Happy Valentine’s Day Sydney!

I’m sure by now you all get that I find the ‘help’ and ‘advice’ features via online outlets quite humorous, there have been a few posts of late that have included my ‘take’ on them. Well my dear blogger friends, Valentine’s Day is absolutely no exception!

This little outtake is from the guys at Ninemsn Health and Wellbeing, it contains a list of Valentine’s Day ‘Dos and Don’ts’ – Let’s see how they fare hey?!

Don’t assume your partner shares your feelings about Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that some people love Valentine’s Day while others view it simply as a day designed to con us out of our hard-earned cash. If this is your first Valentine’s Day with your partner, it is important to find out which side they fall on. Different things are important to different people and, while your partner not being overly excited about this occasion is no indication of their feelings towards you, it may be helpful to discuss your hopes and plans for Valentine’s Day in advance so as to avoid disappointment and, if necessary, reach a happy compromise.

–          I can’t help but think that the people that don’t like Valentine’s are the ones who are either alone, or their partner doesn’t so they’ll convince themselves that they don’t either. Hey I’m not judging here, I was a bitter cynic this time last year, see here. I do tend to agree however, that there is absolutely no harm in celebrating love – whether it’s the love for your partner, your parents, your best friend or your pet dog. It’s the day of love – what is wrong with that?!

Don’t forget the date!

No matter whether Valentine’s Day scores high on your list of favourite dates or not, if it is important to the person you care about then you should do your best not to forget it.

Not only will forgetting about Valentine’s Day potentially upset and hurt your partner, but you may find that they bring it up every February 14 for years to come!

To stay in your partner’s good books, set yourself a reminder of the day and make sure to keep the evening free.

–          If one of you forgets, it’s not the end of the world – there are bigger things to be concerned about – I’m going to be doing a post soon about ‘The Rules’ and how they’re completely out of date, one of them implies that you should ‘stop dating a guy if he doesn’t buy you romantic gifts… hmmm if you’re thinking about ending it with a potential partner because of this, I think there’s a lot more wrong with the relationship to begin with that you’re not letting on!

Don’t get too swept up in the romance

On arguably the most romantic day of the year it is easy to get swept up in the romance and say or do things you normally wouldn’t.

Shopping for a pair of earrings can easily turn into a spontaneous engagement ring purchase, or a romantic dinner could lead to an impromptu declaration of love. However, it’s important to make sure you are really sure before you change the dynamics of your relationship and that you haven’t just got carried away with the romance.

–          I don’t know that guys this article is aimed at, but I’m pretty sure that a guy isn’t going to accidently buy is GF an engagement ring, for goodness sake, give people a little bit of credit!

Don’t get in contact with your ex

Romance is in the air, everybody is seemingly coupled up, so, for all you single guys and girls, it is perfectly understandable that your mind may drift to love. However, although the temptation may be strong to get in touch with your ex (or that guy you’ve been unrequitedly lusting after), don’t do it! No matter how lonely you are this Valentine’s Day, we can guarantee that setting yourself up for rejection and heartache will not make your experience more enjoyable.
Instead, spend your valuable time and conversation on someone who will appreciate it, such as a family member or friend.

–          I absolutely agree that you should spend your time with someone that you love and that loves you. This is not the time to attempt to recycle old romances, if they aren’t getting in contact when it’s not Valentine’s Day, there’s a reason! If they do choose to see you after a text from you, I can guarantee that they’ll be thinking ‘one-night’ territory – which my love, if you’re wanting more than that – you’re worth more than that. However if that’s what you’re looking for and you’re not messing with their emotions, go on ahead!

Don’t overanalyse his gift

Unlike men, women have a tendency to analyse every word, gift and gesture from their partner to decipher hidden meanings. However, it is important that, although it may be disappointing, you don’t take a rubbish gift on Valentine’s Day to heart.

Just because he gives you a cheap and generic present it doesn’t mean he is making a statement about your relationship; in fact it may say more about his bank balance or feelings towards Valentine’s Day than it does about you.

–          See previous point above – he might interpret ‘romantic’ gifts differently to the way that you do. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care! (Princess)

Do make it last all day

While most of us have work and responsibilities to attend to on Valentine’s Day, it is possible to maintain the romance throughout the day with minimal money and effort. To really make the most of the day, try not to keep celebrations just for the evening.

Instead, get up a bit early and start the day with breakfast in bed, then send a quick text during the day (or slip a note in with their lunch) to let them know that you are thinking of them and looking forward to your plans later.

–          Think this is a lovely idea! It’s the little things that go a long way!

Do be creative

To really avoid the crowds on Valentine’s Day, it can help to think outside the box and plan something a little more creative. A bunch of flowers and reservations for the best restaurant in town may have always been met with appreciation before, but to really surprise your partner try planning something a little less generic like a homemade gift or a picnic (you could even have this indoors if the weather is bad). Also, avoid using a tried-and-tested formula you have used on other partners — make your other half feel unique and special with a date planned just for them.

–          I’ve always been a big fan for thinking outside the box! AND INDIVIDUAL! Nothing more of a turn off than knowing that your man has done this exact same date with a previous squeeze and that ‘knows’ it’s a winner!

Do remember it’s just one day

Many of us dream of having the perfect Valentine’s Day where we’re swept off our feet and lavished with attention from an adoring partner. However, as lovely as this may be, in reality it may be best to keep things in perspective. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world if you haven’t got plans — there will be many other days in the future to score the perfect date. If you are coupled up, it is equally important not to stress if things don’t live up to expectations; bear in mind that your relationship is more important than just one day.

–          Couldn’t have said it better myself!

(Source: www.realbuzz.com)

SO if you’re single, dating, loved up or married, enjoy today and celebrate what it’s meant to be celebrated for, a little thing called love!


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