So I have a little new project that I’d like to introduce you all to…

… A little project I’ve had in the pipeline for the last few months. It’s no secret that Sydney is very close to my heart.

When I arrived here three years ago with my best friend in tow we didn’t know what to except – we both kind of had Neighbours and Home and Away in our heads – that was enough for us.

If we’d have known about the true treasures that Sydney kept under wraps, I’m certain we would’ve hot footed it here many years ago!

I got to thinking and figured that it would be fab if there was a site that included all of the ‘secrets’ of Sydney for people like me who arrived three years ago like dears in the headlights.

Sure there is a rite of passage when arriving in Sydney from far away shores, to stay in a hostel and live the backpacker lifestyle for a few months, a journey that I did go on and wouldn’t change for the world. However, I did have a number of friends arrive that were transferred over here with work, they went straight in – head first into the corporate world of Sydney without so much as a cheat sheet on how to live your life outside of work! Sure everyone talks about the work/life balance that is apparently so rife in Sydney – However, find yourself here alone with no one to talk to/ lend an ear from, you can be around the corner from a great new bar, just a five minute bus ride away from a renowned Sydney festival or 15 minutes from a gig by your favourite band – and not ever find out… until now!

Sydney Social 101 is a new blog of mine that has been specifically created to be an information source for everyone who lives in, plans to visit or plans to move to SYDNEY!

Think bar, restaurant, fashion boutique, movie, band, event, hotel review sorted by suburb and month. All complete with comment functionality so you too can provide your honest thoughts about a place, event or suburb!

So what you waiting for, if you’d like to check it out, contribute to or send a press release letting me know about a hot new bar/ secret cove or underground festival, head to SydneySocial101 to see for yourself!

Dating101Sydney will of course still be here complete with relationship advise, dating disasters, reviews on date venues/ events/ products and of course my thoughts on articles out there, and you can count on complete, transparent, honesty!


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