After four years of being without, I’ve finally met the ideal, the ones that went too fast, the ones that went to slow and all the ones that well, just weren’t right. I’ve met my perfect….


Ahhah! I got ya! Fear not however, what I say is true, it is out there, you just have to make sure you’re looking hard enough. When the fabulous guys at Ford approached Dating101 to review the latest Ford Focus model I was of course very touched that they would even consider me. I have dabbled in car journalism in the past, but this was my ideal opportunity to describe the vehicle in my own words, in a way that I hope is relatable and fun!

One of the world’s most eagerly anticipated small vehicles; the highly acclaimed, all-new Focus has arrived in Australia, raising the bar for small car standards and delivering an enjoyable driving experience every time. I was lucky enough to be given the Ford Focus Hatch with Sport Exec pack – Flex pack , in… Wait for it… Candy Red, ahhhhh!

I have got used to not having a car in Sydney, which is somewhat strange to me. When living in the UK I constantly had a car from the age of 17. I suppose it is a bit different in England, especially ‘up north’ as you literally need a car to get to any point of interest – not so much in London as they have the tube 🙂

Arriving in Australia with nothing to my name other than a backpack was quite a liberating experience, if I wanted to get somewhere I either had to walk, fly or get the train or bus – which I have been doing for pretty much my first three years!

So I can say without reservation how completely refreshing it was to be able to just jump in the car and go wherever the wind took me (or my friends that needed a lift somewhere, what did they do before I had a car, seriously! Just kidding of course, more than happy to share!)

I had the car from Mon – Fri initially as I went about my normal everyday life… driving to and from work, meeting friends for dinner in the evening and just being able to drive to places that I love, the look out in Vaucluse being a personal fave of mine. It makes me pinch myself every time I see it!

Back to the car… the car combines a sleek dynamic new design with smart technologies (this is the best bit by far!! Just you wait!) and a suite of new safety features that are a first for Focus, the all-new Focus sedan and hatch ensures every drive is certainly a satisfying one, whether it’s an inner-city excursion or a long-weekend down the coast (which is exactly what I did with mine!)

Firstly my favourite feature: Let’s face it, we all hate having to get into those tricky car spots (well I’m actually quite good at that bit but a bit of help goes a long way, you know!), but with the all-new Ford Focus Titanium, parallel parking is simple. With Ford Active Park Assist, the all-new Focus Titanium actually identifies the perfect car park and automatically steers the vehicle into parallel parking spaces, HANDS FREE (oohhhhhhh) at your command with you operating the accelerator and brake – it’s seriously that easy (if not a little scary as it goes against every natural reaction in your body, all you want to do it grab the wheel!) But when you do stick with it and let it show you how clever it really is, you feel like you’re in the future! The scream from my friend as she literally didn’t know what to do with herself were hilarious, once we had done it once though, there was no going back!


One thing that I am passionate about is greater fuel efficiency…. The all-new Focus gives drivers a more fuel efficient drive. Offering an impressive range of advanced new engine and transmission technologies, the all-new Focus provides the driver with a powerful performance, while providing excellent fuel economy and reduced C0₂ emissions.

Also, the all-new Focus includes Ford Eco Mode, a new driver information system which monitors driving behaviour and provides drivers with clear feedback about their eco-driving performance and simple tips on how to save fuel – making your driving not only healthier for the environment but also for your back pocket.

I can safely say that on the full tank of fuel that I was provided with, I drove round the city for a week, to Palm Beach on the Saturday, back from Palm Beach on the Sunday to the airport to pick up a friend and then back to Palm Beach again. I then drove back from Palm Beach to Paddington. And then… to and from the airport for work, deep breath… And there was still half a tank left!!! Impressive? Erm, yeah!

I doooooooooooooooooooo!

In conclusion, whether it is heading to the shops, a day trip to the beach or a quick weekend trip away the all-new Ford Focus is the perfect car for savvy, young Aussies on the go.

Designed to meet the endless needs of demands placed on young drivers, the Focus is perfect at fitting in with your lifestyle, and it’s more reliable than a man ever will be. (just jokes, ahem!)


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