Update: MIA…

So I guess I’ve been MIA for a couple of months in terms of the personal posts I’ve written in the past.

A lot has been going on over the past few months and I wanted to kind of keep a journal on here to not only document what I’ve been going through, but to also support other women who have been/ are going through something similar.

This isn’t about dating, it’s about what some women have to go through in their lives, that I guess, basically can put their lives on hold for a while.

I’m going to start at the beginning of the end of the ‘dating posts’ on here. Since then I’ve fallen in love, secured my residency in Australia, started up another ‘101’ blog: http://www.sydneysocial101.com and really felt like things were finally going my way.

During this time, I did have a few medical issues that I didn’t think too much of.

I have filled you all in previously with regards to my health issues prior to moving to Australia, without repeating myself too much, over the past ten years I have had a number of procedures done to remove dermoid cysts from my ovaries. I had two of these removed via  an incision from the navel downwards (midline) – one when I was 19 and one when I was 21. I then had another removed when I was 24 via key hole surgery.

All of these surgeries have left me with 1/2 ovary remaining. As a direct result of that I’ve had IVF treatment to have my eggs frozen on the NHS in the UK, the treatment was a success and I have eight eggs frozen.

Fast forward four years and the symptoms that I was having during 2011/12 resulted in me going to see a specialist to make sure everything was ok. After an ultrasound scan my gynaecologist found that I had a 6cm fibroid in my uterus and decided to refer me to another specialist to keep an eye on it.

Since January 2012 the symptoms got progressively worse and other scans throughout the year showed that the fibroid was growing. This not only resulted in a lot of pain but extremely heavy periods and painful cramps.

My new specialist advised that I should have a Mirena coil (IUD) fitted to help reduce the bleeding during my periods. A mirena coil is an hormonal IUD, which is a small ‘T’-shaped piece of plastic, which contains  levonorgestrel a type of progestogen, which I was advised would reduce the amount of oestrogen in my body, thus shrinking the fibroid and reducing the amount of bleeding as a result.

This mirena was fitted whilst I was under aesthetic in day surgery, during which I also has a polyp removed from my uterus. I was signed off work for a week to recover from the procedure and the aesthetic.

I have to say that this wasn’t the right procedure for me, rather than reduce the amount of bleeding during my period. It actually made me bleed heavily all the time – as in all day every day! Less than ideal! After six weeks I had to have it removed as I couldn’t cope with having to take a change of clothes to work in case it got too bad!

Only… after the removal of the mirena, the bleeding didn’t stop, it continued, and actually got worse! This was in July 2012 and has NEVER stopped since!

Despite several appointments/ e-mails, phones calls etc to my specialist, he was reluctant to remove the fibroid, as he said it wasn’t big enough. I was at the absolute end of my tether. My relationship was suffering as a direct result of everything that was going on, in addition to my work life suffering too.

Stay tuned to find out the drastic steps that I had to take to sort this out myself and the diary of my recovery following the removal of a 15cm (yes 15cm!) Fibroid last week (17th April).





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