Guest post: Top 5 Dating Secrets to finding love in 2013

Dating tips from a Professional Matchmaker, Samantha Jayne, director of Blue Label Life.
Samantha Jayne, Dating Expert and matchmaker, shares her top five dating tips to snaring the partner of your dreams.

Looking for that special someone can be exciting, exhilarating, and adventurous and at the same time daunting especially if you don’t have the right knowhow or access to those hard to reach eligible singles.

It is so true that men really are from mars and women are from Venus, we are so different in the way we communicate our needs, wants desires yet fundamentally want the same thing. Someone to love, trust and have fun with! Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we were wired the same? Easier maybe but definitely not as fun, after all it’s why they call it the dating game.
So how do you make it all happen for you? Why does it seem some people are luckier in love than others? Read on to find out….

Success in dating is all about how to best represent yourself; it’s a combination of bringing out the best in you and seeing the opportunity out other.

I can assure you that just because one has achieved professional success; it doesn’t mean that dating will come naturally. In fact, it could be quite the opposite. All those extra hours spent working hard to build your career profile can come at a sacrifice. The thing is, missed social events, gatherings and parties are all missed opportunities to let your hair down, meet new people and develop your relationship and flirting skills.

Wait a minute, Samantha. You’re not seriously saying to ditch work and go party?

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

And as you’re trusted dating expert and matchmaker, I’m going to put that as the first dating tip for successful singles.

Top five dating tips four successful singles to find love in the city!

1. Forget about all work and no play! Go on, let your hair down. Go out and meet new people and expand your circle. Find that free spirit in side of you somewhere you know it’s in you.

2. Be the person you want to date! Ever noticed how some people ooze appeal and you just can’t get enough of them where as others you can’t get away fast enough. Be the person you want to date, yes that’s right even if the date isn’t running the way you want it to have fun! The person you want to date would make light of the situation wouldn’t they?

3. Polish up your image. If you look and feel the best you will attract the best. Revamp your hair, buy a new outfit, make yourself feel like a million dollars you know you deserve it!

4. Stay true to your values. Find someone with the same values over the same taste in music. It will help in the long term. Once the honey moon period is over you can truly bond with sharing common ground.

5. Have fun! Be spontaneous even when you’re exclusive. Everybody loves a person that has fun! No one has a type. Instead, people choose to date the same kind of people because they feel comfortable doing so. Everyone’s different. Embrace each other’s unique story.

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One thought on “Guest post: Top 5 Dating Secrets to finding love in 2013

  1. Pat Riarchy

    Luckily, A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.

    Plus all men are, unless they are with you at the time, a rat, pig, dog, snake, frog, douche bag, dumbass, loser, stupid, weirdo, thug, paedophile, rapist, ape, ugly, smelly, controlling, mean, selfish, arrogant, egocentric, animal, Pathetic, trash, moron, jerk, women-hating, worthless, lame, egotistical, gay, masculists!, hogs, emotionless prick, LOSERS, selfish, self centered, shallow, mostly ugly, dumb, no self control, hypocrite, prissy hungry, dumb…..pu$$y hungry…violent, not to be trusted, stupid@$$ retards, horny sports watchin beer drinkin cock blockin rednecks, retarded, insane, twisted, bitter psychopath, narrow minded.

    Which is all just as well since the only thing a female can offer a man is a 75% chance she will ruin his life. What loser would entertain those odds? Especially noting that everything about females is fake. Hair, eyebrows, eyes, skin, lips, boobs, height, weight, age, personality, orgasms, love etc. Even worse, most females are duds in the sack as well.

    Then females constantly offer up their complete contempt for men. Australia says NO to violence against women but violence against men is quite OK so we don’t need to stop that. This is because females categorically refuse to treat men with the same respect they demand for themselves. That’s what females call equality. Like expecting a man to PAY for them is equality. Sounds more like Lies and Hypocrisy and I can’t stand Liars and Hypocrites.

    Then females can’t figure out why men don’t want them.

    Above all, tho, is the fact that if a female is single it’s all MEN’S fault. Men won’t shave. Men are not funny enough. Blah blah blah.

    Stick with it, girls. You are doing us all a favour.


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