back, enjoyed drinks on the harbour and clinked more than a few glasses with Time Out readers. Of course, no Time Out event is complete without some good old fashioned rock’n’roll. This year, the Rubens headlined, playing a one-off gig fresh off their latest sold-out tour just for Time Out.

Five hundred people hopped the ferry for the awards, including Sneaky Sound System’s Angus McDonald, who presented the Hall of Fame Award to Icebergs’ Maurice Terzini. Whisky den the Baxter Inn took home Bar of the Year, while tequila slosh house Tio’s went away with Best New Bar. People’s Choice, an award voted by over 2,000 Time Out readers, was given to Mojo Record Bar. Best Bar Food went to Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar & Grill.

“Time Out awards the best of the best. It’s independent, and refreshingly agenda-free. The only thing we’re interested in at these awards is celebrating our quality Sydney bar scene,” said Time Out’s Chief Food and Drink Critic, Myffy Rigby.

The Midnight Special, Enmore’s favourite little record bar, left the island with the award for Best Entertainment while Best Design went to Hinky Dinks. For the first time ever, Time Out gave over the reins to ten of Sydney’s most respected bartenders, asking them to each elect their picks for Hot Talent. The award went to Black Bar’s Michael Chiem, while Baxter Inn’s Lewis Jaffrey picked up the award for Best Bartender.

Best Wine Bar was won for the second time in three years by the Wine Library, while newcomers the Hazy Rose took out Best Small Bar. Late-night speakeasy Palmer and Co brought it home with Best Cocktail Bar, while the Local Taphouse did craft beer proud winning Best Pub.

Time Out Sydney Bar Awards 2013 winners

  • Best Bartender Lewis Jaffrey
  • Best Cocktail Bar Palmer and Co
  • Best Small Bar The Hazy Rose
  • Best Wine Bar Wine Library
  • Best Pub The Local Taphouse
  • Best Design Hinky Dinks
  • Hot Talent Michael Chiem, Black by Ezard
  • Best Entertainment Midnight Special
  • Best Bar Food Rockpool Bar & Grill

Well done to all involved! An amazing event and great recognition for Sydney’s growing bar scene!