FEATURE: Single men of Australia: lose the facial hair to win the girl


76% of Australians want to see the return of the clean shaven man


Despite it being fashionable at the moment, facial hair on men is a distinct turn-off for women according to the Gillette Kissing Survey, conducted by Australia’s largest online dating site, RSVP.com.au. I have to say that I much prefer facial hair, but each to their own I guess!


A massive 80% of women surveyed indicated that they would prefer to see the return of the clean shaven face while 77% of women have opted not to kiss a man due to having a beard or stubble. Interestingly, 71% of men also agree, despite the fact that this would involve considerably more effort on their part.


And it’s not just for purely cosmetic reasons that most believe that a shaven face is the best option – the survey also revealed a number of more practical benefits for those who make the effort to shave each morning.


Firstly, 84% thought that a clean shave was better than facial hair for kissing (85% women and 83% men). This is hardly a surprising result given 79% of women confessed to having suffered from the dreaded pash-rash as a result of their hairy faced kissing companion.

Secondly, it is widely regarded as the safest bet when it comes to impressing others, with 92% agreeing that you should shave before a first date (93% women and 91% men) and 84% believing that a clean shave is essential when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time (85% women and 83% men).


Other key findings include;

  • 48% of women claim to have rejected a man’s advances on the basis of his red, irritated skin
  • 79% of people believe that there is a stigma attached to men who don’t shave regularly as they are seen to take less pride in their appearance

Summarising the results, relationship expert, Dr Nikki Goldstein says, “If a man is really confident with his sexuality then he should not try to prove it through facial hair (which some see as a sign of masculinity or toughness) but with intelligence, wit and by making a woman feel special through making the effort to impress.

“Just as women go to great lengths to get ready for that big first date and make a lasting impression, so should men. Show your date that she is important enough for you to take pride in your appearance and shave. This is particularly important if you’re looking for that first kiss, an occasion that should be an intimate and sensual act, but can turn ugly if the girl is left with a painful and embarrassing reminder the next day.”

To help Australian men get the clean, neat look that both men and women want, the Gillette MACH3 Turbo Sensitive provides an exceptionally close shave with less skin irritation even on the most sensitive areas of their face.

The Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive will be available in Australia at leading outlets for RRP $11.99. For stockist enquiries please call: 1800 148 022.


4 thoughts on “FEATURE: Single men of Australia: lose the facial hair to win the girl

  1. Pat Riarchy

    Well bad luck really. If you don’t like facial hair find a bloke without any. Simple as that. To tell men they should be clean shaven for your convenience is rather typical of females and their arrogance. Then females can’t figure out why we don’t want them.

    1. Join the free ones so you can both spend your money on yourselves and each other instead

      What’s more, they don’t even know for sure it’s something they can’t change.
      Personalities are generally harder to change than certain preferences (depending on the person though), like facial hair, exact clothing choice and a whole bunch of other things.
      Rather than people being so judgemental in the first place, why not consider whether they’re otherwise appropriate and then be willing to contact them to find out how important such details are to them?
      I wonder how many women have not considered men on the grounds that one single detail on the profile didn’t already match their preferences when it might have even been something the man would be willing to change?
      Too many assumptions, not enough discussion, but when you join a site that requires payment just for otherwise free emails or chat, I suppose you can expect people to be more irrationally judgemental from the start.

    1. Pat Riarchy

      What a goose. You WANT to do yourself out of business.

      “better if you remove them if will make you more popular among girls.”

      Prey tell, why would I wish to be more popular amongst girls? What is that going to do for me?


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