Event review: The launch of The Premise

I had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of The Dispensary, which is located on the Island Bar, which is essentially a floating bar with the most amazing views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Even the torrential rain fall couldn’t dampen the spirits of those privileged enough to be in attendance.

We headed to the Man O War steps at the side of the Opera House for 6:30pm where we waited for out water taxi to pull up.

I was excited as to what the bar would look like and what I was letting myself in for, I was bragging to all that would listen that I’ve never suffered from sea sickness, so had a bad feeling that my sea legs were going to vacate me at the most inopportune timing.

Luckily I was ok despite the rough choppy water and the relentless downpour, I managed to steer clear of the green sheen washing over my face (so not a good look, especially as I had a date with me as a plus one) and managed to remain unaffected.

As we approached The Island, I could see the detail that had gone into the design of the bar, it left no doubt in my mind as to why Matilda Swan (23) and Simon Connett (24), had been victorious as the winners of The Premise.

We were treated to an array of Drambruie inspired cocktails, see below:

  • The Dispensary Signature Drink ($15) – Drambuie, lemongrass and ginger ice tea
  • Honey Juleps ($13) – Drambuie, pink grapefruit juice, lemon juice, Mint Leaves and Angostura Orange Bitters (my personal fave!)
  • Black Donald ($13) – Drambuie, Reposado Tequila, Chambord, fresh lime juice, ginger beer (the boy’s tipple of choice)
  • Libertine ($9) – Drambuie, fresh lime, dash of soda
  • Drambuie and Ginger Ale ($9) – Does what it says on the tin 🙂

In addition to the fabulous cocktails, (disclaimer – I may have had more than I should’ve, but they were sooo yummy!) canapés were provided by renowned Chef Cristian Di Sandri from La Tana. They consisted of the following:

  • Mini burger plate ($10) Beef and truffle burger and chicken and turmeric burger
  • Scottish scallop skewers ($14) – I’m not even allowed to mention these to the boy as he was looking forward to them all night and didn’t get chance to sample them. At one point the waitress was about 2 seconds away from us with the last dish and someone swooped in and pipped him to the post. The say he was gutted may be somewhat of an understatement 😉
  • Tender lamb shoulder skewers ($12)
  • English cheese platter ($14)

Matilda Swan (23) and Simon Connett (24), created their vision for a trendy apothecary inspired bar, thanks to Drambuie’s rich history in folklore as a medicinal elixir

The stunning view - Shame about the weather!

All in all it was a wonderful event and I recommend you go check it out if you get chance. In fact I’m going to go again for sure as I’d love to see the full effect of the bar in the sunshine!

If you fancy checking out the bar, log onto facebook. Remember it’s the last week left to check it out!

production period
Mon– Wed 26/09 –
Premise operational nights
Thu – Sat
over 3 weeks
06/10 –

One thought on “Event review: The launch of The Premise

  1. Simon Food Favourites

    I was wondering if Matilda and Simon had surnames as I couldn’t find them before. you’ve filled in the blanks for me. they’re so young! so glad the rain held up a little bit although i hope they’ve fixed up the roof leaks now in case of further bad weather. how cool would it be if the bar floated around the harbour as well 🙂


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