I love being a Brit living in Australia as it bodes well for me in terms of fashion, as fashion trends go into the sale in the UK, they become the ‘on-trend’ items here. This especially worked out for me this July (UK summer) when I went back home to Manchester for a month where I also visited Spain for a week!


I just love Spain, sun, sea, sand, sangria and… Zara! Woop! I got there just in time to hit the sale stock, all of the amazing lines that people queue for hours for in Sydney were on the racks in their dozens with more than 50% off the ticket price. To put this into context, I got:


  • An electric blue boyfriend blazer
  • Two white vest tops
  • Denim hot pants
  • Denim jeans
  • A yellow mini skirt
  • A boned cocktail dress
  • Electric blue chinos


All for the equivalent of $350!!! Bargain!


Now the reason I’m telling you this as the said electric blue chinos garner so many compliments when I wear them, with people
asking where I got them from, only for them to be v disappointed when I say Zara… in Spain!


Only, in recent weeks, these very same jeans have been cropping up in Dotti, Sports Girl etc etc – yes that’s right my friends, fashion has come full circle and I’m very pleased to see that block colours have also made it onto this side of the equator aswell! Yiippeeeeee!


So you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to the launch of Neuw denim’s Berry Range. Read on to find out more:


Neuw denim launched their berry range with a summer party at the Found Gallery, Darlinghurst. Guests including Chris Lilley, Dan Ewing, Nikki Phillips, Danny Clayton, Carissa Walford, Andy Ryan, Gracie Otto and Blake Worrall Thompson.


Music was provided by DJ Shaun Broughton’s sounds while eating Pure Pops for Neuw ice blocks (sweeeeet or should I say coooooll) and the tipples of choice were Sol beer and Found Juice Sour Cherry and Vodka drinks (what’s not to love hey?!).

Perfect for a first date outfit, the jeans just look stunning, the colour red is just perfection. I would team them with a fitted white t-shirt and electric blue suede stilettos – it’s all about colour blocking people… remember! You want to make an impression, understated glamour and class goes a long way!

Here are some images from the event, you know the drill he he







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