A recent national survey, conducted by Australia’s modern-day sugar daddy dating site, has revealed that Australian women value humour and great job ahead of sex, honesty and physical appearance when sourcing their ideal man. The study conducted on SurveyMonkey with an impartial audience surveyed 3,367 single Australian women, (49.2% respondents aged 18 to 29) set out to discover the top five qualifying traits women look for in a male partner.


Australian women love to laugh, with 63% of women voting sense of humour as the number one criteria when selecting their men and having a great job (60.5%) as runners up. There’s no surprises here that being great in bed (46.7% of women) made it to third base (err place); a trifecta which was shortly followed by 43.4% of women who selected having his own place as the fourth qualifying criteria and honesty scraping into spot number five (38.7%). The good news for men is Australian women don’t seem to be skin deep, with only one in three women selecting physical appearance as a top five trait.


“Having a great sense of humor has always been a top trait women look for in a man but since the global economic downturn having a good job has become increasingly important. That is one of the main reasons has been so successful”. Alexander DeCoste, VP for Marketing at


It seems senior suitors are in season. Celebrity couples Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (25 years difference in age), Jay-Z and Beyoncé (12 years difference in age) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (11 years difference in age); are reflective of Australian findings, with 54.8% of women stating they would be willing to date a man 10 to 20 years older.


Older man, better job…. You get the drift!


The world of virtual online dating has gained converts over the years and contributes to 81.2% of Australian women having tried online dating or would be willing to explore the service. Findings indicate traditional methods of matchmaking (at bars or blind dating) have been taken over by the love at first byte phenomenon.



  1. iammarcello

    “Being funny gets you laid”, I can’t believe this is news. Surely everyone knows this, how else do you explain Chris O’Dowd?

  2. Michael Cristo

    This is pretty obvious stuff, I agree but it’s always worth reminding people. For a guy, I think it helps to watch great stand up comedians on youtube, and other places, to get ideas. Obviously you don’t want to recite a whole routine to a woman, that would be weird, but learning how to crack the occasional joke is a really useful way to break the ice.

    I’ve got more dating advice over at my site check it, peeps.

  3. Pat Riarchy

    Men have always known females go for the money. All this is saying is that females prefer a man with money to be humorous.

    I must admit that this is the first time I have ever seen sex rate a mention on a female wish list.

  4. Trevor Russell

    Guys, I love it. iammarcello. you got it.
    If you’re wanting to be more super successful with meeting and getting the ladies, forget golf practice on Saturdays. Focus on being witty, funny and even cheeky.
    Women are bored, they seek laughter fun and adventure. Give it to them as a Man.
    Pat (comment above) forget about the money.
    Get that garbage out of your head. Focus on being fun, be prepared, have funny opening stories and jokes up your sleeve and get ready for women action.
    Make then laugh and you’re sorted for life and love.
    Study, practice, learn and keep going til you get. Even if you’re shy, it doesn’t matter. Some of the funniest guys I’ve ever met are funny as!
    Money? Ha! I see so many men who have money and use their money to get women.
    And their not getting the type of sex (or any sometimes) as the funny guys get.
    And you see how she is so bored and trapped in what she thought would be her fantasy which has turned out to be her living hell!

    I have a girlfriend who is 20 years younger than me, she’s fun, sexy, smart and yes she loves money. However what she loves more is to feel the excitement of laughter, good times, feeling alive, great sex, dancing and great activities.
    Focus on giving women more of this stuff.

    And in saying all of this. I can’t even remember the last time I met a women who was interested in how much money a guys makes.
    The vast majority of women I meet are already sorted financially (some much more than men) What their looking for an a great man, who is strong in himself as a man is meant to be. Will give her all the feelings and adventure she is looking for. Read 50 Shades of Grey guys.
    She is a mild mannered women during the day and a naughty minx of the night. Haha
    Go out there men and enjoy women, don’t fear them and their funny little games.
    You’re the man, be one!

    1. Pat Riarchy

      I’ve never been particularly worried about money, ever. It’s great when I got it and it’s not when I haven’t. Females, on the other hand, are extremely concerned about the money. In fact, according to females, 57% of them EXPECT a man to PAY for her after he has approached her and charmed her and bought her drinks and made her laugh and asked her for a date and plan the date and pick her up and pay for the date and drop her home for a kiss on the cheek. Like a single mother feminist on com was whinging about what bastards men are because no man has asked her out in years. She is not asking a man to buy her a ring. Just a meal or a drink. So I suppose that the value of her vagina has plummeted. Even Naomi Wolfe recognised that the vagina had “exchange value”. Now it doesn’t. Why? Because that’s what females DEMAND. They have been calling us all the vile, filthy and disgusting names under the Sun for 50 years for not treating them equally. I think most men have got the message. There are no differences other than cultural between men and females. OK then.

      We also know that, according to females;
      1. Whatever a man can do a female can do better
      2. Females are the masters of relationships.
      3. Females know exactly what should be said and done when meeting someone new which is why they openly criticise men’s ice breakers.
      4. Females are innately capable of running countries and corporations
      5. Females are super communicative compared to men.
      6. Females are naturally nurturing.
      7. Females have a natural urge to merge.
      8. A man approaching a female and chatting to her can induce HORROR in his victim
      9. Females demand ALL the privileges of men.
      10. The single men available to females are not good enough for females.

      We also know that we need not settle for second best. Females definitely would not. We know that. We also know from females that they are completely fake. Hair, eyebrows, eyes, skin, lips, boobs, height, weight, age, personality, orgasms, love etc. By their own admissions. Like Katie Holmes. She suckered one of the richest most sought after men in the world, had a kid with him then kidnapped his kid to a place she set up interstate and then use the kid to get more money. That’s why Suri could have no contact with her father until AFTER the lawyers had met. Unfortunately, Katie’s plan came to nothing because of the pre nup. Hence, she gets the $15 million she signed up for and she better have Suri ready for her father to pick her up at this time. Suri gets $400K a year to cover 24/7 security. Mr Cruise paid out more that $250 MILLION to have custody of his adopted children. They weren’t even his real kids. She seemed to assume she had the edge over him because she had the kid. That’s why she filed in NY. Well known for its’ favouritism of mothers over children. But it all came to nothing. And females all around the world were cheering her on. Psychologist Jo Lamble
      said on TV “That’s the way”. So this is what men are faced with.

      The money is so important to females that the law is now that if I have a gf, and we go out, and even if I pay for everything, and we have sex then, if I make the mistake of helping her out financially in any way, she can take me to the Family Court to make me pay for the sex because she didn’t ever clean my house or bear my children.

      In fact, the only thing a female has to offer a man is a 75% chance she will ruin his life. What loser is going to take on those odds. So when a man adds on the up front costs as well, plus the possibility of false rape charges or false AVO’s and playing taxi driver, well what’s the point. Which brings me back to the above listed claims by females. I can be certain that if a female fancied me then she would approach me and charm me and buy me drinks and make me laugh and ask me for a date and plan the date and pick me up and pay for the date and drop me home for a kiss on the cheek.

      Then again, that list of claims females make might be a load of lies and hypocrisy. Personally, I can’t stand Liars and Hypocrites. Females claim they are the equal to men so I am quite happy to take them up on it and wait for a female to ask me out. Consequently, noting how cheap females are, I have not been with a Western female since April, 2004. Ergo, I must not be good enough for Western females. But when I go to Brasil, the difference is like chalk and cheese. The women are WOMEN and treat men like Kings. That’s why I want to relocate.

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