GUEST POST** Speed Dating Guide: How To Give a Great First Impression To Impress Men


If you are thinking about trying speed dating as a way to meet new men, you might be a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. However, speed dating can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to enjoy yourself and to potentially meet a great guy.

It is important to remember that with speed dating, you only get to spend a few minutes with each guy, so you want to make those few minutes count by giving off a great first impression. By following these tips, you will have the men drooling over you and wishing to spend a lot more time with you.

Dress To Impress
Since you only have a few minutes to make a good impression, you want to make sure that you look your best. Make sure that your nails are nicely groomed, your eyebrows are trimmed and plucked or waxed and that your hair is neat, clean and well-styled.

You do not want to look like you are trying too hard, however. Try wearing your hair in a pretty style that isn’t too fancy, and look for an outfit that is casual without seeming too casual. A cute skirt or skinny jeans with a pretty top and nice flats is always a good choice; you don’t want to wear a baggy T-shirt and jeans, but you don’t want to wear your nicest designer dress and four-inch stilettos either. Pick something that is cute, comfortable and flattering for your body type and that will attract the good-looking men. Also, make sure not to show too much skin — a peek here and there is ok, but make sure to leave something to the imagination.

Be Confident
If you are nervous or too shy, every man in the room will notice. If you have to, fake it until you make it, but make sure that you maintain a confident and cheerful attitude. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself should help you to feel confident. Remembering that everyone else in the room is feel exactly the same way so try to be positive and relax as staying uptight and nervous will just make things more difficult. Do not look around at the competition, just be yourself and be confident within yourself and you will shine. You need to remember you are not looking to connect with every man in the room just one would be successful if it leads to a long-term romance, which is what every person there is looking for.

Remember — It’s Not An Interview
One mistake that many women make while speed dating is asking too many questions or taking things too seriously when the whole point of speed dating is to meet others in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, so leave the serious questions at home. Instead, opt to be humorous and cheerful, and try to make the people that you talk to feel comfortable as well. Have a certain amount of topics prepared for when you feel the conversation is a little slow, general news, films music and local activities would probably be enough to help start a good conversation and if you have prepared a few one is bound to light a spark. There will be time to ask the serious questions later if you meet someone that you would like to see again.

Listen Carefully and Respond
Since you will only be chatting with each guy for a few minutes, you want to pay attention to every word that is said. Try to make a connection with the guys that you are interested in, and pick up on passions and interests that you are interested in as well. When you share a passion or an interest this will make the conversation flow much easier so listening and responding can be a very important part of speed dating.

By following these tips, you are sure to make a great first impression on the men that you meet, and you might even find the man of your dreams. Lynn works as a dating adviser for Lovestruck Hong Kong. Lynn has learned a lot over 5 years and as learn a lot about her own relationships on the way.


One thought on “GUEST POST** Speed Dating Guide: How To Give a Great First Impression To Impress Men

  1. Pat Riarchy

    What’s the point? We know there are no good men left. Men that are single are not good enough for females. There are insufficient numbers of men. A vibrator is better than any man. You are most likely to meet douchebags, frogs, rats, pigs, dogs, snakes, paedophiles, thugs, commitment-phobes etc. And worst of all, these men today are not willing to PAY for a female’s company. The men will only want to have sex with you and not pay for it. Besides all that, we know that A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. It must be true because females would never lie about men.


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