FHM’s take on the new ‘rules of dating women – Give me strength…

I was reading through the June issue of FHM when I came across an article that was titled: “Everything you thought you knew about women is wrong”.

They’d got my attention; I decided to read on to see what the writers were telling their loyal followers and to decide for myself if they were setting them up for a fall!

It’s interesting as I begin to read they announce that “Just as you think you’ve got your game right, girls change the rules”. Hmmm I don’t concur and most certainly do not agree that this is the case. All girls ask for is guys to listen, use their initiative without the needs for hints, to treat them nicely, to be sexually attractive to them and to not let them get away with being a princess (no one likes a wet boyfriend!!). If a guy sticks to these key points, I can’t imagine they’ll go far wrong. (Seriously they should take boys to one side at school and tell them that girls like nice surprises and for them to pay attention, surprising how many guys just don’t get this!!).

SO here we go, here are some of the ‘rules’ that have apparently changed that made me spit out my water all over my keyboard in complete and utter dismay! (I’m not surprised that there is a plethora of dating blogs popping up in Australia – if this is what we’re dealing with is it any wonder?, we need somewhere to vent our frustrations!):

‘Old’ Rule – If you see a girl you fancy, make contact with her across the bar – Apparently this has now been changed to

‘New’ Rule – ‘Just go up and say hello’

Forgive me – This does not surprise me in the slightest, boys thought that by glancing at a girl across the bar and eye-f**ing the sh1t out of her would make her come running across the bar like a little puppy! No! We’ve always wanted guys to approach us; it’s chivalrous and shows they’re keen! Nothing has changed here, guys are just getting more clued up!

‘Old’ Rule – Wait two days before calling after a date

‘New’ Rule – Contact her the next day

Again, I don’t know about you, but if I went on a date with a guy I liked and there was chemistry with, I would be pretty damn gutted to not hear from him for two days. Whatever happened to  – if you like her – let her know?? Guys a little bit of an insight for you: the girls that want you to play games are looking for a bad boy, they want someone to reign in, they want to be the exception that ‘changed you’. Vice Versa there are no girls out there that I know that would be happy with a call/ text two days later. Maybe this is where we’re going wrong huh?

‘Old’ Rule – Don’t act too keen

‘New’ Rule – Always act keen

Give me strength! If you like her let her know, if you don’t like her or see a future tell her – she’s not made of glass. There’s no hard fast rule that’s going to make a women fall into your arms! Listen to what your heart (and your head) is telling you!

Old’ Rule – Women love men who can dance

‘New’ Rule – There’s nothing creepier than a man who can dance

Oh pi$$ off!! Who writes this crap? Nothing more to say on that matter!

Alice 25, Fashion Journalist said: ït’s worse if a guy is really good at dancing. I can’t imagine anything more cringey than a guy who can salsa” – I‘d love to meet this women and ask why! “A guy with rhythm – oh dear god no get away!” Doh!

All in the entire article was laughable and prompted me to put pen to paper (hand to keyboard) and write my first post in a while! I feel there is going to be more where this came from! What the hell has happened to the men of this world!

Here’s a taste of how men are currently treating women out there – there are no words!


What are you thoughts???


One thought on “FHM’s take on the new ‘rules of dating women – Give me strength…

  1. Pat Riarchy

    How about reversing the genders and try that. You may have more luck with men.

    But you are going to have to make a huge effort to get past the fact that females treat men with complete contempt and utterly refuse to treat men with the same respect you demand for yourselves. By definition, you are all liars and hypocrites. You scream for equality, we have it enshrined in Federal Law and each State as well because that’s what females demand yet you refuse to treat men equally. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the feminist definition of someone who refuses to treat genders equally is “A Female Chauvinist Pig”. Not a particularly attractive quality in a man’s eyes.

    Come to think of it though, what happened to “A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle”. Are you now trying to say that’s all lies so best not to trust anything a female says? Like Katie Holmes’ signature on a prenup is worthless. You have no personal honour.

    I think that was the biggest mistake you females ever made in hominid history. Demanding to be treated equally. I’m all for it. But your problem is, as with everything, you are not up to the challenge. This will literally mean your ultimate doom. In the past, men were expected to sacrifice our very lives for that of a female. Even if I didn’t know her. Now I know I am the equal of any female and I have just as much right to be on that life
    boat. Just as I know there would be an equal number of females standing shoulder to shoulder with men on the decks as they slip beneath the icy waves. Ha ha. This is a defining moment in human history. It is illegal for me to give up my seat to someone based solely on the fact she is female. Etc., So, I, for one, salute you.


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