Leap Year Proposal, would you?

February 29th, the date that only comes around every four years, it’s also the only date that appears on the calendar the year that the Olympics takes place… ahem!

I always used to wonder (when I was younger and didn’t have a brain obviously) that if your birthday falls on the 29th Feb, you’d only grow older every four years. I know, I know.

There are other theories associated with the day that is 29th February; one of them being that it is acceptable for the Women to ask the man to marry them… duh, duh, duuuhhhhhh

Now I do have reservations with regards to this theory, and before you all jump on the bandwagon, no I’m neither a feminist nor a sexist, this is just my humble opinion.

After recently finding myself in a relationship I have come to the realisation that if a guy likes you he will pursue you, you will be left in no doubt as to his feelings towards you.

This makes me think that with regards to asking for your partners hand in marriage – If a guy really wants to spend the rest of this life with you, he will leave you in no doubt that this is his intention.

However maybe I am a little hypocritical as I have been known to (on several occasions) to go up to guys and ask them if they want a drink, my beau actually met me by me telling him that I thought it was important that he take me out! Charming!

A recent article of Realitychicks.com.au says:  Around 9 percent of proposals are from women to men, and studies show around 80 percent of men WOULD accept if their gal popped the question.

I can only think of a number of situations where it has worked (and I hate to add they’re all in the world of TV) Chandler and Monica in friends – However he was going to ask her first anyway so doesn’t count IMO. Then also in the film ‘Like Crazy’ Jacob (Anton Yelchin) is proposed to by his young lover Anna (Felicity Jones), however in this instance, it was her ticket to get back into the States. Yes of course they loved each other, but I’ve no doubt should the natural course of the relationship run out, he would’ve asked her.

I’m interested to know what do you think about women popping the question, even on a Leap Year? Would you?

Here is the clip from Friends (this clip actually makes me cringe but I thought I’d share non-the-less)


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