See you later Nine to Five

The time has come for me to hang up my hat and my pen/ keyboard and say “see you later” to my role as resident dating blogger for Nine to Five.

Over the past year I’ve been on quite a journey, what began as a way to document my dating disasters and trials and tribulations, it quickly became an open online diary that channelled the emotional pain of getting over a first love and the reflection I encountered when meeting someone I was comfortable enough to let my guard down with – In that, let them love me for me.

As I’m sure many of my loyal readers on Nine to Five over the past year will have experienced for themselves at some point. I can’t help but think that knowing that you’re not alone on your quest to find the ‘one’ or simply get over a partner helps in some way. I want to thank you all for your kind comments and feedback it really does mean a lot to me when I’ve been baring my soul and experiences for all to see.

Despite not continuing being a regular blogger here on the wonderful Nine to Five, I will still be contributing occasionally with regards to all things love, relationships and men. I will of course still be writing here and am constantly looking for guest bloggers, give me a shout if you feel you’d like to vent, blog or advise. I now blog about the benefit of hindsight and my words of wisdom (ahem!) following reflections and the decisions I made during the ‘single years’.

Whether it’s breaking the patterns of the people you date, resisting the temptation to go back to an ex or longing for the objects of desire that are out of reach, I truly feel that the process of documenting it all here has helped me move on. Of course I faced hurdles when meeting someone who I was willing to let my guard down with. I was scared I was going to put myself in a position to get hurt again, scared that I wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship after being single for so many years.

It is however with the benefit of a little thing called hindsight that I can now see that we’re all on our own journey to meet partners and move on from previous loves, we all make our own mistakes and carve out our own paths. Ultimately, you can impart wisdom, document your mishaps and continue to go for the ‘wrong’ type – All I can truly say that it will work out one way or another.

I believe you can only truly let someone in to love you, for you the moment that you are 100% happy with yourself. I can’t help but think that once you’ve let go of the things that haunt you from your past, you can see your path in life in addition to being healthy and happy and surrounded by positive people.

If you’re going out and partying all the time, spending more time drunk/ hangover than anything and constantly meeting the wrong ‘types’ of people, thus not appreciating this amazing city for all it has to offer, I would maybe take a step back and reflect on what is driving you?

It was only when I took a step back could I truly and wholeheartedly move forward with my life. I am by no means preaching or thinking for one second that I know it all, far from it! I’m still making mistakes all the time (adjusting to being part of a couple is hard work!), I constantly have to ask myself how I would feel if the situation were reversed and learn about a little thing called compromise! Ha!

It is due to the wealth of support I have received following my blog contributions to Nine to Five that inspired me to set up another blog called: Sydney Social 101 ( This blog provides an insight into all things Sydney – Bars, restaurants, events, festivals, gigs, exhibitions, boutiques, screenings etc. I also provide a sneak peek into the Sydney Social scene with my Social Spy 101 posts.

So this isn’t good bye, it truly is a “see you later” don’t be a stranger! If you want to speak to me about anything at all or want to be a regular contributor, you can contact me at

Thanks again for the support guys,


Lisa x


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