The Politics of Valentine’s Day

Whose role is it to make February 14 special? Who expects more and who has the most pressure on them to perform? RedBalloon delves into the romantic reflections of 2500 customers in the lead up to the most romantic day on the calendar.


According to the folks at Red Balloon, Aussies are romantic bunch, (ahem, I’m guessing that the main sample wasn’t from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney!) with 79 per cent of the 2500 respondents in a January RedBalloon survey revealing they celebrate Valentine’s Day every year with their partner.


However, when it comes to who should be in charge of creating the magic on February 14, that’s where the battle of the sexes kicks into overdrive.


According to the boys, 83 per cent of them think they are the one’s doing the hard yards in preparation for Valentine’s Day, but only 17 per cent of women agree! In fact, 65 per cent of female respondents think they are left to organise everything.


Sounds like a recipe for romantic disaster.


But it seems we have the official answer. Of all the RedBalloon vouchers ordered in February 2011 that included the word ‘valentine’ in the message to the recipient, 75 per cent were made by female purchasers and only 25 per cent by their male counterparts.


But that doesn’t stop 83 per cent of respondents believing it’s the man’s role to dial up the desire on February 14, especially since 90 per cent of respondents believe men have more pressure on them to perform on the day when it comes to ‘activities, gifts and creating romance’.


So, to help out those underperforming men, we have compiled our list of the top five most popular RedBalloon couples experiences in Sydney, and they won’t break the bank – images attached.

1.       Champagne Breakfast For 2, $80

2.       Three Course Seafood Indulgence Dinner For 2, $149

3.       Tall Ship Sydney Harbour Twilight Cruise And Dinner, $89

4.       Tall Ship Sydney Harbour Cruise And BBQ Lunch, $89

5.       Flying Trapeze Circus Skills, $55


Champagne Breakfast

Tall Ships

* Survey completed online by 2577 respondents from January 12 – January 20



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