VOGUE VIP: Vogue Australia premiers its fashion-forward smart phone app

Soooooo excited for Vogue’s fashion night out!

As part of a million-dollar marketing campaign promoting Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, Vogue Australia will be launching a free, fashion-finding, location-based iPhone application entitled VOGUE VIP.

Available for free download from iTunes, Vogue Australia’s application debut will position loyal readers at the forefront of Australian fashion by delivering expert tips and premium offers on shopping and fashion. It’s the latest step in Vogue Australia’s journey to become the most influential fashion presence in social media and online communities complementing its brand positioning in publishing.

Using location-based technology, VOGUE VIP allows users to find and check-in to Vogue-approved Sydney retailers and unlock specials that consumer can only access via the app. The VOGUE VIP social networking component allows users to connect and share and to compete with friends for VIP status.

Mark Kelly, Publisher of Vogue Australia says: “Vogue Australia wants to reach out to our readers with something that is unique to the fashion quarter, innovative and useful. The VOGUE VIP app is a lot of fun but it’s also a wonderful way for us to bring our passionate community of readers together on one platform.”


VOGUE VIP will launch in time for the global celebration of fashion and shopping that is Vogue Fashion’s Night Out – a FREE, one-night-only event taking place in Sydney’s CBD on Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 5-10pm, in which hundreds of retailers will hold chic in-store events and celebrations for consumers.


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