Venue Review** Grandma’s Bar

Tell the grandkids that there’s a new little gem hidden in the heart of the city, it’s so much fun over at Grandma’s Bar!

An inconspicuous doorway underneath a guitar shop on Clarence Street is the surprising entrance to the small bar that is Grandma’s. As you enter and descend down the AstroTurfed staircase, lined by bird wallpapered walls you are transported into a bar that could quite easily be located in a laneway in Melbourne, you would never believe that you were a two second stroll from the hustle and bustle of Town Hall Square.

The bar’s owner James Bradey can often be found manning the fort and preparing the vast array of cocktails that are available – the cocktail menu is more like a cocktail book and to read from cover to cover would take you about a week! I can however tell you about the first page, ha! The it is dedicated to the team’s favourites (Clover Club, Negroni and a variety of fruity cocktails, my personal fave). The other the pages after are filled with tiki and rum drinks, the Hemingway I’m told is very popular.

I found the best method was to just ask them to surprise me – when it comes to alcohol, there isn’t much that I don’t like (which bodes well for me) Shock! If you get there after 7, you’ll struggle for a seat, so try your best to get thee before, the only dilemma of these small bars – lack of seating. What it lacks however in seating, it makes up for in the bucket loads in atmosphere.

Everything about the bar oozes retro, from the decor to the toastie snacks, but the cherry on top has to be the punch bowl (circa 70’s house party-esque) which changes daily.

Suffice to say it’s the kind of bar where you get settled and can get caught putting the world to right. If you haven’t already been here, I would highly recommend it. A great first date (or any date for that matter) venue!

I love the face that there is no signage and you could literally walk past and not know it’s there. Sydney’s little secret, I’ve told you in confidence ok?!


Here’s a sneak peak:




Basement Lvl

275 Clarence St

Sydney 2000


Nearby Stations: Town Hall

Telephone 02 9264 3004

Open Mon-Fri 12 noon-12 midnight; Sat 5pm-12 midnight

Grandma’s Bar website


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