What men want, no seriously…

Ever seen the movie ‘What Women Want’? You know the one with Mel Gibson prior to his anti-Semitic pi$$ head days?! Well for those of you that aren’t across 90’s chick flick films that did so, so at the box office – Mel’s character get’s electrocuted by dropping a hairdryer in the bath and falling in (yes I’m aware that if this happened in the real world, you would be dead), whereas in this movie this potentially fatal clash provides him with a gift that most men would cut their right ball (ok that’s maybe a little to far, their right eyelash maybe) to have – the gift of being able to know what women really think – i.e. he can read their minds.


Well I was trolling through Cosmopolitan.com.ua and I came across an article that provided an insight into what men really want… imagine that, no near death experience by hairdryer/ bathtub extravaganza – they’re giving us this one for free!


Upon reflection of the points, sure they’re reasonable and provide a great insight into what ‘the ideal’ guy looks for, I guarantee however a quick survey of a cros section of guys across Australia – especially Sydney siders would provide very different insight!


The points below are from the Cosmopolitan feature (with my witty comments added in italic, of course). Following these however is my take on what Sydney based guys looks for – Let me tell you No Game playing is right slap bang at the bottom (unless it’s them that’s doing the playing, then they’re all for it!) You know who you are, ha!


So here goes, what men really want in a GF (ahem)


  1. An independent woman. (By this they don’t mean Beyonce or Kelly what’s her face)  Men find independent women sexy, bottom line. It doesn’t mean you have to make a song and a dance when he offers to pay for coffee, but it’s attractive to have your own interests and do things on your own every now and again. Plus, when you’re feeling not so independent and want some TLC from your man, he’ll be more than willing to oblige. (unless he’s off to play/watch/ talk about footy with the lads, then quite frankly you’ll have to wait)
  1. Silence. (hmmmm) The old adage of silence is golden is certainly true when it comes to the male species. If he’s a little quiet, don’t pressure him. Unlike women, if a man is quiet it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong – it just means he has nothing to say! (to you, he’s probably much rather be out with the lads than watching gossip girl reruns with you, just sayin!)
  1. Listen to him. (sorry I practically scoffed at this point, they want their women to be a mute, well unless they want you to talk dirty in the bedroom then this is ban is dutifully lifted-  who said chivalry is dead hey?!)Whether he’s had a tough day at work or has found out his favourite footy player is switching teams, sometimes a beer with the boys just doesn’t cut it and he needs someone else to listen to him. Listen to him, but then drop it immediately. When he’s ready to bring it up again, he will. I.will.not.spoke.unless.spoken.to.sir Whatevs!
  1. No game-playing. (WTF!!!) The original game-playing of acting disinterested and waiting a certain amount of hours before texting back has gone out the window. In the end, this will only have two possible outcomes. He’ll be put off by your lack of interest and go with a stronger choice or he’ll pursue you for so long that he’ll probably end up resenting you. You don’t need to act overly eager, but if you like him – let him know. (If he likes you he’ll text back, call when he wants, not be aloof and you’ll know!! If you’re having to play games. It’s not cos you want to, it’s probably because he’s an idiot and messing you around IMO)
  1. Sense of humour. Ask every guy what he looks for in a girl and this will always pop up. A sense of humour in a relationship translates in to being relaxed, in the moment, and having lots of laughs. If this isn’t happening in your relationship, your man is going to think you’re distracted or uptight. (Would imagine they like you to laugh at their jokes, how about next time they tell one, you just sit there stone faced and see what happens, just for sh1ts and gigs)
  1. Be truthful. If your guy has control-freak issues, he either has a sixth sense that he’s being lied to, or alternatively he is simply a control-freak. Either way, always be up front and honest with your man. A little bit of honesty goes a long way, and he’ll feel completely assured knowing that you’re being honest about things. (Works both ways too! We can smell the fear!!)
  1. Tickle his taste buds. (Not sure what you’re alluding to here…) You don’t need to pop on an apron and whip up a baked dinner every night, but men love food and love it even more when it’s homemade. Surprise him by making his favourite meal after he’s had an incredibly tiring day at work – it’s like the reverse of him taking you shoe shopping. (A girl that can cook and can fu*k – the way to a guy’s heart – apparently)
  1. Romance. What guy would actually scoff at you for bringing him a present? Everyone loves being spoilt once in a while. Upload some new songs on his iPod, cook him a steak, or even send him a dirty message telling him what you’re going to do to him later. Yep, that falls under the category of romance for guys. (Pitty they don’t get the memo about what we think is romantic hey?!)
  1. Tone down the drama. (I agree with this one wholeheartedly!) Ever burst in to tears because your jeans suddenly no longer fit? Or hyperventilated because your fave celeb didn’t win Dancing with the Stars(Would NEVER do this, for those of you that would, I judge you!!!). Men generally put up with our occasional trivial freak-outs, but make sure you keep it in check. What happens in your own home is private, but do not cause a scene in front of his friends or family – ever. (I agree this is a massive no, no – you want to be the GF that they all think is cooler than Ice T (I knoooow), not the psycho bitch from hell that they all call behind their back)
  1. Sex. (What’s this?! Never heard of it… the way to a guys heart is sex, a revelation!) While men love a consistent sex life (who doesn’t?) they love it even more when it’s consistently sexy sex. This means it’s obvious that you’re really getting in to it – and really enjoying it. Guys can pretend not to notice for a few times if you’re not that keen, but if it continues to happen it’ll begin to eat away at him and make him worry. You don’t need to be a porn star, but let him know how much you want him.

Stayed tuned for the Sydney dudes desires (in my mind anyways)

Laters potatoes xx


One thought on “What men want, no seriously…

  1. Pat Riarchy

    Hahahaha. You ridicule what men want but you expect men to listen very carefully as to what females want.

    Then you can’t figure out why men don’t want you any more.


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