GUEST POST*** Mardi Gras – I heart!


In the past week alone I have been called “a gay man trapped in a woman’s body” four times. In fact, my gay friends often say this to me, and my straight friends all agree. So it’s no wonder that I am extremely excited about the prospect of being part of Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras for the first time. I will even go so far as to admit that I am *secretly* glad that PGW was cancelled due to flooding (I booked my ticket before I knew of the major diary clash – I blame being new to Sydney).


What started in 1979 as a celebration following a gay rights protest has since become one of the must-see annual events this fabulous city has to offer. Over 70,000 people are expected to line Oxford Street and hit Hyde Park as flamboyant floats make their way through the crowds in celebration of all things gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. And I am in no doubt that there will be fag hags a-plenty – me included.


One of the most exciting things about this year’s event is that the Aussie diva herself, Miss Kylie Minogue, will be part of the celebrations. 2012 is the year of K25 and what better way for her to mark the occasion than being part of Mardi Gras? Kylie will be performing at the afterparty and there is a very special Kylie-themed float expected to head the parade which I can’t wait to see in true fag hag style.


The term fag hag has long been unjustifiably tainted with the notion that we are nothing more than girls who can’t get a boyfriend so hang off the arm of her gbf until she eventually dies alone. True, that might be the case for some, but we are also funny, sharp, quick-witted and caring. We have excellent taste and never settle for second best. We are in fact gay men trapped inside women’s bodies.


The Urban Dictionary says that you are a true fag hag if:

  -You are a straight girl who has a best friend who is gay and spends a lot of   time together

-You   would rather go to a gay club than a straight club

-Your fag gave you your own drag name

-You know all the gay guys at the local gay   bar

-Your fag takes you shopping for MAC makeup   and then puts it on you

-Your hair and makeup are always flawless

-You dress up in his drag gear on Saturday   night or dress in drag together

-You even dance with all the fags on stage   when Britney Spears comes on

-You learned to vouge from watching your fag

-You fall in love with your fag (which is a   bad thing)

-You try to convert your fag (this will only   ruin your relationship with him)


And   lastly… you find yourself not being able to live without him because you have   so much fun with him.


Ok, not all of the above is necessarily the case, but it’s a pretty good definition. Fag hags love Mardi Gras as much (sometimes more) than the gays because they truly feel a part of the celebration too. They feel that they are part of this community, they just with a secret other life where they play a straight person going out with a guy (who will never be better than their gbf, obvs).

The brilliant thing about Mardi Gras is that although it is a celebration of gay rights, anyone can join in and feel comfortable with who they are – gay or straight. The gays welcome everyone and if we were all a bit more accpeting, life could be like Mardi Gras every day!



One thought on “GUEST POST*** Mardi Gras – I heart!

  1. Pat Riarchy

    “if we were all a bit more accpeting, life could be like Mardi Gras every day!”

    That’s just silly. That’s like saying that if females were more accepting of men the world would be a better place when we already know that if only men were more like females the world would be a better place. So, in reality, you mean that since gays are more like females they should be better accepted. That would be a much more true sentence.

    We also know from research that females will fk anything. They get aroused looking at a photo of apes doing it. They get aroused by other females as much as men. So it does surprise me that there aren’t more females in the gay Mardi Gras.

    Monday, August 06, 2012
    Eyes are said to be a window into a person’s soul. But can they also be a window into a person’s sexual orientation?
    New research suggests that pupil dilation is a reliable indicator of what turns a person on.
    When people see something they’re attracted to, their pupils dilate as part of an unconscious arousal reaction, according to a study recently published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE.
    “So if a man says he’s straight, his eyes are dilating towards women. And the opposite with gay men, their eyes are dilating to men,” researcher Ritch Savin-Williams, a developmental psychologist at Cornell University, told LiveScience.
    This is the first large-scale experiment to demonstrate that pupil measurements are correlated to sexual orientation, according to the researcher.
    Savin-Williams and Gerulf Rieger, also of Cornell University, used a gaze-tracking camera to examine the pupils of 165 men and 160 women, who varied in sexual orientation.
    The volunteers watched minute-long videos of a man masturbating, a woman masturbating and neutral landscape scenes as the camera measured the changes in their pupil size, according to LiveScience.
    The volunteers were also asked to report their own responses to each video.
    Male reactions were fairly simple. Straight men’s pupils dilated in response to erotic images of women while gay men’s pupils dilated in response to erotic images of men.
    Female responses, however, were a bit more complicated. Gay women’s pupils dilated in response to images of other women. But straight women’s pupils dilated equally for sexual images of both sexes.
    Researchers have yet to discover an explanation for the difference.
    Earlier studies have used genital measurements to research sexual orientation, but Savin-Williams says there are some limitations to that method.
    The researcher said that results were often skewed because some people can control their genital arousal or cannot feel aroused in a laboratory.
    “Some people just don’t want to be involved in research that involves their genitals,” Savin-Williams told LiveScience.
    Rieger said that peoples’ hesitation to genital research is what prompted him and Savin-Williams to turn to pupil measurements.
    “We wanted to find an alternative measure that would be an automatic indication of sexual orientation, but without being as invasive as previous measures. Pupillary responses are exactly that,” Rieger said.


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