Wills and Kate – Is it ever right to get back with an ex?

There’s an article at the moment on Australian Women’s Weekly that provides an insight as to the tactics that allowed Kate to win back Wills (I don’t think I need to provide clarification as to who they are!). Now I’ve always come from the train of thought that if you split up with somebody you should leave it there and move on, otherwise you run the risk of never letting go f the reasons why you split up in the first place and becoming a resentful, insecure GF. I say this only from my own experience!

I got back with my ex time and time again and every time I’d snipe at him about who/ what he’s don’t whilst we’d be ‘on a break’ and I know each time I got back with him, that despite his pleading and assurance that he’d ‘change’, that we’d be right back in the same situation in 6 – 9 months time. It becomes quite tiring after a while.

I am aware that Will and Kate are still together and most probably will stay together, however I feel that they are more a case of ‘the exception’ rather the ‘the rule’.

I knew I’d get him in the end

Here’s what the article by Penny Junor had to say:

Prince William and Kate Middleton appear to have the ultimate fairy tale romance but just five years ago, William dumped his loyal girlfriend so he could spend more time clubbing with his friends.

Now, British author Penny Junor has revealed why William ended his relationship with Kate — and what sent him running back — in her controversial new book Prince William: Born to be King.

Junor says the 2007 break-up was entirely William’s decision, brought on by his fears that monogamy was impossible.

“The problem was William: he had very real worries about whether it was possible to love just one woman,” Junor writes.

“After his hurricane childhood, he was understandably cautious about committing to a relationship.

“In his early years, he’d also lost many people he was close to. Subconsciously, he may have been wary of allowing himself to become too attached to Kate, in case she too abandoned him.”

At the time of the split, William was serving with the military in Dorset, while Kate was living in London.

The couple spent less and less time together. To Kate’s dismay, William started coming to London on his days off to go clubbing with friends and returning to Dorset without even dropping in to see her.

“It’s likely he was feeling a bit claustrophobic: after all, they’d been together since the age of 20 and Kate had always wanted rather more commitment than he was prepared to give.

“Nor were all his friends that keen on her: some thought she was a bit too sensible and serious, and that she disapproved of their wilder antics.

“Meanwhile, William was all too aware that he hadn’t had any other serious relationship before meeting Kate.”

So William ended their romance and Kate — though reportedly devastated — decided the only thing to do was party.

She went out with friends nearly every night, with the paparazzi capturing her every move. Even William couldn’t ignore the newspaper stories about his beautiful ex and within months, he was back in her arms.

“What brought him running back, according to someone who knows him well, was jealousy,” Junor writes.

“Although his girlfriend had been miserable, she hadn’t sat moping at home but had hit the town night after night, wearing a brave face and a sexy dress.

“William is quite old-fashioned in his outlook, and he realised he couldn’t bear the thought of her with another man. But it was another three-and-a-half years before he proposed.

Hmmm jealousy, me thinks that this isn’t the stable foundations on which to build a solid relationship! Quote: “I didn’t want to be with her, but when I saw her getting loads of attention I didn’t like it so I wanted her back!” Not the sentiment in which I’d like to get back with someone!

What are your thoughts? Should you ever get back with an ex? If so, in what circumstances is it ok?


2 thoughts on “Wills and Kate – Is it ever right to get back with an ex?

  1. Pat Riarchy

    Why don’t females just leave men alone instead of constantly whinging? I can’t recall any positive comments regarding men on this site at all. So why do you bother fking up our lives along with your own. Just leave us alone if you are not willing to accept us as we are. Fk off and be with your girlie friends who understand you much better than any man, will always be there for you unlike any man etc etc.

    Why is it you can’t figure out why men don’t want you when you are constantly whinging about us? Just idiots and I certainly don’t want to have anything to do with an idiot.

    1. Dating101 Sydney

      Wow angry Pat today!!! There are a lot of positive comments and posts about men on here, such as can’t see for looking… I don’t agree that women fuck up men’s lives as you so eloquently put!!!! There are bad and good experiences with both sexes, this blog is merely an observation if my personal experiences… I’d be interested to hear yours and try to figure out why you have such a very large chip on your shoulder… Thanks for the comment!!!


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