Book review** How to Win Your Man & Keep Him

THE secrets of how to have a healthy relationship that lasts are revealed
in a new book by Brisbane author Geri Hemer.

“It’s easy to get a man but very hard to keep him,” Mrs Hemer said.

In her newly released book, *How to Win Your Man & Keep Him*, she provides
grounded advice to help women identify and maintain bliss in a lasting
relationship. The book contains essential tips on how to find and conquer
true love.

“A book like this has never been written,” Mrs Hemer said.

“It’s based on personal experience that works, not on theory.”

And she should know what works as she has had a loving relationship with
her husband Scott for about 20 years.

She also knows what doesn’t work after marrying her previous husband, with
whom she had children to, twice.

Some common mistakes women make in love is not looking after themselves,
going to bed in rollers, talking about their ex boyfriends, sitting on the
toilet with the door open, speaking with food in her mouths and shaving
their legs in front of their partners.

“There should be mystery in every woman,” Mrs Hemer said.

Some simple things a woman can do to please her man is smile and greet him
warmly when she sees him, text him at work and tell him what sexy things
she will do with him when he returns home and surprise him consistently by
dressing up or role playing.

*How to Win Your Man & Keep Him* caters to women of all ages, backgrounds
and marital statuses. Topics covered include priming for the first
encounter, the first and succeeding dates, winning his friends, getting
along with his mother, an invaluable checklist for the wedding day, spicing
up your sex life, infidelity and growing old gracefully.

“A perfect relationship is not a given. Anything vital in life requires a
certain amount of effort,” she said.
Mrs Hemer has lived and worked all over the world, starting in Montserrat,
a British Island in the Caribbean, and ending up
in Australia via Switzerland. She has mixed with the A-list of the music
world, foreign dignitaries and captains of industry.*
How to Win Your Man & Keep Him *is an essential guide book for all women.
At131 pages, it sells online for $19.99 soft cover and $29.99 for the
hardcover and is available on ** *, *** * *and* **
* *.*



2 thoughts on “Book review** How to Win Your Man & Keep Him

  1. Steven Mulhall

    I like reading these types of book and i am surly gonna read it,yes one more book i would like to recommend you all.”The young mans guide to life” its amazing friends and written for providing affective ideas for youngster’s all types of problem like dating,sex etc. effectively.


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