***VALENTINE’S COMPETITION – Want to Spice up your sex life?!

To celebrate the day that is Valentine’s Day, Dating101Sydey has teamed up with We-Vibe to offer one lucky readers a prize just in time to spice up your love life and give your beau/ yourself the best gift of your life! Whether your single and want to treat yourself, or you want to spoil your partner, this is sure to be the competition for you!

Cupid is just around the corner waiting to adorn all with his bow and arrow, ahem! I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that feel the same as I did right about this time last year, evidence here!

No matter what your relationship status, I truly believe that you can enjoy Valentine’s Day and celebrate passion and romance!

For the cheeky blog readers out there, lets not be shy, we’re all adults here, Dating101Sydney has teamed up with We-Vibe www.wevibe.com, the world’s most popular vibrator for couples, to offer one VERY lucky Dating101Sydney blog reader one of the third generation editions of the cutting-edge vibrator – the We-Vibe 3. This little beauty must be a winner as it’s worth a cool $179.

Fun times!

Small and discreet, the Web Vibe 3’s design allows it to be worn during intercourse, maximising pleasure for both partners.  Canadian sex and relationship expert and author of My Messy Bedroom columns says the We Vibe 3 is, “The perfect Valentine’s day gift, to bring couples closer together and discover a whole new dimension of shared pleasure.”

With two custom-engineered motors to achieve new heights in vibration power and offer six thrilling vibration modes for stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot. Couples can enjoy the new wireless remote control to conveniently select between desired vibration modes without killing mood or momentum, while the fully waterproof design makes this the perfect toy for those who like to think outside the box (and the bedroom).

We bring you a competition that will seriously change your sex life.

We all have our fitness regimes and healthy eating plans, however what’s not to love about sex-ercise hey?! Renowned sex and relationship expert, Josey Vogels is recommending Australians incorporate sex into their weekly fitness routines, as sex has proven health benefits helping people to stay fit while also keeping their relationships alive and strong.

“During a passionate and energetic session in the bedroom, your heart rate multiplies as much as three times, and breathing is almost twice as fast. You can also burn between 200 and 300 calories…if you are doing it right. Not to mention that a good toe-curling orgasm helps tone every muscle in your body,” Ms Vogels said.

Josey recommends Aussies get out of their comfort zone in 2012 and make themselves a sex-resolution for the year ahead.

“Try something new as often as you both feel comfortable. Introduce sex-aids into your repertoire to add a little excitement. Something like the We-Vibe®3, the world’s number one couple’s vibrator, is fun for both partners and not intimidating for men. Or try different locations in your home for an ‘out of the box’ sex experience – the kitchen counter, lounge room floor or on top of the washing machine are great alternatives to the bedroom.

“Australians are definitely becoming more open minded about sex. Sex toys have become more mainstream, better quality and more palatable to women. This has helped kick open the door, making Aussies less inhibited about sex and curious to try out exciting new things,” adds Ms Vogels.

Josey offers her top three sex resolutions to try for the year ahead –


  • Follow your instincts. It’s easy to overlook bad behaviour when you’re falling for someone and desperately want things to work out, but save yourself the tearful, angry, “in hindsight, I should have seen the signs” conversations with your friends and follow your instincts.  There are plenty more fish in the sea.


  • Remember quality over quantity. Stop reading all the surveys that make you think everyone else is having way more sex than you are. Who cares if Mr. and Mrs. Bloggs are doing it seven times a week and twice on Sunday. One, they’re probably lying, and two, it’s like looking at models in a fashion magazine: you’ll never feel adequate. Are you two happy with your frequency? The quality? If you’re not, talk about it and figure something out.


  • Speak up! Express your sexual needs, desires and frustrations (in a loving and kind way, of course). Encourage your partner to do the same. Start a weekly sexual revelation ritual: You show me one thing you like or don’t like and I’ll show you mine.

 For retail information on the We-Vibe®, please visit http://www.We-Vibe.com/

To tweet about We-Vibe®, @ms_wevibe

To be in with a chance of winning, simple ‘Like’ Dating101Sydney on Facebook and follow @dating101blog on twitter and answer the question below:

In 25 words or less, tell me what your ultimate Valentine’s Day fantasy is…


One thought on “***VALENTINE’S COMPETITION – Want to Spice up your sex life?!

  1. Lisa

    I’m doing the exercise, if I get this then only one more thing has to follow, i’m two thirds of the way there WOO HOO ; )


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