Brings a whole new meaning to the word big headed…

I’m always somewhat dubious when my friends try to set me up with their friends, if it doesn’t work out it’s like there is no closure at all, they’re always going to be there as a reminder of the time you spent together.

Two months ago now, my best friend’s new fella decided that it would be a great idea to set me up with his friend. He advised that we had similar sense of humour, were laid back and like to drink. How well he knows me, ha!

It was a cold Thursday evening and I’d been invited to review the fabulous Gotham Bar, an understated blink and you’ll miss it bar on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. The bar epitomises the current trend of anything to do with the 1960’s and the Mad Men era.

The bar has low-level lighting and instantly has a cool atmosphere that leaves you wanting more; the upstairs area is lit by candle
light and is host to a cocktail bar. The girls and I were all treated to a margarita (it would be rude not to right?!). Only I made the cardinal sin (according to my friend) and requested sugar on the side of my glass as opposed to salt, ooppps. Cue her rushing off to advice of my mistake and have it promptly corrected before the beverages were served.

This particular night in question was a new night for the bar, which saw guest DJs doing a set on the top floor, this takes place every Thursday and I would highly recommend it as a date venue, or a place to go and chill with your friends.

Back to the evening itself, one of my friends was actually late for the drinks but rocked up about half an hour later with her new squeeze in tow… along with his friend. Instantly I knew that it was the same guy that he’d been trying to set me up with, CRINGE! Now don’t get me wrong, this guy was cute and funny, he had bags of personality.

We actually hit it off and realised that our parents had a mutual love for Northern Soul, think cringe worthy renditions of Edwin Starr’s War, from both of us!

He even opened up to me about his ex from back home, which he said was quite strange as he hadn’t spoken to anyone about it, not even his best friend. What can I say, I’m a good listener, ha!

The night quickly went downhill from there, we ended up in the Paddington Inn until the early hours, putting the world to right, talking about my dating tales (you know!) and before I knew it, we were stood at the bar kissing like teenagers! (Seriously I need to get a grip!!).

He went home at the end of the night and we exchanged digits.

He text the next day asking if he could take me out sometime, I said yes.

After text chatter back and forth he asked if I wanted to go and watch a RL game with him, (now let me clarify, this isn’t my usual choice of date, but I like to mix it up a bit and be surprised) so I said yes.

We arranged to go to the next Manly game on the following Sunday. I was looking forward to it.

It was the Saturday, the day before our date, and he called to confirm. So I went out for a friend’s birthday that evening and headed home early-ish as he was due to pick me up at 10am the following morning.

Only at 10:30am the next morning I hadn’t heard from him, so I called to see where he was at. He told me he’d overslept and that something was wrong with his land on one side of his neck, so I immediately assumed he was ditching me and told him he could make a rain check if he wanted to. He was quite adamant in the fact that he still wanted to see me and said he was on his

About ten minutes later he called me and he was walking down my street, I went to the door as he walked down and all as I can say is OMG.
His face literally was the size of a football, on just one side. Like not just slightly swollen, full on elephant man looks going on!

I asked him if he was in any pain, he told me that he wasn’t and that it looked worse than it felt. I told him he should go to a doctor and he advised that he didn’t need to and if it was still bad tomorrow he would.

So off we went to Manly, we had breakfast in a local cafe and then headed to Brookvale for my first Sea Eagles game.

We were getting on so well, we had so much in common, and he was v cute, he kept making me stand on the side if him that wasn’t swollen. I couldn’t help but think that he still looked lovely, despite having a head like a balloon on one-side.

The match finished and Manly won, I was now a full-on fan! (for my sins). We headed out for a few drinks after and then went back to his whilst he cooked me dinner. We had such a lovely day/ evening. I crashed at his.

The next morning we woke up at 6am as he had to get the ferry to work for 8am. Only when he woke up his face had doubled in size again, just on the one side mind! He was no quite clearly in severe pain. I got the ferry with him as I decided I’d walk to work over the bridge.

As he left I told him to call me after he’d seen the doctor to let me know all was ok.

At about 10am I decided to play Google Doctor and find out what was wrong with him; I came up with a diagnosis and sent it to him. About four hours later I got a text saying well done Google Dr, on way home now to sleep, got a week signed off work.

I wrote back saying a hoped he was ok and we’d speak soon.

The next day at work, I thought it would be nice to send him a text asking how he was. Only he clearly didn’t feel the same as there was no response. When it got to nine at night I was quite worries so figured I’d call him to make sure he hadn’t gone back into hospital or anything. It just rang out, hi didn’t call back.

I bumped into my friend’s fella (the one that set us up in the first place) and advised that he was meant to pass on a message that he was out of action  and on very strong medication and would be in touch soon. So I just sent a message saying that the
message had been passed on and that I hoped he wasn’t in too much pain…

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that he was in pain etc, but how hard is it to pick up a phone and text me to tell me he was out of it, rather than asking his friend to do it? Bit of a cop-out I recon!

It got to over a week later, when I knew he’s been back at work for a few days when he finally decided to text me back.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Brings a whole new meaning to the word big headed…

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