HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Weight is Over

It’s the beginning of 2012, I’ve over indulged in Thailand and over the festive season, it’s the law right? Well now the New Year is well and truly here I figure this is my opportunity to adopt a new lifestyle.

For about four years now I’ve been drinking for the 5,000, I’ve been eating food that isn’t good for me at random times of the day and just in general have not been looking after myself. It’s not just my bank balance that has taken the hit, the partying and non-stop lifestyle has taken its toll on my waist line as well. Less than ideal!

I figure as I’ve recently turned 27, if I can’t look my best now, I never will do. I refuse point blank to fall into the trap of laziness now I’m in a relationship. It’s oh so easy to eat out all the time, especially in Sydney when sometimes it feels like it’s cheaper too! Living in Sydney makes living a healthy lifestyle very accessible if you just open your eyes to what’s out there. I’ve no plans to stop partying and become a bore, I just want to start making choices that don’t just benefit my social life, but my well being as well.

I plotted my BMI recently (for those of you that don’t know, your BMI is your Body Mass Index), it takes into account your height, sex and weight and plots you on a graph that deciphers as to whether you’re under weight (less than 18), an ideal weight (between 18.1 – 24.9) or overweight (25 – 30) or obese (over 30.1). I was shocked to see that I was actually over weight – just I might add with a score of 25. Now I’m aware that I’m only overweight by .1 of a point, but I don’t just want to hover around the top end of healthy I want to be slap bang in the middle of it. I figure as I’m 5’7”and currently weigh 70 Kilos, I could do with losing 10 kilos and thus reducing my BMI to 21.5.

Now I don’t want to do this as a fad, I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve done fad diets before and when you deprive yourself they just don’t work, as when you reach your goal (well for me this is true anyway) I binge on the food I’ve missed.

The track I’ve decided to take in Weight Watchers, as far as I can see you don’t have to deprive yourself of any food, you just have to make sure you don’t exceed your daily ProPoints allowance.

Each member gets an allocation of points every day, 26 points. In addition you also get 49 Bonus ProPoints to use throughout the week on ‘treats’. The number of points on each treat differs depending on portion size, carbohydrate content, protein etc.

So today is day 1, I’ve signed up to Weightwatchers.com.au and I’ve started logging what I’ve been eating. It’s actually quite fun an you see the points calculate and you know what you’ve got left for the day. There are also some great recipes that you can download and cook, so you know exactly how many points you’re consuming. Now I’ve been told that this isn’t something you can ‘kinda’ do, you’re either in it, or you’re not. So I have the support of two of my colleagues that are doing it with me.

I have my gym schedules printed off and a shopping list ready to buy tonight – I’ll keep a log with you guys, just so I’m adding additional pressure on myself.

If any of you would like to sign up and come along on this new lifestyle journey with me, let me know – we can be each other’s support!

Let’s not waste more money of fad diets: Australian women are blowing a staggering half a billion dollars trying to get into shape at the start of each year and most never get anywhere near their goals, says new research*.

The new Galaxy study released today by myspecialk.com.au has shown that Australian women have the best intentions for their eating and exercise habits when it comes to New Year’s resolutions and they’re certainly prepared to splash the cash, but only 10 per cent ever see the benefit.

In fact, 43 per cent of women investing in their shape said they saw no benefit from the money spent and a further 33 per cent said they only saw a short term benefit but nothing that lasted.

In 2011, almost half (49 per cent) of Australian women made New Year’s resolutions to manage their weight and health better. Seven per cent gave up in the first week of January.

Lets now become a statistic, there are different diets out there for different people, myspecialk.com.au might also be the one for you, it is free, which is an added bonus.

myspecialk.com.au – a new website hosting a completely free, personalised eating and exercise plan – surveyed Australian women between the ages of 18 and 59 to uncover their New Year’s Resolution habits and subsequent spend on weight management plans.

Let me know which one you think suits you better, it’s all about results at the end of the day: horses for causes and all that.

I’ll update you next week with my progress…


Next post RE dating: I’m going to look at Cosmo’s Guide to the ten things that men want according to them. Then I’ll be popping my own spin on it from my personal experience – suffice to say, we don’t draw the same conclusions!


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