#1 – You know you’re worth it quote of the day

#1 - You know!




3 thoughts on “#1 – You know you’re worth it quote of the day

  1. The Dating Girl

    I believe that online dating sites have their place in our current social environment. As with any service there are always good and bad. I am sure Dating101 Sydney would agree, do your investigating prior to making a commitment on which dating website to get involved with.

  2. Pat Riarchy

    This is just silly.

    “Everything you did was exactly what you wanted”

    We all know that females are so pathetic they are not responsible for anything, even their own choices. The fault always lies with men. For example, females are single not because of their own choices but because more men should shave or more men with money should be more humorous, or there is insufficient numbers of men or men are not good enough or men are a rat, pig, dog, snake, frog, douche bag, dumbass, loser, stupid, weirdo, thug, paedophile, rapist, ape, ugly, smelly, controlling, mean, selfish, arrogant, egocentric, animal, Pathetic, trash, moron, jerk, women-hating, worthless, lame, egotistical, gay, masculists!, hogs, emotionless prick, LOSERS, selfish, self centered, shallow, mostly ugly, dumb, no self control, hypocrite, prissy hungry, dumb…..pu$$y hungry…violent, not to be trusted, stupid@$$ retards, horny sports watchin beer drinkin cock blockin rednecks, retarded, insane, twisted, bitter psychopath, narrow minded,


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