My 100th post! A toast to me :)

So this is my 100th post yiippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What better way to toast the success of my blog than with a glass of stunning sparkling wine? (That was a rhetorical question, there is no better way!)

The timing was perfect for the guys at Noseys to invite me along to a wine tasting at Oxford Street’s Sol Lounge. I decided to take along my lovely friend Sally, always better to share the love I recon!

Shock horror we were late (I really need to work on my punctuality!), actually I blame Sally, ha! We just missed the briefing, oopppps! But arrived just in time for the tasting – woop!

Now for those of you that want to be in the know, Nosey is one of these new breed of wine distributors that provides a tailored bespoke service. Imagine that perfect glass of wine, one that you’ve picked from a boutique winery, delivered right to your doorstep. Well, at you can now choose the best wines to relax with after a long day or to drink while enjoying your favourite meal with your favourite people.

Noseys owner, Bas Hegge advises that he was fed up with bricks and mortar bottle shops and their methods in grouping their wines. So, he launched Noseys, an online retailer with a unique categorisation system which makes it easier for consumers to select a wine.

The website shows nine categories (Bubbly, Fresh, Mellow, Rich, Rosy, Blush, Smooth, Deep & Sweet). The wines which are part of each category share the same characteristics i.e. aromatics, big on flavour, sophisticated, good for a sunny afternoon or a perfect match for a certain meal. Easily identifiable by the sticker on the bottle top symbolising the category in which the wine belongs; customers can use Noseys to compile a range of bottles from various categories for their drinking pleasure.

All the wines from are tasted and selected by Bas and go through a customer tasting panel for further evaluation. Similar styles of wines are grouped together making it simple to browse through and select similar wines. also encourages consumers to leave their feedback about the wines offered. If a wine gets consistently bad reviews, it’s quickly removed from the portfolio and replaced by other wines recommended by Noseys customers.

Through Bas Hegge intends to share both his passion for wine as well as some tasty tipples with fellow Australian consumers.

I would recommend checking it out! If not for anything other reason than to raise a glass to me and Dating101Sydney!

Here are some shots from the event for your perusal:


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