Fancied, an Australian based dating App, has been moving in quickly on the dating scene and hopes to make it easier for Australians to find a date this Valentine’s Day! Having only launched in September last year, the App already boasts thousands of mutual ‘fancies’ nationally, and was nominated as Top 10 finalist for Startup of the Year by Shoestring Media, and for a MOBI Award in the Nightlife category.

Entrepreneur Christie Sharpe, the Founder and CEO of Fancied, stated “We are thrilled with the results and have 60% engagement on the app, this is mainly because users are getting matched by people they mutually fancy.”


Thanks to the rise of mobile dating, Gen X and Y users have now ‘opened their hearts’ (#boomchh) to testing out the market and have made it socially acceptable. Sharpe adds, “Fancied is about finding mutual connections made easy in a social environment – We don’t just show you who you can meet, we also show you where the best places are to meet based on your location.”

There are two ways you can find your perfect match on Fancied. Firstly, by searching through singles profiles, and secondly, by checking into a local venue listed as a Hot Spot.


The geo-location gives the user a safer opportunity to meet their match at a recommended bar, or alternatively, motivates singles to step out of the house and socialise as they can see which ‘Hot Spots’ to saunter over to.

The Fancied team have launched a new blog ( which explores all aspects of dating and meeting people online. This light-hearted blog is perfect for dating advice, lists funny dating experiences and different ways to approach your love life. The step-by- step guide to the perfect New Year’s Kiss helped ease users into 2014 and is set to help singles navigate through the Aussie dating scene.

Fancied is available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at:

Socialising made simple, download the app and Get Fancied!

Android version coming soon!


One thought on “Valentines 101** FANCY A VALENTINE’S DAY DATE?

  1. Pat Riarchy

    What the hell is all this crap about?

    We know that men are sex crazed beasts, constantly sexually harassing females, sexually assaulting females and raping females. According to statistics generated by females, 1 in every 4 females has been sexually harassed. 1 in 4 females has been sexually assaulted. 1 in 4 females have been raped. Worse still is a statistic from females at the Uni of WA and published in Cosmo showing that 76% of females at that university had been raped. So, it is most likely that every female reading this would have experienced some form of sexual violence from a man. So why the fk would you go for more? Are female’s just unbelievably stupid idiots? Would you like to pat a lion? Dance with a King Cobra? Swim with a crocodile?

    Secondly, why would a female even need such a thing noting the above? All a female would need to do in order to have sex is to walk outside.

    So, it can’t be anything to do with sex. We also know that sex is the last thing on a female’s mind. So what is it.

    Do you females just use this app to find men to manipulate their sexuality for a free night out? Please explain.


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