GUEST POST** A problem that deodorant won’t even solve…..

I’m going to start this story the same way that I start most from the past few years…. Should I be checking into the Betty Ford clinic?

One summers evening a few years ago my friends and I had been out in Kings Cross after ploughing through a fair few bottles of rose at dinner beforehand. At this point was I younger so a lot more carefree and that night in particular I was really looking forward to letting my hair down!

I was part of a group of 5 single girls and even though we always had one eye on the talent that was around us we never went out of our way to ‘be on the prowl’. Therefore, I considered myself lucky when a tall, well-built guy came over to me and danced with me. By this stage I had my wine goggles on but he looked ok so I danced back.

I always like to leave a club before the lights come up as that is never a pretty sight so given that it was close to 4am, my friends and I decided to leave and go for the required MacDonalds. I gave the tall guy my number and thought nothing of it. I don’t even think that we exchanged much of a conversation….

Three days later (yes, I had forgotten about him by then) he text me asking what I was up to and that he had had a really horrible day. I thought that it was odd that he would be complaining to me about his horrible day when I couldn’t even remember his name but text back anyway asking why his day was so bad….. rookie mistake in hindsight!

The texting went on for a few days about his stressful job and how he really needed to let off some steam and when he asked me out for drinks I was hesitant but agreed. He offered to pick me up from mine at 9pm (I thought that 9pm was a bit late but I was young at the time so didn’t have the guts to say anything, I wouldn’t stand for it now)  that Friday night. Given that I wasn’t feeling that excited about the date and had more reservations that I really should have I asked my friend to give me a call at about 9.30 ‘in tears’ in case I needed a get out excuse!

Further adding to my concerns he was late so by 9.20 I had to text my friend asking her to hold off the escape text until 10… I had started yawning now too! 9.30 arrived and he texts me to say that he is downstairs so off I went.

When I got into the car I saw that he was a LOT older than I had thought (I’m guessing that he was early 40’s) and that he really wasn’t my type. He was all muscles, gelled spiky hair, cologne and too much of a tan! He lived up to his name…..Brad!

He was talking at me about how his job was driving him to an early grave and all I could think of was what a mistake I had made agreeing to meet up with him when I couldn’t really remember him. I wanted to get out of there asap!

We drove to Bungalow 8 and on the way I noticed that he had 5 shirts hanging in the back of his car, I didn’t think anything of it as I thought that he had them there for work. I was wrong… when we arrived at Bungalow 8 and he complained as he couldn’t get a car space close enough. When I suggested walking he shot me down insisting that he needed to be close so that he could pop out and change his shirt!!

When I asked why he needed to change his shirts he pointed out the 5 shirts and said that he sweated a lot so when we started dancing (we were going to dance on this date??!!) he wanted to come and change his shirt!!! Gross….

That was it, I had had enough. When we got to Bungalow 8 I popped to the toilet, text my ‘escape friend’ and she called me about 5 mins later in ‘tears’. When I told him that I had to go he looked like he was about to cry and offered to come as he was good with upset women….. thanks but no thanks!

After a quick goodbye I ran off into the night, never to look back again!!


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